Thursday, April 26, 2018

In which the pond joins Sukkar in refusing succour to termites ...

Right from the get go, the pond should say it has no problem with crushing enemies …there were screams and shouts of dismay from the couch that the pond heard distantly as the robots began to mount their slaughter of the humans in the second series of Westworld.

It seems there weren't enough shots of Dolores taking shots in the killing fields …

Go Dolores, but even worse, it seems the soppy Dolores and the other robots had got it into their heads that true love was the way forward.

So the pond is all in favour of Michael Sukkar's keen-eyed attitude to termites.

Why at the next Liberal party meeting, he might favour the dress code currently favoured by the lizard Oz for the military: full skull and crossbones in basic black.

After all, what's the point of being a devoted Stalinist and fundamentalist ideologue if you can't take it out on stray termites?

The pond has an array of termite remedies, along with healthy doses of glyphosate, with blackberry killer in reserve for the tough jobs - well when you live under the black soot of used Avgas, where's the harm in a few chemicals?

Sukkar's the sort of man who can spot splitters, deviants and perverts at ten paces … and deal with them ...

It was only after reading the yarn, that the pond began to have doubts, and not just about the tautological exactitude of talking about "left wing socialists", given of course that right wing socialists, and agrarian socialists of the Barners kind are abundant in the land.

Why the onion muncher himself has lately been a five year planning 'nationalise the coal' Stalinist of the old school, and perhaps shouldn't show up anywhere near Sukkar.

Hang on, what's that?

Well there's no arguing that he looks good in a photo …

What a relief. No Balkans, everyone Liberals and even a few liberals allowed, provided they're not voracious termites.

But why termites? After all, they're just industrious builders of mounds, and they're much more active in the northern parts of Australia than down south.

What's wrong with standard invective about the watermelons and the pinko red perverts? Would locusts, or correllas or a mouse plague or even the humble rabbit have been a better class of metaphor?

In South Australia, there's an obvious villain. While they're not out and about as much as they were in the 1970s, during the great plagues, in South Australia any decent Sukkarist would be comparing the socialists to a mass of millipedes - as noted at the ABC here

Step on one of those and you'd get a good socialist stink.

In Queensland and other parts north of course, it would have to be the cane toad, and in Sydney no one would look past the cockroaches …

There's nothing more satisfying than crushing a left-wing cockroach … though some of them have right-wings too …

It seems that Sukkar must stand charged with a grievous lack of imagination … as well as the standard sort of kool aid bigotry to be found in assorted thuggish, head-kicking schoolyard bullies, anxious to reduce enemies to a kind of sub-human status, of the insect kind …

The pond suggests this Sukkar still has much to learn when it comes to delivering a decent childish schoolyard taunt, perhaps by sitting close to the ample stomach of the master, as illustrated by Rowe, with more splendid Rowe guides here

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