Monday, April 09, 2018

In which the pond breaks its Oreo-free diet only hours after it began the foolishness ...

Of course the pond was kidding …

The moment it realised, snuffling around under the tree, that the reptiles had let the Oreo loose, it was on to the Oreo like a flash.

She'd give "Truffles" Turnbull what for …

Now the pond isn't the first to call Malware 'Truffles' - he has a twitter feed for that - but the conjunction of Oreos and truffles was simply irresistible …

Lay into him, flay him alive, bay at the moon in distilled essence of Oreo style …

Oh there's nothing like a good-hearted right wing roast, and it's true that Malware is a complete and comprehensive failure.

Despite his best endeavours, apparently some have worked out that his abject, supine attempt to destroy the NBN, following the onion muncher's explicit orders, shouldn't be allowed to succeed:

NBN Co has gone live with its latest form of technology, fibre-to-the-curb (FTTC), with 1,000 homes in two suburbs, Coburg in Victoria and Miranda in New South Wales, the first in Australia to have the option to connect to the service. In what NBN Co described as a "world first", the new form of technology sees NBN fibre optic cable laid out to a telecommunications pit underneath the curb or footpath, with NBN Co then using the existing copper network to connect the short distance to the home. It enables fibre to be closer to the home, compared to fibre to the node (FTTN) technology, which uses the existing copper network for a longer stretch underground before it gets to the home, causing slower speeds. NBN Co said the technology could deliver wholesale speeds of up to 100 megabits per second (mbps) and had the potential to offer higher speeds through its new "copper acceleration technology",, of up to one gigabits per second. (ABC here).

Like everything else associated with Malware's NBN that claim of a 'world first' is a monstrous lie of the Donald kind, as anyone venturing to the FTTC wiki here will quickly discover …

What a bunch of useless frauds they are, and it's likely that even the Oreo realises that the onion muncher is now best sautéed in butter alongside a sizzling Malware...

But sorry, where was the pond? Bang smack middle in the middle of an Oreo smack-down ...

The pond will concede it's a minor Oreo, a marking time, a joining in with the baying reptile crowd - how they loved their thirtieth birthday - but the pond is also pleased to remind any stray punter that even a minor Oreo outing is of Harvard quality ...

Think yourself lucky, swine, that the reptiles let this pearl fall outside the paywall, and now please allow the swinish pond to enjoy a cartoon which struck a chord this past week, while reading the dog botherer blathering on about MLK, mainly as a way of giving pesky, difficult blacks yet another dog botherer hiding ...


  1. The Oreo: "Today [that being Monday 9th April] we learned that the people have made up their mind about Turnbull's leadership."

    As usual the reptiles (in the cooler weather) are way behind. Really, Jennifer, the people made up their minds days ago, and 62% of them want Truffles to stay as PM. That's nearly 2/3rds of Australians, and it's just marginally more than voted for SSM in the postal survey (61.6% in case your mind is blanker than normal) !

    Oreo: "Last year I warned the Liberals were on a road to nowhere."

    Oh, so they'll finally meet up with you again. I wonder what the liberals really thought, back in March 1971, when their choice was between John Gorton and Billy "Big ears" McMahon, with Goofy Whitlam waiting in the wings. Road to nowhere, d'you reckon ?

    Oreo again: "Last year the government delivered 403,000 jobs. However the Abbott government delivered about 450,000.."

    The most visible thing either Abbott or Turnbull has done has been to kill Australian jobs (eg the entire motor car industry for one). So what exactly did the "delivery of jobs" entail ? What wonderful industries and new employers did either Abbott or Turnbull create ? Any ? Anywhere ? Once again, the pure accident of "being there when it happened" is being falsely and idiotically equated with actually doing something.

    Wake up and smell the nicotine, Jenni, it may be your very last chance.

    "Think yourself lucky, swine, that the reptiles let this pearl fall outside the paywall..."

    Oh we do, DP, we most reverently do ! Oink.

  2. Waaaay off topic - but interesting.

    Apparently, the good judge failed to consult Moorice or the Monash Forum brains-trust. It seems have now moved past outright denial to equivocation about who could have known (apart from the 800 authors of the Intergovernmental Panel). I eagerly await the Australian's rebuttal.

  3. Who'd ever credit Oreo with coming up with the right point? But "...spending beyond its means..." is very close. Could Malware be destined to suffer Oscar Wilde's fate?

    As he lay in a French hospice close to death, some idiot lawyer crashed the scene to serve him with a bankruptcy summons. Oscar turned to his friend Robbie Ross and remarked,
    "I am dying beyond my means."

    And that seems to be Malware's fate.


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