Monday, April 30, 2018

In which the pond celebrates the Major, let loose to fly free and wild ...

The pond is as pleased as punch that the reptiles have decided to let the Major out from behind his paywall, or if you like, out of his cage. In the pond's experience, too many birds will ravage their plumage if not allowed to run wild and free …

The Major raises many significant points about recent reporting, not withstanding that he's a week late, compared to Media Watch's summary of those who got it wrong, here ...

Indeed, indeed, it must remain a mystery why people in the media are so gullible and willing to offer themselves up as front while scoring a shekel or two …

That story is here, and they had a couple of goes at the yarn, and discovered some odd company, as you can be found here ...

Sheesh, 970k paid to consultants?

The pond knew it was in the wrong game, but that brought it home.

And so to return to the Major for another gobbet ...

It's impossible to under-estimate how that must have agitated the Major Mitchell and cost him a few tail feathers.

The pond savoured it … "for once the Twitter left has been right about bank rotting", even if it does assume that somehow Twitter is only deployed by lefties, and social media is in the hands of activists, though it possibly helps explain why the reptiles are so useless at these arcane modern forms of communication.

Of course it's all the fault of diversity, and gays, and the useless, pesky, difficult blacks, as devined by the Devine ...

Never mind, the pond thinks it might have discovered a new word and a new concept …reptocracy, which is to say financial advice written by reptiles, struggling desperately to keep the onion muncher and Malware in power, while pretending to give a toss about wicked banks and working class losers.

It can join all sorts of other concepts of a similar kind …


  1. Maj Mitch: "...we all owned the banks through our super funds and that because banks were paying high fully franked dividend yields their financial health underpinned national retirement incomes."

    Oh wau. Can I have some of whatever he was/is on ?

    But, butt, consider this; our Mitch came out with this: "Even though almost every case aired this month already has been reported to regulators or by investigative journalists, led by Adele Ferguson at Fairfax Media and ABC Four Corners..."

    Strewth, first it was Dame Snap quoting some praise for the pre (non) Christian Romans and Greeks by way of 'experimenting with democracy', and now the Maj. is voluntarily recognising (not praising, mind, but at least recognising) Fairfax and ABC journos for doing a job no Murdochrat would dare to ... or know how to.

    Then, shockingly, Mitch does go on to praise Ms Ferguson: "Ferguson deserves every accolade she has received ..." Oh, but hang on, how many "accolades" has Ms Ferguson actually received ? Any at all (except for Mitch.) from the reptiles ? Oh, but then the Maj. really just wants to praise himself for offering her a job that she was way too sensible to accept.

    But even so, whatever is the world coming to ?

    Well, maybe it should be coming back to pre-Christian Greek democracy and exercising not kakistocracy (which is totally unavoidable anyway, witness the reptiles et al) but 'democratic sortition'. Wikipedia says:
    In governance, sortition (also known as allotment or demarchy) selects political officials as a random sample from a larger pool of candidates. The logic behind the sortition process originates from the idea that “power corrupts.”

  2. Hi Dorothy,

    According to the Guardian today;

    “Hearings begin in Brisbane in the defamation case between the Wagner family and Alan Jones. The Wagners are suing Jones, his employer Harbour Radio and News Corp journalist Nick Cater over allegations about their quarry’s role in the 2011 Lockyer Valley floods.”

    It will be interesting to hear how the Executive Director of the Menzies Research Centre and self acclaimed expert hydrologist will defend himself in this defamation case.

    It will also be interesting to find out how much of all those government grants Cater has managed to salt away in order to cover what will likely be hefty damages.


    1. But there wasn't actually any mention of Goosebumps Cater at all in that story, DW. I was kinda wondering if (a) Cater's day in court will be separate from Jones or (b) has Cater already settled ? I guess I would have expected some kind of news comment if he had ... if, that is, anybody gives a rat's fart about him.

    2. If they are using separate legal teams then they will be roasted separately I assume. Suppose it depends on how they are organising their defence.

      Maybe Cater is a Legal expert as well.

    3. Like maybe Cater will conduct his own defence ? Now that really would be a public entertainment.


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