Friday, June 16, 2017

In which the pond does a TGIF with Sharri ...

Call it selfish, call it indulgent, call it a waste of time, call it five minutes better spent playing with the dog, but the pond will have its TGIF moment with Sharri come what may ...

Power bills might be going up by 15% in NSW next month, but by golly, Sharri knows how to really terrify the populace ... Comrade Bill! The double-headed Janus!

Escaping scrutiny! Thank the long absent lord we have a central scrutiniser with Sharri ...

Oh dear, the pond feels a charge of sexism coming on ... or should the credit go to that fine snapper Justin Lloyd and the editors of the Daily Terror?

Never mind, it's back to the central scrutiniser role ...

As always, Sharri comes up with some great lines ... and that one about immensely respecting Hadders, Jonesy and the Bolter was a ripper ...

The pond couldn't think which was the best illustration for Sharri the deep thinker ....

Oh okay, this is being terribly disrespectful, and respect is the name of the game, and thankfully the reptiles put some serious, meaningful, respectful illustrations in the next gobbet:

Outrageous hypocrisy, no doubt about it. 

There's all those bloody pensioners on easy street, still pocketing their $500 in savings thanks to the onion muncher, and extremely modest electricity prices are only rising by a modest 15% next month in NSW ...

And so to the heart rending tale of the suffering millionaires ...

There's no doubt it's been an epic failure of the Murdochian media, failing to deliver all the hammer blows delivered by Sharri ... 

It's no doubt due to the weird environment, and the way that Waleed Aly has single-handedly reduced the Ten network to receivership. Dammit, these Muslims are prime mischief makers ...


But the pond was still feeling a little short of the full Sharri, so what a relief there was a little follow-up in which she ravages the entire lizard Oz as being a bunch of humourless sods:

Oh wait, that was only so Sharri could do her own inimitable stylings.

We're not supposed to keel over with laughter at the notion that "he admires the leader of the free world, United States President Donald Trump"?

Wouldn't it be simpler and kinder just to say that the admiring Malware was as thick as an admiring brick, or an admiring Sharri, who seems to admire not just her beloved Hadders, Jonesy and Bolter but also the tremendous Donald?

Better still, along with all the other jibber jabber about Malware, what should pop up but an ad for his grotesque failure with the NBN?

Malware's words of praise ring true?  Malware really does admire a man on to his third wife, who's become an expert in giving his tiny hands the flick?

So Malware really is a 'blind as a bat' blithering idiot, incapable of seeing the dangers that Trump poses to the United States and the world at large?

Remind the pond that getting defended by Sharri is like getting done over by a warm lettuce leaf wielded by a clown with a funny nose ...

It sticks in the craw to say it, but Malware at least has a sensa huma, which is more than can be said for others ...


  1. "There's no doubt it's been an epic failure of the Murdochian media, failing to deliver all the hammer blows delivered by Sharri ..." as with all the other 'Gallery journalists'
    I suppose when anything left of Genghis Kahn looks like a nail and there is so much corruption that you can't tell the difference between a politician and a property developer or glorious-fund mining shill, you resort to the page 3 intellectual bantamweight.
    The following piece supports your point DP, that the reptile press will get all the misery that is coming their way....and rightly so...and all of their glorious masters' making.
    All that cheap cladding has been found wanting in the media world, as elsewhere, very sadly.

  2. DiddyWrote

    Hi Dorothy,

    It's always wonderful to read the in depth analysis of a keen political observer such as Sharri Markson. Only NewsCorp can train and encourage brave young reporters such as Sharri;

    It is heart warming to find that the tradition is renewed again and again at Murdoch's publications;

    Hard hitting journalism should never be curtailed by petty morality especially if your boss is more than cosy with Greg Sheridan's new favourite President;


  3. Have to agree with DiddyWrote here, it is always a delight to read the keen and insightful observations of Sharri 'Pop-Up Girlie' Markson to start one's day.

    But I think maybe we need to see if we can get Donners to put her through some rote learning as to the meanining of English words. For instance "hypocrisy" means concurrently claiming a higher moral state than one actually exhibits whereas being in favour of lower corporate taxes a few years ago but against them now is known as 'changing one's mind'. Or 'political agility', whichever you prefer - and ditto for the 'deficit levy which isn't a tax' which is simply 'political innovativeness'.

    But being a partial OAP myself, the one I'd really like to take her on about is the "energy supplement for pensioners", which may have started out life as a 'carbon tax compensation payment' but when, contrary to the Onion-Muncher's fervent belief, repealing that tax did not, repeat not, actually reduce electricity bills, then pensioners were left in a bad way. And thus the 'compensation' was realistically continued. But to our dear Pop-Up Girlie, that's just more "hypocrisy".

    Of course, the 'hypocrisy' is actually Abbott's, not Shorten's, since Shorten, unlike Abbott, wasn't PM at the time the compensation wasn't stopped, so just maybe Sharri might need some repetitive learning in facial recognition, as well.

    However, one small word: if there's any politicians reading this blog, then be aware that you remove the OAP's 'energy compensation' at your peril: we vote in increasing numbers in every electorate, and we know who you are.


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