Monday, August 01, 2016

In which the pond stumbles across the inexcusable Bolter ...

As usual, the pond has chosen to ignore little Timmie's meandering delcon delights - why bother with the lesser Bolter when the Bolter himself is on hand talking of a public menace up there with Al Capone?

In the preceding post, the pond noted the meandering delusions of former crusading Murdochian warrior in chief, now chief feather duster columnist, Chris Mitchell.

The feeble Mitchell made a grudging, backhanded acknowledgement of ABC reporting - well it was a brilliant job of assembling old and tired and familiar material - and it was Sky News and the reptiles who'd really done the stunning and brilliant work - and inter alia, an infamous tweet happened to be mentioned ...

The pond was astonished and delighted by that very last tweet. 

Of course the Bolter counts. He might be predictable, vicious and full of bile, but let's face it, spiteful bile should surely be counted ... and there was none of that soft core, patty cake, backhanded compliment of the Mitchell kind coming from the Bolter.

It was backhand to the moosh or the chops ...

Possibly before we proceed further, we should pause for a Tandberg joke ...

Yes, the pond snipped that one from Talking Pictures, simply because it wanted to slip in a link to the ABC.

And now, as they say, back to the Bolter ...

Now at this point, the pond should simply note that the pond has lavishly credited the Herald Sun for providing a home for the ranting Bolter.

If you happen to live in Victoria and purchase the HUN, online or in tree killer form, do you realise that you're subsidising the Bolter?

Have you thought about the consequences of your actions?

That's why the pond couldn't bring itself to include the mention at the end of the Bolter's piece wherein punters are urged to buy his latest book ...

There's a story about that too, as you can read in Crikey, where the sub-header reads Newsagents call Andrew Bolt's book a waste of space, say they stock it even though they didn't order it:

Never mind, please allow the pond to snort that Tandberg cartoon again, perhaps direct up the nose like a whiff of snuff ...

There, that's better, and you can find more Tandberg at L'Age here, and now primed and refreshed, the pond can make it through the last of the Bolter ...

It's remarkable that a columnist can write at such length, while at the same time saying "I can't know the facts."

But then the facts have never much troubled one of the world's greatest climate scientists.

The pond doesn't know the facts either, but unfortunately the pond knows the Bolter.

Others might argue with the Bolter if they care. Others might wonder if the ongoing Royal Commission was just a bad memory or a bad dream ...

Others might marvel at the audacity of a public menace daring to call others a public menace.

But the pond will settle for a cartoon. Some in the Murdochian empire get it. This by Warren Brown in the Daily Terror ...

Bad memories are excusable? Perhaps it's the Bolter that's inexcusable ...


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    You can judge me by the color of my skin
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    Is when you're crippled inside

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