Tuesday, June 20, 2017

In which the pond discovers a bright new comedy talent and it isn't the new coal stylings of Dame Groan ...


Before moving on to standard lizard Oz fodder - how dull and predictable are the contributions of the reptile Oz to the showbiz circuit - the pond would like to praise a great debut by stunning new comedian Jay Sekulow.

The pond had the pleasure of watching live his lively performance with Chris Cuomo on CNN, only shortly after having watched a taped conversation of Sekulow's comedy stylings with Chris Wallace, on Fox News, of all unexpected places.

Argumentative, obstreperous, clangorous, dinning, clamorous, contrary, contumacious and defiant by turns, the pond predicts a great future for Sekulow, who might well become the new Walter Matthau.

Of course there were some tired souls that suggested that this sort of performance might work for a trial lawyer in court, but not on television, and it's true the comedy stylings made for terrible television, but that's the brilliance of it ... how often has terrible television also made for captivating, beguiling television?

Sekulow accepted the difficult task of arguing that the Donald wasn't under investigation, after the Donald had tweeted that he was, and the notices were immediate and glowing.

The television critic at Salon was in raptures: Jay Sekulow's bizarre debut: Donald Trump picked a lawyer he saw on Fox News and it isn't going well.

The Graudian's comedy reviewer was bowled over: Who is Jay Sekulow, Donald Trump's contradictory new lawyer?

The Independent's new talent spotter got on the case early in Donald Trump's lawyer contradicts President's claim that he is under investigation.

The pond understands if everyone abandons ship at once and doesn't hang around for the dull comedy stylings offered by the reptiles. Mark Latham banging on about immigration? Bigly loser. Caroline Marcus banging on about the left? Wannabe tosser. Sad.

The Caterists ranting about government programs while seeming to have a smooth ride in getting cash in the paw? Just the usual hugely dull dropkick nonsense ...the pond drops off to sleep the moment that the Caterists turn up on the ABC on a show like The Drum, and turn up they do, like a plague of locusts ...

Just look at what's top of the reptile commentariat section this day:

Dame Groan! It was hard to turn the deep groan into a forlorn sight ...

It goes without saying it's a very dull and predictable routine. Questions for our energy future?

But we already know the reptile answer to any and every question in this arena. Dinkum Aussie coal, coal, coal, oi, oi, oi ...

Now to be fair, Dame Groan does her best with the material, going over lines as ancient as Who's on first, Watts needs coal on second...

Now the pond notes with pleasure that Dame Groan is well on the way to a new concept for clean coal - these days it's "new coal", which somehow reminded the pond of old television comedians doing their schtick:

Anybody who googled up Dame Groan would have noticed a more modest three questions below her rather large four questions, for which she had only one answer:

Funnily enough, the three questions asked at the WEF came up with this:

Currently, about two-thirds of power in China still comes from coal. If the big emerging markets prioritize coal power for future development, they will address two sides of the energy triangle – affordability and access – but at the expense of environmental sustainability. 
In India, key questions the country is addressing include what role will private-public collaboration play at the national and international level, the desired destination of this energy transition - starting from the key elements of universal energy access and reliability of supply – and how to manage the costs and opportunities of the transition as outlined above. 
Cleaner technologies will become more competitive the more they are embraced by the biggest, fastest-growing energy markets, as recent falls in solar costs have demonstrated.

Not a clue. Managing a transition, when all we need is old coal turned "cleaner than clean", pre-whitened scrubbed and washed and turned into "new" coal ...

And this "new coal" makes for a cleaner, more enjoyable smoke ...

In the deep background, of course, Dame Groan is just peddling the usual climate denialism that thrives at the lizard Oz, but these days it's never stated, never made explicit.

Instead it's danced around, and even the NBN and desalination plants can be dragged into the discussion ...

Whatever happens, things like what's happening in the Antarctic or Larsen C or all the rest of it must never be mentioned ...so that Dame Groan can reach a logical reptile conclusion ...

"New coal is knocked out."

Sad. And someday Dame Slap will explain how old coal became new coal ...

All the same, judged on merits, it's a disappointing routine, with lots of lines stolen and recycled.

And what a poor use of English with the talk of "parts of the ultimate solution", when what Dame Groan means isn't a part, it's a simple whole - dinkum Aussie new coal, coal, coal,  new oi, oi, oi ...

And so perforce the pond must return to some genuine comedy stylings, at least while they stay up on YouTube ...


  1. Aah, DP, some nostalgia from my young, and stupid, days as a smoker: Camel cigarettes, "the only cigarette with a picture of its factory on the packet" as we used to say (and if you looked very closely, you could just see the lion perched on the back end of the camel).

    I upgraded to Camels to escape from Lucky Strikes - the cigarette so filled with saltpetre that it was a "lucky strike" if you could get more than 2 or 3 inhales in before the cigarette burned itself to ash.

    But (gasp, horreur), still no Oreos, DP. Is this the end ?

  2. Hi Dorothy,

    "The answer must revolve around the failure of the market to establish the conditions for investment that would be beneficial for the community — in this case, reliable, relatively low-cost power."

    It doesn't take too many brains to realise that the market (if that's what you want to call a monopoly or cartel of vested interests) has absolutely no interest in producing low-cost power.

    They are in the business to make as much cash as possible and screw everybody else. Think of Enron screwing over California by creating artificial energy shortages, that ended well.

    The brutal reality is that if you want reliable low cost power the government needs to own the whole network and whatever fuel is required. However that is heresy for free market zealots like Dame Groan.


    1. Or apostasy, DW and the penalty for that is "death" - or at least it used to be (excommunication means you don't get eternal paradise, doesn't it ?).

      It's really very simple: for "markets" to deliver both serviceable and cheap requires a market in which there are 'several' competitors, low cost of entry and no special privileges for some (eg partial monopolies and/or territorial exclusions etc) and I think we can all see that the Australian so-called 'energy market' fails those tests in every significant way.

  3. If you stand back & look at the situation you find that these people aren't free market at all - they are either pursuing a particular corporate interest (coal in this case) or they are opposing all change on principle. Maybe a combination of both. If it hadn't been for Abbott we would have an operational carbon trading scheme & the generators would have been investing in new capacity.


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