Thursday, April 19, 2018

In which the pond spends quality time with Ronnie and the onion muncher ...

Somebody had to crack the joke …

As for scientists debating the cause of the reef toll, when the pond dropped in it seemed clear enough, whether at the ABC here, or at Fairfax here

The Federal Government's Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority concluded the bleaching in 2016 was caused by a record-breaking marine heatwave, caused by a combination of climate change and the El Nino weather cycle. Water on the reef was more than a 1 degree Celsius warmer than the average for that time of year, and for much of it there was little cloud cover that would offer corals respite from the heat stress. "We're anticipating more of these events as global warming continues," Professor Hughes said. "We're into a new system. " Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick from the Climate Change Research Centre at the University of New South Wales recently published work showing underwater heatwaves have increased in both their duration and frequency over the past century, with a sudden uptick since the 1980s. As a result, on average around the globe, there are 54 per cent more days each year that are subject to a marine heatwave.

There doesn't seem to be much debate about it, except in Lloydie's octopi-fevered imagination.

The pond has no idea how Lloydie lives with himself, and the dissembling crap that he peddles for the reptiles, but thankfully doesn't have to care, because this day the onion muncher was out and about tweeting to promote the reptiles and his good mate Ron - apparently they can do a form of stuffing these days which allows mummies to stroll out of the museum as if they're alive…

Forget the reef, it's dinkum clean Oz coal time, oi, oi, oi ...

By golly the onion muncher still has drawing power of the hate kind. Usually the reptile social media efforts are a wasteland, a kind of desolation usually reserved for field trips to the GBR …

Never mind, the pond should now run Ron's effort, which if nothing else proves that revivified mummies have all the skills of a well-trained parrot (but what happened to the talking cocky in the park in Manilla, answer the pond that!)

Well it's amusing to see an agrarian socialist talking about socialised markets, and it fills the pond's irony quota for the day, but as it's also exceptionally tedious, dull and predictable - as parrots are wont to sound - how about a little more abuse of the onion muncher?

By golly, there was an onion muncher enthusiast in that bunch. That's touching, as touching as remembering the way Ronnie took a view of Pauline …

“I said to my colleagues last week, you stupid bastards, you are governing for two weeks out,” Boswell told Guardian Australia on Tuesday. “All you are worried about is getting your next piece of legislation through. You’ve got to do that but when Sinodinos said she is nice and she is better than she was, I thought you’ll rue that day. “Because all you are doing is legitimising people voting for her. Making it safe for people to vote for her.” Thus far, he has not spoken out about the resurgence of One Nation but he told Guardian Australia he was “really worried” that the conservative side of politics generally were not taking Hanson on. “I don’t want to be in the same position as the Labor party where they get dragged to the left all the time,” Boswell said. “If we don’t fight her back that’s where we’ll end up. We will be dragged to the right.” (Graudian here).

Is there a stupid bastard in the house?


The pond apologises, it meant no harm. Anyone with a medical condition can still seek out a hospital emergency room ...

And for those who could handle the pace, it's on with the rest of Ronnie's piece, though parrots could recite it without even seeing the lines …

Hardly less socialist? 

The government should indicate that a new operator and group of generators is preferred?

Only Ronnie could put those two thoughts in intense conjunction and think the parrot's making sense …and what about locking it into a 15 year plan? 

If only Stalin had realised the inadequacy of five year planning … what a way to build competition …

But that's our Ronnie for you … and now for anyone who wants to waste precious time, The Graudian has Ronnie here … after all, what's the point of reading or listening, when you can just watch a bit of telly and keep that climate science denialism on the boil, much like the GBR was on the boil?

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  1. Hi Dorothy,

    “I’m a great salesman. First I sold insurance, then garbage bins, then paint and paintbrushes, and now – the budget.”

    Ron Boswell May 2014

    Now it’s decrepit power plants.

    Seems like a downward trajectory to me.



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