Sunday, August 14, 2016

In which there's never been a more exciting time for poking a stick at Malware ...

There's never been a better time to be a mischief maker, whether reptile, or factional  conservative, warlord, and what joy when reptile warrior meets warlord chieftain in an EXCLUSIVE ...

The pond did its best to ignore it, but the reptiles were so pleased at their mischief-making that it was holding down a silver medal placing early on the Sunday, and only dropped out of a podium finish later in the day.

Sheesh, and the pond promised not to mention the ruination of countries by a drug-addled corrupt organisation.

The concept of 'reform' also had to be understood within the peculiar context of reptile thinking. It was a "conservative reform agenda".

In the end, however, it offered more tedium than reform, of a kind patented by Ned Kelly and the onion muncher ...

Remarkable concession? Admitted responsibility? Reflecting on his failures so that Malware might do better?

That's pure unadulterated flim-flam. The underlying political message is that Malware isn't up to the job. And it explains how 4 Corners was a very useful vehicle for the warlord wanting to re-new his factional war...

The joint act of Ned Kelly and the onion muncher reminded the pond of an old movie ...

Yes, the mice are emboldened and sauntering around the kitchen with their cheese, ready for whatever mischief might come their way, and the onion muncher isn't the only one ...

That story about the coy Cory is here.

Then there's that constant whining and droning from Erica in Tasmania, and the weirdness of deep north George, all faithfully recorded by reptiles anxious to make trouble.

There's never been a better time to prod the hapless Malware, already deep in do do, as Colbert might say, and the rest of the EXCLUSIVE is just as much in the flim-flam shimmy aluminium sidings mode ...

Actually what's guaranteed is that the reptiles will drop everything at the drop of a hat to channel the onion muncher and all the the rest of the dissidents, and the presence of the dissidents will be used to smack the never-forgiven pretender around the chops ...

Whenever in need of a space-filler, give the onion muncher a listen or a call.

Which is why it's never been a better time for anyone who prefers not to think about actual policies, and instead enjoys politics as a blood sport ...

Never mind, Malware has set himself up for this exciting time, and more exciting Moir can be found here ... because any cartoon that mentions the NBN should always be celebrated ...


  1. Do you think that One Trick Tony includes himself among the practitioners of the poisonous 'hyper-partisanship' that has characterised Australian politics for the last however many years?

  2. So soon after Brandis issued a warning that we shouldn't foster a culture of grievance, and Mal's out and about declaring to anyone who will listen that the WA Leader must be supported and that WA has every right to feel aggrieved about its prior royalties elections and that calling a DD was both strong and vital, too.

  3. Yet Stephen Conroy, Tanya Plibersek and others still insist the illegal Malaysia deal was a solution. With 35,000 people fleeing their homes every day they think sending 800 over all to a death camp is still right.

  4. Hi Dorothy,

    Hypocrisy thy name is Abbott.

    Hyper-partisanship is all Abbott has ever had. From his student days onwards the wall puncher has viewed Politics as War. His whole vocabulary is littered with martial terms, Battlelines, Warriors, Goodies and Baddies, Knights (and Dames) all put forward in front of his totemic flags.

    Consensus building, negotiation and compromise are foreign terms to the Onion Muncher.

    What has changed is Abbott's enemy is no longer Labor but his usurper the oily Turnbull and therefore anything that will discomfort Truffles is grist for the mill, even if the problem was originally created by Abbott himself.

    Expect more outrageous volte-face statements from Abbott as he attempts to corner Turnbull at every turn.


    1. Unctuous, DW. The term is "unctuous Turnbull".

  5. So the Muncher is going to preach the gospel of economic reform (something he's never really shown any interest in throughout his political career) - and starts off by rabbiting on and on about Section 18C.

    Ned - doesn't it feel a little undignified, at this point in your career, to be futilely turd-polishing?

    1. Yes, someone, possibly a thin-skinned activist who lacks awareness of the subtleties of relationships between different branches and levels of government, is itching for something.


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