Thursday, April 26, 2018

In which the pond just squeaks in a chance to celebrate the return of the savvy Savva ...

A responsibility to the sheep!

Won't someone think of the poor little baa humbug lambs because all they want to do is be live slaughtered in the middle east.

Talk about a mission statement:we owe it to those baa humbug lambs, who just want to die proudly for the bigly cause.

Even for a devoted meat eater of the pond kind, David Littleproud managed to sound particularly stupid … but that serves to introduce a little meditative reflection on the part of the pond.

You see, come 20th July, the pond will have been blogging away for a whole decade, ten years of reptile mayhem, and now the pond can sense that it might well have achieved one of its key missions.

Over the years, the pond developed and refined a mission statement whereby it would cut back or perhaps give up blogging altogether, provided either the Chairman passed on, his company went bankrupt or passed into other ownership, the reptile tree killer editions came to a halt (sucks boo to the Major), or as a substitute, the commentariat were locked away behind a firm paywall, out of sight and out of mind, except for those mad enough to subscribe - delusionals, and perhaps anthropologists interested in delusional cults …

This morning the reptiles did their very best to stop the pond celebrating the return of the savvy Savva, and it was a narrowly run thing - the abiding principle of the pond being that to subscribe to the lizard Oz is hardly a sport, like tickling a trout in the bathtub and claiming it as a catch.

The pond suspects that soon enough the reptiles will shut down everything just to spite the pond, and retirement then comes a day closer. Or perhaps the pond might just recycle the Bolter abusing the Savva for her craven love of Malware?

It would be a desperate solution, narrowly avoided this day, and yet, when the pond eventually landed the savvy Savva, a vast wave of existential ennui came over the pond.

Nothing had changed in the Savva universe, she was still Malware's hagiographer, and it mystified the pond why anyone would bother to lock her up … but an even greater mystery was why the pond would care to pay attention …

Does the masochism run even deeper than the pond realised?

Waiter, a goodly serve of the Savva kool-aid if you please …

Of course it isn't just straight out arse-kissing. Savva is too cunning for that. Malware's flaws are paraded for inspection, but then judged acceptable, while the boot goes into the onion muncher, and his lickspittle lackies, and who could argue with that …

And the savvy Savva manages to keep this going for an entire column … as she weighs rivals, contenders and hypocrites, and finds them all wanting against the mighty Malware … and outlines strategies for victory, but sssh, don't mention the NBN ...

And then just to confirm that Savva is living in something of a delusional world herself, comes the mantra of hope at the very end ...

Businesses will realise more jobs and higher wages for workers are the way forward?

Yes, and sheep are lining up for live slaughter in the middle east.

Yes, and has the pond got a first rate top notch copper to the nineteenth century NBN node to sell you …

Never mind, the one thing the pond will miss if the savvy Savva disappears behind the paywall is the chance to run much more savvy Pope cartoons as a Greek chorus to the text - or should that be Spielbergian sharks - with savvier papal advice always to hand here


  1. 'Kenneally tweeted this afternoon that “Truly. This just happened. Senator [Lee] Rhiannon asked the BCA to name one example of a country that cut corporate taxes where wages rose. And they took it on notice.”'

  2. This seems to have happened on the 23rd but they still haven't responded despite repeated questioning.

    Turnbull has previously stated that "the law of supply and demand cannot be suspended" Trouble is, law is a generous interpretation. These are just paradigms, models of how things might work if people actually were rational agents and governments didn't tilt the playing field this way or that way. Somehow these crude approximations have become orthodoxies and the proponents are rarely challenged to explain the discrepancies. Of course, if you are profiting from sticking with the orthodoxy it is an all too serviceable arrangement.

    If the same approach applied in engineering or medicine the death toll would be significant.

    1. Hmmm. In situations like this, the only possible solution is to ignore the question, and any follow ups, until everybody has forgotten that the question was ever asked. Then, some time later, if ever queried again, just assert that the question was successfully answered and doesn't the questioner ever do any fact checking ?

  3. "...when the pond eventually landed the savvy Savva, a vast wave of existential ennui came over the pond.

    Nothing had changed in the Savva universe

    Well it may be "existential ennui" to you, DP, to me it's just stunned incredulity. How many times can even a Savva say and do exactly the same things without even the vaguest hint of self-recognition or even the vaguest shadow of "haven't I said that sometime before" to darken her consciousness ?


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