Wednesday, May 10, 2017

In which nattering "Ned" offers the solace of tedium, ennui and the duties of a lap dog ..

The pond weakened to see how the reptiles were taking to the budget, and was vastly relieved that the dog botherer was into brevity ...

Much hand-wringing, with it clearly all Labor's fault, which is a blessed relief, because the pond thought that ScoMo and Malware might have had something to do with it ...

But it left the pond feeling a little short-changed. The thing about a reptile diet of the paleo kind is the relentless desire for tedium and ennui.

What better way to get it than a full serve of nattering "Ned", who thoughtfully this day decided to ignore the budget, all the better to concentrate on the duties of being a servile lap dog ...

Indeed, indeed. Australia has once again shown its proud independence ...

And so nattering "Ned" is vastly relieved ...

Indeed, indeed. The pond is looking forward to the next war. North Korea has always seemed a tasty prospect.

But wait, those cartoonists simply don't know how to produce a decent punch line.

How about "Bomber" Beazley as a deep thinker?

Indeed, indeed. Australia has plenty of top weaponry to offer ...

And the United States is working hard to build up its military ...

Meanwhile, nattering "Ned" prattles on, convinced we live in ordinary times, with an ordinary President being inducted into the rituals of friendship ...

Of course the Donald is still inclined to be a tad erratic ...

Great, and certain times ... no wonder nattering "Ned" is so pleased and excited ... an extended bout of tedium and ennui, followed by the sudden pleasure of whiplash and execution ...


  1. Hi Dorothy,

    "The reality, however, is that Turnbull kept his head during the refugee blow-up, shunned any public displeasure, signalled his determination to work with Trump, and enjoyed the benefit of sustained Australian lobbying at the political and diplomatic level as well as from unofficial “friends of the relationship""

    'Friends of the relationship'? Surely the Editor-At-Large (EAL) shouldn't be so coy as not to mention his employer who appears to be pulling all the strings of both the POTUS and the obsequious Truffle.

    Timing is everything of course and cosying up to Trump right now may be an extremely bad move.

    That the Orange One has taken the drastic move of sacking the Director of the FBI smacks of desperation. Trump must be very worried about how close the FBI and other investigations are getting to his cohorts and then to himself. Instead of damping down speculation as to Trump's connection to Putin and the Rooskies, this will only increase it.

    It's the Streisand Effect.

    The more 'The Donald' attempts to stymie the investigation the greater he will draw attention to it.

    I think this will escalate very quickly.


  2. Hi Dorothy,

    Look how frightened the market-wallahs (wankers) are about that they may not get their mythical 'tax holiday' and a big payout all round.

    "Jasper Lawler of London Capital Markets says memories of the Saturday Night Massacre are weighing on investors today, as they digest the news that Trump has fired the man investigating his advisor’s ties with Russia.

    He told Sky News that:

    Markets don’t want Donald Trump to have his own Watergate scandal. This very much reminds us of Nixon firing Cox....

    Anything that can upset the reflation trade, the infrastructure spending, the tax cut that Trump is trying to get through is not good for markets

    Having a big political scandal would be one thing that could disrupt that."

    Totally oblivious to corruption and incompetence just give us "the Stock Markets" what we want and go hang corruption and incompetence in government.

    The system needs to change.


  3. "...nattering "Ned" prattles on, convinced we live in ordinary times, with an ordinary President"

    And one can't even claim that "Ned" is in reality denial because he just doesn't perceive reality at all. Cossetted in his 'Matrix' world, there's just no little 'Red Pill' that can penetrate his senses.

    Mind you, the whole wriggling reptile circus is the same, it's just that "Ned" is the most egregious example.


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