Thursday, October 27, 2016

Haul him through the courts? Would not spitting on him to put out a fire do instead?

One of the things about the reptiles is the way they have the mindless tenacity of a dog with something clamped in its jaw.

A child's precious doll, a table leg, a smelly shoe, no matter, just grab it and chew away ...

Or perhaps they're more like a ruminating cow contemplating life while chewing the cud, except that might amount to defaming bovinae. A reptile is a reptile is a reptile, on a hot rock ...

The pond knows what causes it ... the kool aid absorbed each day in the hive mind ...

But while some see it as a marvellous spectacle, the pond is occasionally wearied by the murmuration of the starlings ... not least because of the way that the starlings reliably shat all over substantial areas of Tamworth ...

Apparently things have reached a nadir at the reptile Oz, because, in their frantic attempts to find another hack to maintain the Leakian crusade,  this day they wheeled out the commercial editor.

Now the pond has no idea of what a "commercial editor" does in a paper which routinely loses money each year ... surely the rag needs an "uncommercial editor" ...

When it comes to the bigger issues of life, the evidence suggests that as a sophisticated scribbler, Steve Waterson is something of a fuckwit.

What a relief to be able to use that term of abuse knowing that Waterson, heroic libertarian that he is, wouldn't take a fence, or even a gate ...

In fact, the cheeky devil is inclined to abuse and fancy trolling, and in such a clever way too, down there with the pond ...

Scribblers on the toilet door of social media? This from a worker in a criminal organisation?

Oh it's rich, though also richly pathetic, but at least we know now that a thousand monkeys pounding away on their typewriters for ten years can produce a Waterson column, full of the richness of insight and the coarsening of discourse that the Murdochians are famous for ...

What a prime doofus and fuckwit he is, and please allow the pond to make two completely irrelevant points ... the pond has been amongst the workers in the beehive and seen the marital discord and the alcoholism and the anti-social behaviour and the bullying, but you can bet your bottom dollar you won't see a Bill Leak cartoon about that sort of stuff, not when he can bash blacks and gays standing outside the building infested by the likes of the self-satisfied, complacent, totally up himself and oblivious Waterson...

Oh and isn't it quaint that a dipstick like like Waterson would think some sort of personal character reference by him will erase from memory what is perfectly obvious in Leak's cartoons ...

The pond has routinely heard this sort of nonsense.

Some of my best friends are black/gay/ethnic, and there isn't a racist bone in his body, and the jokes about boongs/poofters/wogs are just a healthy expression of the awful dysfunctionality in their wretched lives ... (unlike the wonderful, self-congratulatory lives led by the reptiles) ... 

There's something ironic when a doofus attempts logic and reasoning. 

So we gave to destroy bad ideas by producing better ideas and vigorous debate? 

So Bill Leak is infested with bad ideas, but will come around when confronted with better ideas and vigorous debate?

In what alternative universe does Waterson live? Oh dear, the pond forgot. The comfortable world of the uncommercial editor.

As for the uncommercial editor's martyrdom complex, and the fanciful imagining of the legal persecution to follow, has ever a typing monkey been more up himself?

Well here's the pond's theory. 

Chris Mitchell dragged the reptiles of Oz way off on to their own planet, revolving with a right wing tilt in some other universe, and in the process, irretrievably coarsened public discourse and debate. Think of it as the "Order of Lenin" factor ...

So when social media came along, a grateful citizenry seized the chance to say what they think about the racists and bigots accustomed to getting their own way and trashing whomever they like from the shelter and the comfort of their kool-aid swilling bunker ...

The final coarse gravel in this process is the sort of pathetic outing produced by Waterson, who should get back to being the uncommercial editor and not bother himself with deeper matters requiring some gravitas and sensitivity ...

Bill Leak is a child of the reptiles, in much the same way that Donald Trump is the illegitimate child of Fox News, Roger Aisles and the GOP, Megyn Kelly's recent obsession with sex notwithstanding ... and a coarsening of the culture is the unholy result ...

On the other hand, that gesture suits the toilet door and is about all that needs to be said to Waterson.

Now if only Waterson could join the onion muncher and head back ... and more delicious Moir here who reliably manages to do cartoons without benefit of racism, sexism and homophobia...


  1. Oh the bravery!
    Oh the wit!
    Oh the selflessness of the martyr willing to launch himself into the breach of 18C!
    Give this man the Order of Lenin!

    Except that he provided the escape hatch of "it is not meant to be taken seriously by lizard Oz readers".

    Which, of course, it is.
    Only it isn't, as News Corp lawyers will certainly argue (because Waterson won't waste HIS money on lawyers. That's what the boss is for).

    A fool, a craven and, possibly, a sot.

  2. Oh come on, the Donald's middle finger isn't that big!

    1. He uses slip-ons to enlarge a few things, like fingers and ...

  3. "To be required to provide an explanation, or worse an apology, for your opinion ..."

    Waterson is just continuing the reptile tactic of changing the subject - like Bolter, he's pretending that the problem is what he said, not how he said it. The Bolter got done over by 18C because he willfully lied, period. Waterson, in the midst of his rant has this to say:

    "I have been to Wilcannia, Halls Creek and other, worse, places, and seen tiny aboriginal children wandering the streets in the middle of the night whose parents would seem unaware of their existence, let alone their names."

    He doesn't seem to think that it's a part of his intentional insults. But it is a somewhat exaggerated 'exposition' in words, not sleazy pictures of what Leak's cartoon illustrated. So is it, or is it not, 18C material ?

    You can hold the most offensive views in the world, so long as you limit yourself to facts and remain approximately courteous.

  4. Haven't heard of this Waterson fellow but I assume they're running out of people at Reptile Land to launch a defence of Bill Leak. I agree that Commercial Editor is an incongruous title to hold in a money-losing enterprise. I'm happy to accept Ms Pond's assessment that he's a fuckwit.

    I did like his staunch defence of freedom of expression. Could he tell me if that also applied to powerless people? I remember when Duncan Storrar asked a question grabbing nation-wide attention on Q and A. It was quite simple question along the lines of if the government wanted to stimulate the economy, why not give a rise to him as a pensioner instead of to wealthy businesses? He would have spent 100% of it on goods and services boosting the economy. It certainly puzzled the government members of the panel, and a few more.

    Within a day, all Murdoch papers were at work running a smear into Storrar's past life. It probably wasn't illegal apart from privacy issues. All the same, one does wonder if this is a credible response to an organisation proclaiming loudly for free speech. It doesn't seem like much a commitment to free expression.

  5. Hi Dorothy,

    "People may give offence, but no one is obliged to take it"

    Which sage advice, I am sure this twat (no offence intended) gave to the Dog Botherer when Kenny got all hot and bothered about The Chaser.


    1. It's a standard routine DW, but if you went up to the loon and called him a fuckwit or a twat, he'd be entirely likely to take offence, and do a Joe Biden out the back ... because that's the nature of fuckwittery ...

  6. The Oz's incredibly rude commercial editor begs for an extended BDS campaign? Otay.

  7. Waterson... wotawanka.

    There! I said it.

  8. Good to learn, also, that softcock Waterson does have a backdown point, because it just so happens that the ALRC has mooted bringing Australia's racial discrimination laws into alignment with international practice, and better fulfilment of the intent of the relevant convention, by offering out the prospect of jailtime for the hardcore. But one almost would never know that more general discussion was on the agenda, without the Oz's compleat reporting.


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