Sunday, August 21, 2016

In which the pond intends no offence with an entirely frivolous Sunday Bolter meditation ... but where does all the anger come from?

With the plebiscite delayed - who'd have guessed - and the Donald more in debt that on the record - who could possibly have imagined - and the thugby lovers of the north shore shattered, the pond had to turn to more urgent, pressing matters for a meditative Sunday ...

No, it's not the new pagan temple of shiny glass rising in north Newtown, a veritable Moore college tower of Babel - what would the camel and goat herders and fisher folk make of this architectural monstrosity that torments the pond each time it drives past?

Hmmm ... the cladding is being stripped away slowly but surely, so that the vision might be unleashed on the world, but sadly, for all their new glass glory, the angry Sydney Anglicans are quiet in the post-Jensenist era ...

And so, to achieve the suitable level of gravity required for a proper Sunday meditation, the pond needed a meta-koan that would produce instant enlightenment ...

Indeed, indeed, and the other 100 koans here, but not that sort of koan, more a meta-koan of ironies of an entirely useless kind, and so the pond turned to the Bolter for deeper understanding ...

Now the great thing about that was the way that the Bolter doubled down. 

The anger and the abuse ... whatever else might be said, it was the perfect response to indicate that his is, indeed and always, an "unfailingly angry blog..."

And yet, and yet ...

(Insiders here, yes they still do a few transcripts at not the pond's ABC).

Undiluted horseshit of course, but why, given this is what he's supporting, did the Bolter get so agitated? 

Why did he take offence, or even a gate, when clearly Kenny meant no offence. If anyone wants to take offence, that's their choice, but what a perverse choice. The Bolter had the choice of choosing another feeling, offence is always taken, not given. 

So if the Bolter didn't want to be offended, it was up to him. Don't be offended. That's it. Kenny's not responsible for the feelings of other people, and certainly not the Bolter. None of us are ...

The pond could feel enlightenment approaching like the Tamworth flyer ...

But the Bolter wasn't content. He had to go on with it, because that's what you do when you're unfailingly angry ...

The pond can imagine him festering, brooding, stewing, writhing in the pot, and then deciding he needed to add some more ...

It's wondrous and marvellous. Accuse someone of a lack of logic, and then display a sublime lack of logic.

And for a final thrust, reduce the discussion to a matter of picking sides ...

What produced enlightenment for the pond was the way it's possible to deplore the use of base insults ... while rolling out "sell out," "clueless", "racist", "stupid", "hypocrite", "apoplectic abuser", "disguised hater", "disguised lover of power", "hypocritical idealist", "unwitting", "racist" in such a short flurry of words ... knowing that should the Bolter feel unfettered by 18c, his past behaviour would be like a pristine snow flake compared to the fires of hell he could stoke ...

And yet funnily enough, this morning on The Insiders, Kenny sounded amused by it all, and others thought there were more important things in life ...

And indeed, it does seem a distraction from the more important movie ideas the Bolter could pitch ...

Yes, we shouldn't forget that the Bolter, despite his constant state of angry indignation - a choice it seems he routinely choses - remains one of the world's leading futurists and climate scientists ...

Indeed, indeed, just the thing for the Tamworth flyer ...

And looking at that pile of coal, the pond achieved enlightenment ... not a bad day's work for a Sunday meditation with thugby pot and kettle ...


  1. It would appear Andrew Bolt (any relation to Usain?) disapproves of what Kenny says, but will never defend his right to say it (certainly not to the death).
    Bolt's complete lack of self awareness and insight is staggering ... pathological even.

  2. The Angry Anglican haven't just been quiet, they've been desperately trying to keep others quiet about the recent exposure of one of Moore College's favourite sons. They've been determinedly editing his Wiki page all week.

    1. :), but didn't it say, it's a tad naughty to steal, but there's nothing wrong with a little borrowing? etc etc

      The author, Peter T. O'Brien, was presented with the findings and provided the following response: "In the New Testament commentaries that I have written, although I have never deliberately misused the work of others, nevertheless I now see that my work processes at times have been faulty and have generated clear-cut, but unintentional, plagiarism. For this I apologize without reservation."

      President and publisher Anita Eerdmans summed up the company's stance as follows: "Eerdmans is steadfastly committed to the highest ethical standards in academic and business practice, and we apologize to all who are negatively affected by this situation. Our Bible commentary series, among the best of their kind, are authored and edited by the field's top scholars. The strong measures we are taking in this case are meant to underscore our firm belief that our commentary program is, and must remain, solid."

      Eerdmans is taking the following steps:

      ● Ceasing sales and pulp stock of all three volumes, placing them out of print.
      ● Offering credit to individuals and trade partners who have purchased the above three volumes.

      At least it's not Newcastle, it's hard to be frivolous about Newcastle, but thanks TR for the Sunday titillation!

    2. Reading the Angry’s social media chat about O’Brien this week has been instructive on their relationship with honesty. Their responses range from ‘he can’t have meant to do it because he is such a godly man’ to lauding prominent Angries who steal others’ ideas without conscience. They’re a very unpleasant lot.

  3. Any idea of what the uptight gents would think of Babylon (on Netflix)?

    1. They wouldn't like it. It's got a woman in charge.

  4. This angry 'n light brained Dolt must smoke the same shit as Dokuon.

      The Beginner's Guide to Representative Concentration Pathways ... hmm, Subtropical Cornwall climate could mean exotic new crops
      A degree by degree explanation of what will happen when the earth warms:
      Things have moved on in such a short time. All much closer now and worse than it was only five years ago here:


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