Monday, October 17, 2016

In which the pond relishes its Oreo biscuit as a way of kicking off the Monday with some free spirited bile and bigotry ...

Naturally the pond lined up for its lunch time dose of Oreo ... the pond can never get enough, especially as things are paranoid at reptile HQ and all the commentariat warriors have been rushed to the front battle line ...

The pond hesitated for a moment. Even with the richness of the Oreo, it's hard to digest bigotry or racism, and there was a prime example front and centre at top of page ...

But the pond consoled itself by the certain knowledge that there would be a rich and forensic examination of all that's wrong with the world, which is to say, Marxists, neo-Marxists, platonic Marxists, material Marxists, post-modern post-ironic Marxists and all the other Grouchos who make life difficult for the Oreos of the world ...

But first a little celebration of the "freethinker", which is, if one properly understands Donald Trumpisms, is legalese for black bashing ... (you know how it goes, call the questioner Denzel and launch into a routine about how things are really awful in the inner cities .. while Hillary should be jailed, she's committed so many crimes, she's basically a black) ...

Now the pond wouldn't want you think that the Oreo is in the battle alone.

Naturally the faithful onion muncher was also on hand ... because after all, while it's fun to jet into the north for a few days then fly out again, this has to be balanced by support for the right of Leakian reptiles to go on with their black bashing ...

Okay, with that preliminary dance out of the way, we can get on to the way it's all the fault of the UN, neo-Marxists, and all the other standard foaming and frothing that makes up a classic Oreo rant ... 

Truly admirable. Awesome, and no wonder the pond couldn't resist sneaking another biccie from the pack ...

Yes, back in the day, it was great in the west. Colonialism rampant, the fuzzy wuzzies in their place, slavery much missed - still, civilisation wot wot, but at least they could be kept on as servants, and everything was right in the world ...

Now doubtless, there are a few innocents who are wondering why they enjoyed this delicious Oreo snack, after swearing to go on a diet.

Fear not. Science is to hand with an explanation ...

More of the science here, as if you didn't already know that your addiction to the Oriel was a rough equivalent to a coke and heroin speedball fireball highball ...

Never mind the source, just shoot it into your eyeball ...

But now, since the pond is a free spirit and since Twitter irritates the heck out of  the major Mitchell and other kool aid drinkers, the pond - deeply mired in useless Optus disservice - thought it should run a tweet to start the week.

The pond knows nothing of tweeting Lilla, who apparently lives in Cairns, and naturally the pond checked the essence of the Tweet and came up with Malcolm Turnbull's NBN adviser charged with indecent act ...

Clearly the adviser has personal problems of his own which the pond doesn't wish to compound, but in the spirit of that free spirited speedball Bill Leak, and speaking of drugs, at last the pond has, as the tweet asserts, the first coherent explanation for the entirety of fraudband ... 

... and that's how, when using Optus, you can get acid flashbacks watching the rotating circle of hell in the time outs ...


  1. You really gotta laugh out loud when a third rate propaganda hack writing in an in-your-face ideologically biased "new"-paper can write "in a rational world where politics were divested of ideology".
    All politics, without exception, is based on all kinds of usually uninspected all-the-way-down ideological presumptions and agendas.
    All political agendas also involve and create all kinds of social engineering agendas and outcomes.
    And of course much/most/all of ideologically driven "conservative" politics appeals to the very worst elements of our individual and collective psyche.

    Fear and loathing always trumps (Trumps) tolerance, compassion and any kind of hope for a peaceful future.
    It also generates a huge momentum to find and create scapegoat targets. Which is precisely what the "conservative" media has been doing in recent years, and especially now. Its all the fault of leftists, feminists, "greens", and anyone who is critical of the hegemony of old-time Christian religiosity.

  2. Freethinker Bill Leak! Bahahahaha some would say if they could, that poor old Bill is not himself since his fall from the balcony that cannot be in any way related to the paucity of humour that nobody has noticed and are certainly not allowed to mention out loud because ...lawsuits.

    Hows about a televised interview between Leak and Abbott about free thinking and free speaking.

  3. Hi Dorothy,

    A Liberal Government Staffer engaging in an indecent and offensive act. Nothing unusual there.

    However being nabbed with LSD, that is interesting. Where did he get it from?

    As you can see here;

    Small doses of LSD strangely made spiders construct “more orderly” webs but this effect was lost with higher doses.

    Going by the chaotic shambles of the NBN we can only surmise that the Liberal arachnids are imbibing a heady cocktail of mind altering drugs but which ones we do not know.

    We could find out more but only if we were allowed to test them under strict clinical conditions.


  4. Hi Dorothy,

    Technical Oreo;


    1. The mechanics of Oreo's mind in all its perpetual synchronized splendor.Thank you DW.

      Never mind the source,just shoot it into your eyeball...nice one DP. :)
      I once lived with some folk that took their acid via the eye duct for that near instant elevation. A bit too radical for this little black duck!

    2. Thanks DW, the pond did enjoy that Oreo link. Here's a teaser to tempt others ...

      The game of twisting an Oreo has been used to make decisions, random predictions and resolve disagreements for decades. Now, a group of graduate students from Princeton claim to have cracked the code for which cookie the cream will end up on so that you can be a dirty cheater.

  5. The copper with the club in Leak's cartoon is black: how is that truth at any level?

    1. They - Leak's fans would point to people like Noel Pearson and Anthony Dillon son of the first aboriginal cop in Qld who agree with Abbott that the only answer to the aboriginal problem is that everyone has to play the neoliberal game even if some start so far behind failure is for sure.


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