Monday, October 03, 2016

In which the world returns to normal and a holiday Monday is just the right time for a delicious Oreo snack of pure emotionalism ...

And so on and on, through bankruptcies and infidelities, and an almost* infinite capacity for lying (*modifier rented from News 24), but luckily the pond has a special Oreo biscuit ready this day for afternoon tea to deal with the situation ...

Yes, at last things are set right, and the Oreo is returned to her rightful place on a Monday ... 

Thanks be unto the reptiles, and all the better because in toad and cockroach land, it's a public holiday whereby we celebrate the loss of the eight hour day ...

Hmm, excuse the pond, must text the slackers in the office to remind them to get their noses back to the grindstone - though an email might be a better way to explain the many things they need to do ...

Ah, that's better - no overtime, they're lucky to keep their jobs, Trumpism lives - and now where were we?

Oh yes, with the Oreo back in her rightful place, but as the pond read the despairing cry encapsulated in the Oreo splash, there seemed to be a mighty disturbance in the force ... of a "pox on both their houses" kind, because it would stick in the craw to suggest that no matter how awful Hillary Clinton might be, who could dare to say that Donald Trump is far worse, some kind of rough orange beast, some kind of hideous, tax-avoiding, anti-Christ slouching towards Washington ...

Yes, it's official.

The stress has been too much for the Oreo, she's been driven barking mad and into an oneiric stream of consciousness which sees her trot out all her usual code words, including but not limited to neo-Marxism, militant mob rule, and most peculiarly, emotionalism, when the most prominent feature of this rant is an undiluted form of hysterical emotionalism ...

Ah, that feels better and so we're back with the Oreo for a final hysterical outburst about increased militancy, minority groups, Mao and all the other usual emotionalism...

The brutal stupidity of the Oreil is that to battle the philistines, sometimes you have to act and write like a a dribbling drongo seeped in an excess of emotionalism...

Now around this point, the pond would usually offer an Oreo biscuit treat for anyone who made it to the end, but the pond is on a roll, and would like instead to keep on with the Trump cartoons ...

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  1. In the old days that piece of J. Oriel's would have ended up on the copy taster's spike.

    It reads as if it has been translated from Armenian.

    Is English her first language?

    Miss pp

  2. So many poisonous delights to choose from, but if I had to pick the loopiest assertion in the Oreo's article it would be "Pierre Trudeau - Maoist!". And - did you know that his son has now somehow snuck into power? What a revelation!

    Just _what_ are they putting in her Kool-Aid?

  3. Hi Dorothy,

    "In the place of enlightenment, Hillary Clinton champions emotionalism, unreason and the barbarian fetish for supranational rule over the sovereignty of liberal democratic people."

    Wow! The Oreo certainly worked herself up into a fine lather this time. Unfortunately as I haven't been "voted one of the top ten smartest people in Australian universities." I have no idea what she means.

    She certainly loves an 'ISM' though.

    Reading some of the smaller words I did get the impression that The Oreo blames the rise of Trump, not on 40 years of Neo-Liberal trickle down economics, but on the insidious rise of Cultural Marxism and that this was all started by some Québécois in thrall to Chairman Mao. I bet his son still has the badge.


    1. The Oreole as a Coulter epigone, you reckon DW. Naah, she have to be smarter, nastier and more prolific than she appears to be, don't you reckon ?

      Nice link to that Jason Wilson article in The Graudian. Long march of cultural Marxism indeed. I think one sentence from Wilson about says it all:

      "If humanities faculties are really geared to brainwashing students into accepting the postulates of far-left ideology, the composition of western parliaments and presidencies and the roaring success of corporate capitalism suggests they’re doing an astoundingly bad job."

      Yep, them "cultural Marxists" are even bigger failures than that Catholic Church mob, and that's saying something. Basically just another loony bin conspiracy theory, I reckon - and like all such, concocted purely to aggrandise the imagined "victims".


    Reading this alphabetical vomit, I can't help but think that the Oreo is trying to set herself up as the Oz version of Ann Coulter.

  5. Jeezuz! Never let this woman near a chainsaw......actually,any sharp or blunt instrument.
    My personable favorite: "Neither champions the form of freedom"
    Fucking deep shit right there. Glad to see my personal reptile favorite,Enlightenment, got a run.

  6. How do they celebrate their loss of the eight hour day in cockroach land to the south? Perhaps they have cockroach races now that their dishlickers are on the outer and moving north. Maybe a cockroach circus is in town? Here in toad land on a day shifted from May Day by Can't Do decree some go in for a bit of toad racing and other such jolly fun as toad stacking.

  7. Yes, Trudeau was a failure at getting those migrants to assimilate. Why, part of the country still speaks French, and not English!


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