Thursday, July 06, 2017

In which the pond discovers it's not over the Overington, or the bromancer either ...

The hysteria continues at the lizard Oz - wreckers, underminers, splitters are everywhere, Cory's in the woodwork like a plague of termites - and this poignant juxtaposition compelled the pond's attention ...

Google continued the poignant juxtaposition ...

The pond thought it was long ago over the Overington, but this time the pond was ineluctably compelled.

Surely there would be a moving tribute to the importance of the onion muncher staying in public life so that knighthoods could eventually return to this benighted land, and luckily the Overington delivered in an overflowing way worthy of Clancy...

Short, punchy sentences urging the salvation of the onion muncher. Can you even imagine? Well the pond could never ...

What would cartoonists do? 

Where would the pond be? What would the reptiles furiously scribble about? When we're on to a good thing we should stick with it ...

Stick with the Overington on this ...

Pungent sentences.

Pertinent perky points.

Key indicative insights.

Only in his fifties. Why he could go on giving to cartoonists and bloggers and reptile lovers for many moons to come ...

Already the benefits are apparent in the Overington scribbling.

Love mindless banalities and meaningless contrasts of a simplistic kind?

Contrast simpleton talk of collectivism v. individualism, and then wonder why we have a government at all, and why an individualist would want to participate in such a disgusting collectivist activity?

The Overington's only cruising in first gear, and so's the boofhead, headkicking deliverer of nattering negativity.

She's right for you, and so is the deeply weird onion muncher ...

The pond was moved to tears.

And to think that originally it was just going to take a quick squiz at the bromancer this day for a lunchtime read.

What a loss to humanity that would have been. 

What a miscalculation.

What a tragedy it would have been not to celebrate the many ongoing contributions the onion muncher's going to make to the body politic, all in the name of a selfless individualist sense of community.

What a debt the pond owes the Overington. Let there be no more talk of ever being over the Overington. 

Let the overwhelming love of the onion muncher's contributions to the body politic swell to almost Handelian proportions as we hail the policy Messiah ...

So much to offer, so much to contribute. Waiter, a serve of nattering negativity, and please, wheel in that wall so we can get on with another good punching ...

But wait, for hardened stayers, the pond can still slip in the bromancer with a nudge nudge at another poignant juxtaposition...

The pond has already noted the bromancer's dangerous flirtation with the Labor party ... it was time to investigate the full depth of the treachery ... 

With a bit of luck - at the time that the US is being run not just by a lame duck but a dangerous maniac talking about bunging on a do with North Korea - Vlad will have to bring him back into line - the bromancer would be banging on yet again about the way that the US was the solution to everything ...

Now truth to tell, the pond really only wanted to mention the bromancer because of the way he keeps on bobbing up on their ABC. 

The cardigan wearers can't get enough of the reptiles, and the bromancer is a firm favourite.

Just recently while on the road, the pond heard him on Rachael Kohn's RN's The Spirit of Things here, blathering on, but he also turned up on Andrew West's Religion Report back in August 2016, here.

The pond generally finds Kohn creepy and weird, and up for anything, lending a sympathetic ear to all forms of religious and spiritual mumbo jumbo - it might even be possible to sell her  Conan Doyle style on ectoplasm ...   (Paris Review here).

Sure enough, she tossed up to the bromancer what the pond understands would be called a series of lollypops, if cricket wasn't in the same crisis as the entire country ...

The result was entertaining listening for anyone who wants to understand why the bromancer and the onion muncher have such a deeply weird and warped view of the world.

Well if you can't get past cannibalism as the foundation for a religion, it helps explain why the Donald seems to be a solution rather than a part of the ongoing problem ...

And there you go. No wonder the bromancer would scribble approvingly of Wong referencing Cardinal Richelieu ...

Richelieu is also notable for the authoritarian measures he employed to maintain power. He censored the press, established a large network of internal spies, forbade the discussion of political matters in public assemblies such as the Parlement de Paris (a court of justice), and had those who dared to conspire against him prosecuted and executed. The Canadian historian and philosopher John Ralston Saul has referred to Richelieu as the "father of the modern nation-state, modern centralised power [and] the modern secret service." (Greg Hunt much more here, watch out for walri).

An inspiration for the bromancer, and most likely the onion muncher too ...

The pond could go on, but having been moved to tears and to laughter, it seems right to end with the last bit of that First Dog, while noting the full cartoon and much more First Dog can be found here.


  1. Very good DP. More than Clancy of the Overflow, I think CO has given us a new operatic voice ...the Spinto Fellatio.

    The spinto soprano gets a good deal of the really plum roles in opera, particularly in the Italian Romantic tradition of Verdi and Puccini. Partly for this reason, lyric and dramatic sopranos frequently take on these roles whether naturally suited or not (and more than a few lyric sopranos have shortened their careers by taking on heavy spinto roles). These roles call for the light, brilliant high notes of the lyric soprano but with more heft in the big climaxes (spinto translates as "pushed"). Below you’ll find an excerpt from Tatyana’s passionate love letter scene from Eugene Onegin.


    Learn more:

    Although the ode to fellatio in the style of the Bromnacer does have an air of sinister staging....but that is to be expected.

    1. Muchas gracias for the operatic link, Anony. There's always something else to learn every day. But can you say, IYHO, what kind of soprano is Shu-Cheen Yu ? Considering her rendition of, say, Allamuhan, I'd have guessed 'lyric', but she also seems to have a bit of 'spinto' as well.

      Lovely analysis of CO, too. I shall treasure the lizard category 'Spinto Fellatio'.

    2. GB, thanks for the introduction to Shu-Cheen Yu, whom I've never heard of. Opera is probably the last on my list in music, to be honest, but boy she certainly has a phenomenal voice. Quite beautiful. Thank you.
      This collaboration with someone I often went to see as a younger man caught my eye/ear. Probably says as much about Shu-Chee Yu as Shane Howard.
      Personally,in these crazy times, music is one of the major things that sustains me..... and a bit of Loonery from DP, naturally. Cheers.

    3. And more thanks from me, Anony; I had simply never heard of Shane Howard and your link is such a beautiful duet. But if you would like some Shu-Cheen on her own, try this:
      She did a whole album of 'modern and modernised' Chinese folk songs that - apart from not understanding a word of the lyrics - she did very well indeed.

      Alamuhan, incidentally, is really a Uygher (Uiger) traditional 'pop' song, adapted by the Chinese.

      Shu-Chhen, incidentally, was one of two refugees from Mao's Cultural Revolution who managed to make it to Australia, the other was the fine composer Julian Yu (they're not related as best I could discover).

    4. PS: when I did click on the Shane Howard/Shu-Cheen Yu link, what else did I see but a version of 'Send in the Clowns' sung by a 'mature' Glynnis Johns (for whose somewhat limited singing voice Sondheim originally wrote the song) and amongst the same group was also Elizabeth Taylor's version from the movie that was made from Sondheim's 'A Little Night Music').

      Aah, nostalgia (the movie also starred that famous 'Avenger', Diana Rigg)

    5. Thank GB. Her voice is amazing. China's loss is our gain.:)
      Dianna Rigg. The days of revolvers and jumpsuits!


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