Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The agony of Prince Chuck, and an energetic hope for the future ...

The reptile agony over Prince Chuck continues apace, and in the absence of Flinty, the pond feels obliged to track the fear and loathing that haunts the lizard monarchists ...

Indeed, indeed, those damned repuglians are the bane of the reptiles' and Flinty's lives, when it should all be peace and harmony and Boris ...

(and there's more Rowson here …)

But there's trouble on other fronts, with the devious, cunning republican push using Prince Chuck's charms as a way of advancing their fiendish agenda ...

There was something Freudian about the photo that the reptiles used to illustrate the piece, with Prince Churck waving goodbye, and then dreadful data led which suggested Prince Chuck might have all the popularity of measles in certain areas down under ...

Ah the brave, bold republicanism of Comrade Bill … what an inspiration he is …Flinty and the monarchist reptiles might yet be saved.

But wait, while tracking the monarchy for Flinty, the pond has the duty to select the dribble of great ideas that escape the reptile paywall, and the original Adam came up with a zinger which must be acknowledged ...

Indeed, indeed, and this is where the genius of the original Adam comes into play. It absolutely doesn't matter if climate science is correct, it doesn't matter what anyone thinks of climate change, it's all a matter of belief, like any theology, or like Folau consigning gays to hell.

No point arguing with the deluded or their beliefs, just go along for the ride, and explain your position clearly … which might be summarised by the acronym ABWOS,  Anything But Wind Or Sun, with proud believers and followers of the original Adam out and about as Abwosers …

This tribe can be recognised by the chant, dinkum clean Oz uranium, oi, oi, oi ...

Now it doesn't matter what people think about half-lifes or uranium waste … that can be stored out where a few blacks live, and the blacks are on side with that - Warren Mundine has spoken - and they can be put to work in the plant, because there will be many plantation worker openings, and so that's that …

Let's face it, for far too long there's been an Anglo-Celtic tilt to representations of nuclear power plant workers …


It just isn't fair.

Luckily the original Adam is here to fix everything, and explain the way forward ...

And with that the pond feels energised to power through the day, carrying a personal message of hope from Prince Chuck, or perhaps a suggestion to the original Adam, luckily channelled by Rowson …


  1. "But the core issue with nuclear today is very simply. It doesn’t work in an economic sense. Every succeeding generation of nuclear plant has been more complex, more expensive to build, more expensive to run. They won’t admit it, but the current generation of new plants such as the AP1000 and the European Pressurised Reactor are commercial and technical failures."

    1. That sounds about right.

      But what if I conspiratorially whisper A1B to you ?

    2. I don't think nuclear is meant to be a serious option. It is more of red herring to keep the issue of energy security alive. Without serious government interference you will not get either a new coal or nuclear plant built. What the conservatives can do is play to their main strength - moaning. They can perpetuate the chaos and try to blame progressives for the problems they have caused themselves.

      The Australian Taxpayers Alliance referenced above are climate change deniers. Their previous work involved opposition to a carbon price, plain packaging of cigarettes, foreign aid & the ABC.


      It is not worth going through all the misrepresentations and falsehoods in this piece as most have been covered previously, however, I was interested in the line of argument regarding how the middle east might react in a certain situation. Here's how the worlds biggest oil producer is meeting its energy needs


    3. GB, you do know that the A1B runs on enriched (80%?) uranium, hardly an item of normal commerce? (except on eBay - "Enriched uranium on eBay - Fantastic prices on Enriched Uranium" - yes, a real result of my search).

    4. Well we probably wouldn't be able to get a real A1B for civilian use anyway, Joe; they're still 'top secret' I think.

      No, it's just that there are very different 'grades' of technology and many nations: US, Russia, UK, Germany even Japan, I think, have been making compact, functional and reliable nuclear power plants (for putting in subs and carriers) for very many years now. And the A1B generates in excess of 700MW, so half dozen of them would provide a lot of 'reliable, dispatchable' power.

      Besides, we could always buy our enriched uranium from Iran, couldn't we ? :-)

    5. Further to the above


      And for DP



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