Friday, April 06, 2018

In which the pond is pleased to see the reptiles have let Moorice out of the bunker ...

The pond is deeply grateful to the lizards of Oz this day …for they have made the thoughts of Moorice available outside the paywall.

The pond stands in awe of Moorice, perhaps the world's greatest climate scientist, and an elite member of the commentariat every day of the week, and too often of late, the pond has missed out on Moorice as the wicked paywall snaps shut tight on him …

As a preamble, the pond should note that it grew up in the days when the British properly and justly ruled the world, and the pond can still remember the fascinated dread with which it watched Simba Mark of Mau Mau, and the way that violent Kenyans slapped down the Mau Mau mark, threatening kindly whites and good blacks, the ones that were servants of the nice whites …

By golly that dinkum Oz one sheeter is evocative ...

There were no Jaffas rolling down the aisles that day … as the cry rang out in the stalls, "Mau Mau!"

Much later people tried to sensitise the pond to the notion that we should care about all farmers, not just black, not just white, but all farmers, doing lonely hard work for the benefit of all, but the pond knew the truth: "Mau Mau!"

And so to Mau Mau'ing Moorice …

Indeed, indeed, and the pond will leave it to others to decide on the mutton Dutton and the valiant Moorice … because the pond is still in traumatised flashback...



Of course the pond had to make do with British content … some shows were deemed beyond the pale …


So much National Geographic porn, so little time …and so to the end of Mau Mau'ing Moorice's piece …

Indeed, indeed, hapless whites are everywhere surrounded by difficult, pesky blacks, making life so very hard for suffering whites, and all they wanted to do was take a little land, and where's the harm in that?

No doubt some will want to see the mute 1954 Pathé footage of plucky British lads keeping the difficult blacks in line on YouTube here, but despite the irritating watermark, the pond is off to watch highlights from the 1955 Simba here

Pass the popcorn and the paranoia, oh and a little sense of entitlement and white privilege wouldn't go astray either, Moorice …and you can mix in a little festering race hate, fear and loathing if you like ...


  1. Moorice: "...this year alone there have been 15 murders [of white South Efrican farmers] from 109 attacks"

    Wau, that's about 1 murder per week - the same rate at which Australian women (white, black and brindle) are murdered by their partners - though I reckon we'd have scored a way bigger number of not-quite-fatal attacks.

    Ok, so The Mutton should be offering refugee sanctuary to all Australian women.

    Moorice again: "What the statistics don't show is how many innocent whites have been brutalised, tortured and raped."

    And what the statistics also don't show is any kind of accurate count of how many Australian women have been brutalised, tortured and raped. Or how many of the supposed one man per month killed by his partner (male or female) is actually killed in self defence.

    But I reckon it's all pretty simple: the SA blacks should claim all the land in SA and pay to the whites (farmers and/or others) exactly the same amount of compensation that the whites paid when they took the land in the first place. That'd just be simple justice, wouldn't it ?

    Yet more big M: "When Zimbabwe began confiscating white farmers' land it resulted in landholders and many of their workers being murdered, beaten, raped, tortured and harassed."

    Well there ya go: them evil blackies just paying back to the whites the compensation they were given when their land was stolen in the first place.

    But I have to say that if you've been murdered, beaten, raped or tortured, I guess that you could say you've been "harassed".

  2. is a site that will allow you to read articles without what they call ‘the clutter’ – ads, pictures, whatever.

    It will also get around paywalls.

    1. You can also put it on a extension in chrome and one click you are into Murdoch muck.


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