Tuesday, August 30, 2016

In which the pond celebrates Caterist bigotry and loonery ...

And speaking of playing politics and playing god with people's lives, so it begins ...

Oh wait, it began long ago with each reptile column about Safe Schools and the homosexual agenda and so on and so forth a stab in the heart ...

And still the reptiles keep stabbing, happy at the bloodshed ...

Of course sometimes it just gets too silly for words ...

Oh FFS, not another burst of white men can't jump from the taxi-driver arm-breaker.

And does Nine have any idea of the damage done to the brand by having Caroline Marcus out and about trying to outdo the Devine with bigotry and fundamentalism?

Probably not. Hugh Marks perfectly exemplifies the Peter Principle in action ... he is, in the pond's observation, generally not aware when his arse is on fire, so a rabid Marcus probably fits into his notion of the natural order of things ...

But enough of easy, cheap distractions, because today we have the perfect example of bigotry in action, and as might be expected, it comes from a low rent former sociology student, now living high on the hog in the land of generous taxpayer-funded grants ...

Now the pond should be honoured by the Caterist recognition of loons. 

But in the usual way of people incapable of any self-reflection or self-analysis, the Caterist is completely incapable of recognising the Caterist capacity for loonery or for constructing a flimsy intellectual base, or indeed acknowledging the Caterist capacity for insulting weasel words  ...

It only takes a few seconds reading through the Caterist to discover that "loons" is a word being applied, in the way of classic bigots, to anyone who happens to think, live or act differently to the very small weasel mind of the average profoundly bigoted Caterist ...

Now there are a number of ways to respond to this sort of stuff. 

The wretched cartoon by Eric Lobbecke, designed to be offensive. 

The bigotry of the Caterist, designed to both troll and be offensive ... including simplistic, simpleton either/or notions which don't take into account even the natural variations a cursory inspection might have provided for a curious mind. 

What, for example, to make of examples of people born with both sets of genitals? Where do they exist in the Caterist mind? As freak show material, geeks only fit for biting off the necks of chickens?

But the pond thought better of it, and decided there was only one sensible response ...

Yes, get a jolly jumbuck up ya, ya bigoted Caterist loon you, and farewell to Gene Wilder, and now you can continue to rabbit on, in a way designed to offend TG folk and anyone else with any capacity for tolerance that might happen to be within earshot ...

Could there be a better example of what's likely to emerge from the festering pit of bigotry during a plebiscite campaign? 

Who better to show how to abuse the "lunatic fringe" and proudly wear the label of a reactionary, anti-Safe Schools, pro-bullying homophobic transphobe?

Now for a final sinking in of the boot (remember slippers are for woofy types):

Ah yes, there might be a few people in distress, but fuck 'em, I've got my taxpayer grant, so fuck 'em ...

Actually,  now the pond thinks about it, there's a few other things that parliament can't do. 

They might authorise the giving of grants to the Menzies Research Centre, but they can surely can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, or produce a nice human being out of a Caterist bigot and a boor ...

Especially when if said bigot and boor talks of loons while exemplifying why the pond exists ...

And so to a couple of Rowe cartoons to relieve the stress and the sense of just having stumbled through a sewer which shows exactly where the plebiscite will head ... not into the gutter but into a gigantic waste works ... (and more excellent Rowe here) ...


  1. It's all women's fault that white men are doing so badly and you can't blame them for getting angry when some women say that a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.

    Can't you see how the only natural response to be made by any man worth his salt - is the arm breaker a salt of the earth bloke? - is to be angry and feel like his manhood is being trashed and by a woman? For goodness sake women were made for men, by God.

    Even if a particular man isn't actually a Christian in anything but saying so, he still is entitled to the benefits that have been won for men by Christianity writ so wrong.

    You know what is even worse? I have heard women say that if all the men in the world died, there are enough pregnant women to repopulate but if all the women died people are fcked. Nothing for men to do but die out.

