Tuesday, August 08, 2017

In which it's either Lucifer or the fizza jellyback that gets the Caterists excited ...

Yes, curse you Lucifer, as Gizmodo, here, with active links, offered up a joke to the denialists at the Catholic Boys' Daily, as well as a link to the story of the European heatwave in the NY Times here ...

But there's no time for that story, or heavy-handed irony, which washes off the reptile back as if they're coated in Marx brothers' horse feathers ...

There's also no time for that fatuous eastern suburbs ponce fop's foolish jellyback folding to the fundies, because the reptiles are restless and today is Caterist day ...

What an impressive line-up and how swiftly the question of gay marriage has been booted down the road ...

Sadly, only a few these agitated cries of pain can be noted, and so Dame Groan's shriek of despair for the cities must give way to the regular howling at the moon by the always reliable Caterists ...

Indeed, indeed.

Luckily the pond and the Caterists know the real way to promote growth, and it doesn't have anything to do with that snake-oil talk of equality.

Now close your eyes, say 'please pretty please', and hold out your paw ...

Yes, government cash in the paw is the way to produce growth, and the chosen few are called to be recipients, and the rest can sniff on the oil rag generously provided out the back ...

Oh okay, there's another reason that the Caterists are getting agitated, and not just because the spineless jellyback has ordered up a generous serve of social division, unrest, conflict and culture wars before Xmas ...

The reptiles are beginning to feel real heat in the kitchen ...

Well they fucked that didn't they. The onion muncher has won hands done and the futtocking foolish Malware has been done like a Tamworth dinner reheated five times after too long a stint at the pub ...

Talk about limp carrots and wet peas. 

Now the pond understands it is meant to share the reptiles' fear of comrade Bill ... but look at the photo that accompanied the bouffant one's cry for help ...

Why on earth should the pond care about Malware's fate? Why even up against comrade Bill, the forelock-tugging failure is a waste of space ...

It's astonishing how the reptiles cling to an alternative reality ... when the real reality - to propose a philosophical conundrum - is apparent in a bricks and mortar way on many corners ...

And no, not just in the mixed muck-up called the NBN ...

It doesn't leave the Caterists anywhere to go, except to demonise comrade Bill ...

Yes, when last thought of up above, the Caterists were pocketing the taxpayers' loot ...

... and blathering about unbroken growth and saving capitalism from itself, or at least saving the Menzies Research Centre from penury, as the pond might blather on, if Malware had dropped a couple of hundred clicks in the old account  for the noble Loon Pond Institute of Advanced Research into the Lucifer effect...

Indeed, indeed, but take heart university students burdened by HECS while obtaining a possibly useless university degree.

You see, even if you score only a degree in sociology from a minor university, you can always stick out your paw and the generous federal government will come to the party ...

Have faith, trust and hope. It works for the Caterists, it can work for you, and on we'll go with boundless economic growth ...

Or at least we'll get boundless declarations of loyalty ...

Oh the reptiles tried to leaven the comedy by closing with a jape about jolly comrade Bill ...

But here's the rub ... there's comrade Bill, and then there's ...

And so to the Rowe of the day, which coincidentally happens to feature the jellyback fizza ... as always with more Rowe here ...

It'd be funny, if it wasn't so tragic and contemptible ...

And speaking of mistakes, and to show the pond can still pivot on a dime, here's a band the logarithms put on rotation ...


  1. Hi Dorothy,

    Evidently the eating of avocados and the wearing of lanyards is abhorrent to the Cater but Trickle-Down Economics is just fine and dandy.

    Let's see how well it worked in Kansas;



    1. Thanks DW, the pond had seen that story, but that link is a goody, and lordy lordy are these tales of Kansas a wonder for the ages ...

      The pond in its sordid other life watched the train wreck with fascination ...




      The pond spent days and days clicking its heels three times ...but sadly, domestic duty requires the pond to observe the trickle down of precious taxpayer cash to the Caterists ...

    2. Bearing in mind who this is coming from, go to page 11 on the pdf "Defining Success" para 5 & 6 http://www3.weforum.org/docs/WEF_Forum_IncGrwth_2017.pdf

      At some point, even the dullest accept the self evident.

  2. Dorothy
    What I would like to know who is responsible for the guests on the ABC as we are over run with Murdoch's grubs.

    1. Murdoch's grubs are responsible, WW, through the Murdoch press's never-ending war on ABC 'bias'. But the ABC is biased - biased towords the worst of both sides (though generally "the worst" of "the Left" is generally far better than even the best of "the Right").

  3. Well at least Goosebumps isn't murdering any innocent numbers today - in fact he's studiously avoided any actual numbers because, in this instance, they murder his "case".

