Friday, October 07, 2016

In which the pond moves from meretricious Merritt to Kev's monstrous monstering of feminism ...

Sometimes the pond only needs the headlines, just the headlines please ma'am, with a wham and a bam and a thank you George ...

Yesterday, it might be recalled, heroic, meretricious Chris Merritt put to bed a budding controversy ...

Today, in an entirely different Fairfaxian world ...

Hmm, what will the meretricious Merritt scribble today?

Of course any splash that might have been headed "False move will haunt Merritt" would never fly in the land of the reptiles, who are routinely accustomed to debase both journalism and commentary by pandering to those in power ...

The pond occasionally wonders how "False column" Merritt manages to get out of bed and hold head high each day, but enough of headline spotting, because the Terrorists have brought forward a most grave and important column which explains the conundrum ...

It's all the fault of women ...

Oh dear, the pond knew it.

Bloody women. Bloody, bloody women, bugger damn poo bum.

Kevin, stop that swearing. Sorry mum. Sotto voce ... bloody, bloody women ...

Now Kevin does a cunning thing here, using personal misfortune to attempt to disarm any criticism of him and his thesis ...

Okay, so that's the personal stuff done and dusted. Now for the real blame game ...

Uh huh. So clearly personal grief explains Kevin's enormous stupidity, though his remarkable resemblance to an Islamic warrior mourning the softness of modern youth and their lack of interest in going on a jihad is worth celebrating ...

What to do with a singularly inappropriate cry of pain, dressed out with rampant nonsense and a desperate desire to return to the way things were in Victorian England?

Well throughout the pond has credited the Terrorists for their role in this tosh, and their exemplary abuse of the graphic arts ...

Like this taking of a poster icon from the second world war, when women played a crucial role in industry in the war effort to defeat fascism, and instead of celebrating in its proper context, deploying it in service of Kev's rabid ranting ...

Sad really, and such nonsense as well. 

At a time when women are at last claiming a place in many areas of professional sport, what enormously stupid person might have come up with the line "Feminists argue that male characteristics such as being physically active and showing courage are negative and counter-productive."?

It's beyond the valley of the childish ...

No doubt there are many at Ford's plant this day who are depressed, but what it has to do with feminism, only Kevin and the Terrorists might be able to understand.

Kevin at time of writing had produced only three comments ...

Uh huh ... the subjugation of women is not the key to better men's mental health.

Swagman, for those who come late to the Terrorists, is a valiant commentator who attempts on a daily basis to combat the distortions and stupidities of the Terrorist scribblers. 

In his day job, the pond understands he helps Hercules clean the horse shit out of the Augean stables, and occasionally joins Sisyphus rolling boulders up the hill ...

Naturally Huddo had the perfect retort - by proving that the urge to bully, demean and abuse, and raze your voice remains strong in the Terrorist reader, showing that Kevin hit his demographic mark.

Luckily, there was a Rowe to hand to lift the gloom surrounding the  depression induced in the pond by this shameless pile of steaming tripe, and even better it revived fond memories of the meretricious Merritt scribbling about a one day wonder which is bubbling along quite nicely ... and as always more ravishing Rowe here ...

For those who can't tilt their head, Rowe at last reveals the secrets of gorgeous George's fabulously cheap bookcases and mantelpiece. It seems the diligent reader has copies not just of his diary and the collected works of Gleeson, but My Country, the Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Bridge Jones Diary and the Diary of Anne Frank ...

No doubt there are other books ready for display, and perhaps the pond should hold a competition to name them. So far as both George and Kevin are concerned this day, the pond commends them to Kafka's diary and this thought ...

Incapable of living with people, of speaking. Complete immersion in myself, thinking of myself. Apathetic, witless, fearful. I have nothing to say to anyone - never ...


  1. Someone should tell Kevin D that men can foster depression in women. I am sure Rosie Batty could tell him a few things.

    What to say? What to say?

    While we on the subject of the gentlemen .....

    A brief report I read somewhere this early morn has led me to wonder if some males should be barred from entering politics because they are too young and immature.

    Senator James Paterson, 24, has just called for the sale of Jackson Pollock's Blue Poles because it is worth such a motza that the cash should be used to pay off debt. Another utilitarian, materialistic thought bubble from a govt MP.

    What next I ask thee?

    Should the French present the Napoleon mausoleum as a prime real real estate opp. Should they sell the Mona Lisa to pay off a chunk of national debt? Should the poor in this country do what their brethren in third world countries do and sell one of their kidneys instead of receiving govt assistance?

    Miss pp

    1. Versailles, Miss pp, Les Frogues could sell Versailles - it's worth about as much as the Ozland GDP nowadays. And it really is a great business idea - forgo $heaps in annual revenue, for a once off sell price that is then casually misused and results in more debt.

  2. Bloody hell, men and their PTSD. Do they not think that there are uncountable women who have been dominated abused beaten and tortured by the men they love and they don't get to suffer from PTSD?

    Women who go through pregnancy face months of worry that about the pain and possible death of ourselves and the baby, and we don't complain about PTSD causing us to be arseholes who abuse others.

    Well actually there are lots of arsehole women but we have far more excuses for being that way - we didn't make the rules or the wars - and despite all these reasons, arseholery seems to be far more common among the menz.

  3. I think we can all agree that Donnelly is the one being an arsehole here, Anon.

    1. Yeah, Donnelly, Greer, Paglia and Bly - what an Alexandrian Quartet of misogynists !

      But never mind, Merc, "the ladies" still appreciate the virtues of Kinder, Kuche, Kirche so all is well in Mensland.

  4. Poor man though. I lost a son also and I know how painful it can be but Donnelly has shown his lack of character by using this event to justify and carry on with his self-serving prejudices. It really would be better for him and us if he could use the example of his Jesus to find some spiritual growth from the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

    After all it must have been the case that God wanted Kev to experience the loss of his son for those mysterious reasons that God has for doing the horrible things he does. Is God happy with the lessons Donnelly has learned?

    1. Indeed - he does a remarkable job of negating the sympathy that anyone would naturally feel for somebody who has suffered such a loss.

  5. Is there something specific about Greer Paglia and Bly - is that Nellie? - that bothers you so much you poor manz? Sometimes it helps to talk about these unconscious troubles you seem to have to one of those professional people who help people organise their prejudices and priors into some sort of rational story.

    1. I think that's what the RWNJs call feminazism, GB.

  6. Que? Exactly I am here to tell you who seem so lost and alienated by the world of women and their children, that it is not going to be that bad when we have a fair share of the law making apparatus of society.

    I will ensure that in the new world order there will still be menz clubs to which you can retire when the ladies get too loud and proud and their irrational thoughts and actions impinge on your assumptions about human nature and how a good woman should behave.

  7. Its interesting the way News Corp tackles a subject and headlines. E.g.:

    "Feminism is fueling depressing in men" - totes legit..

    "Racism is fueling radicalisation" or "Foreign policy is fueling terrorism" - "plays into the victimhood narrative of extremists and exposes the nation to dangerous levels of ignorance and complacency"

  8. I didn't think my opinion of Donnelly could sink any lower, but this article had me plunging to the bottom of a Marianas' Trench of Contempt. FFS, he's written a book on depression and he doesn't even know the difference between PTSD and his own depression - likely a comparatively standard depressive episode, a not-unexpected consequence of the emotional trauma of losing a son. While not trivial by any means, this is not at all the same as PTSD.

    Trying to pin the PTSD medal on himself is... well, I'm not a psychiatrist, so I don't know, but I suppose (like all the reptiles, really), P.R.A.I.S.E.M.E. is in the mix somewhere. I note that clergy are apparently prone to what would once have been tagged as a "martyr complex".

    Whatever Donnelly's underlying issues, this pile of tosh made me depressed...


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