    But oh boy, does he do a number with a plethora of wingnut weasel words. Like this:
    Cater: "Since then an ethical economic policy, rather than an empirical one, has become Labor's preferred approach."

    Yeah, and you know, an ethical approach is my preferred way too, given how stunningly anti-ethical 'neoliberalism' has been and still is.

    But then Cater (born in the UK in 1958) didn't migrate to Australia (oh no, not another "ten quid whinging pom") until 1989 - ie until after Thatcher had ruined England (1979 - 1990) so Goosebumps never knew of the great post war economic growth in a highly unionised, government mandated economy. Like this:
    Extract from: 'The Australian Growth Miracle: An evolutionary macroeconomic explanation'

    It was WWII that gave a big push to manufacturing, which reached an all-time peak of 25% of GDP. This was, essentially, an artificial war-time condition but it was not fully reversed afterwards. The manufacturing sector continued to be protected in the immediate post-war era and used strategically as a vehicle for the employment of immigrants and to promote core industrial skills. There was increasing investment in capital goods that used cheap and powerful fossil fuels, in agriculture, mining, manufacturing, power generation and transportation. In particular, the severe shortages of electrical power experienced in WWII gave rise to large investments in power stations, transmission and distribution lines across the states, as well as hydroelectricity."

    Yeah, so there we go: a very much government managed economy which improved the living standards of a great many Australians whilst providing for migrants too (who, let it not be forgotten, built the Snowy Mountains hydro-electric scheme).

    Just for a comparison, here's the top income tax rate in Australia when Cater migrated versus now:
    Top income tax rate:
    1989 - $10,001 plus 49 cents for each $1 over $35,000 = $25,000 take home = 71%
    2016 - $54,547 plus 45c for each $1 over $180,000 = $125,453 take home = 69.6%

    And just incidentally, the Australian population in 1989 was 16.849 million and in 2017 it is 24.641 million, an increase of 7.792 million (ie 46% over 1989) which included at least 3.796 million immigrants. So I might suggest that Australia's post 1989 'miracle' is mostly due to population growth which includes nearly 50% of immigrants.
    (since Goosebumps isn't murdering any numbers today, I thought I would).

    But he did murder a beautiful Alice scene by quoting this appalling muckup:
    "... as Shorten once said: "If you don't know where you're going any road will get you there."

    The delightful original went like this:

    "Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?"
    "That depends a good deal on where you want to get to," said the Cat.
    "I don't much care where—" said Alice.
    "Then it doesn't matter which way you go," said the Cat.
    "—so long as I get SOMEWHERE," Alice added as an explanation.
    "Oh, you're sure to do that," said the Cat, "if you only walk long enough."

    1. Nice, too, perhaps, of an ethical-economic-policy-free-Nick to notice that the wages share of profit is at nadir, even if that achievement's almost nothing for a citizen-Nick to boast about, with an Our Economic Plan, mercifully, predicated on more.

    2. Some neato links and quotes, Anony, to which I have added a short response (all except to the two "Australian' links because I'm too lazy to try to get access by Google cache).

      "Classical liberals believe that individuals are "egoistic, coldly calculating, essentially inert and atomistic" and that society is no more than the sum of its individual members."

      Ok, so that describes Maggie Thatcher to a T.

      "[Hayek warns] of the danger of tyranny that inevitably results from government control of economic decision-making through central planning."

      Strangely, I always reckoned that it required a tyrannical government to enable 'government control' in the first place - eg Russia, China and even Betty I's England. Besides, I reckon there's still quite a few folks for whom serfdom would actually be a leap forward.

      "...there has been increasing attention given to the fact that labor's share of GDP has been trending downward over the last 30 years or so."

      Yep, that's the kind of economy that Goosebumps would support After all, someone like him whose "work" is a great example of Baumol's Disease expects to just keep getting wage rises anyway.

      "When profits eat wages we all pay the price."

      Well, Ross G usually has a grasp of things, but in this case I'm looking at Narev's statement that "3 out of every 4 dollars of CBA's profit goes to shareholders" and thinking that's ok, but 4 out of every 4 dollars of CBA profit comes out of the pockets of its customers, which includes me. I'd gladly diminish the CBA's profit in order to see more dollars stay in my pocket, whaddya reckon ?

      "The incoming Coalition government wanted low wage growth, badly."

      Well not quite. What they wanted was zero wage growth for low wage earners and soaring wage growth for the top 1%.

      "Justice as fairness is Rawl's theory of justice for a liberal society. "

      Oh goody. Now if we only knew what 'fairness' might be. Maybe it's kinda like Thrasymachus' definition of justice as "the interests of the stronger."


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