    Bringing that up is politically incorrect in the extreme and is something no man should have to hear or think about.

    1. Just a small change to suggest, Anony: not "Christian" but "Children of Abraham" which includes Christians, Muslims and Jews (umm, but does it actually include Angry Sydney Anglicans ? Or Pellists ?)

    2. Yes good point its all the one god religions that got no respect for women as anything but breeders and feeders economically dependent on men.

    3. So all women currently pregnant (and always) are to birth females is it? And men die out. Yeah, facts, logic, whatever, that'll add up somewhere, some way.

      "You know what is even worse?".. Most everyone is certain to die off relatively soon enough, not in any post structuralist way, but in rather a post performative conclusion.

    4. Seriously no, there would be boy babies born although males are not the primary sex; they are more fragile than female babies dying at greater rates all through the lifespan.

      But some would survive birth and some women do need or want men, I love my sons, but we would, as I have, make sure they do not grow up into the sort of man who thinks he is better than his mother because he has a penis.

      Do you see how irrational you get at the very idea that women could get by without men like you? So irrational you just make stuff up about the pregnant women all having girls.

      Boys make lovely babies and young children, it is only when arsehat fathers, the church and other institutions of male domination get ahold of them that they turn in to chauvinist pigs.

      And I'd say that in my opinion, men who are raised to feel superior to their mothers and sisters will be found to suffer from huge unrecognised self-esteem issues because at some level they must realise that they are not superior, and this lack of self-esteem paradoxically results in the embarrassing displays of male superiority that we see from some fat ugly men like Georgey Porgey Christsensen.

    5. Cater agrees with Chomsky (Butler, humanities faculties post-whatever). Chomsky can do nothing right. What's left then? How is this right?

    6. Well, I dunno about it being "the one god religions" - after all, I don't detect much respect for women in Hinduism or Buddhism or Chinese Ancestor Worship or Japanese Shinto either - it's just that the "children of Abraham" are particularly strident about it. Probably because their god is a big old penis wielding male. Or at least they think "he" is.

      Though come to think of it, the Hindus, despite also having Kali and Lakshmi, have three big dick wielding dicks to be going on with.

      Otherwise, the Butler sentence in the Bad Writing Contest [ http://www.denisdutton.com/bad_writing.htm ] of 1998 makes "It was a dark and stormy night ..." sound almost Shakespearean. The only comparable example I've encountered was Michel Foucault's 'Discipline and Punish'. I actually read the whole of D and P, and I still have absolutely no idea what Foucault was trying to say. He was considered to be highly intelligent, too.

  2. Now, DP, don't you think you were being a little unkind to the Cater when you said this of him:
    "...the usual way of people incapable of any self-reflection or self-analysis,"

    But Cater came out with this:
    "...today's uncontested nonsense becomes tomorrow's accepted wisdom."

    Now don't you agree that this is a finely nuanced self-analysis that explains clearly how the Cater became who and what he is today ?

    1. Profound apologies GB and now off to observe the truth telling and time keeping skills of the broken clock ...

    2. Profound apologies GB and now off to observe the truth telling and time keeping skills of the broken clock ...

    3. Thank you, DP. But Cater's little unconsciously self-critical proposition did give me some pause for thought along these lines:

      I harbour bigotries and prejudices. I do so because we pick up our beliefs in much the same way as we pick up most of our vocabulary in our native language(s): (very) young, subconsciously, and in bulk.

      Nonetheless, I believe that I am not a bigoted man - not because I don't harbour bigotries (as explained above, I certainly do), but because I will put any and all of my beliefs - once that I have become conscious of them - on the table for modification, outright rejection, or, just occasionally, reinforcement. Not that I can promise, or deliver, rapid turnaround, but at least I will try to invoke rational ratiocination and adapt my beliefs accordingly.

      It's far from 'perfect' of course, it's just the best I can personally promise to do.

  3. https://twitter.com/WhereMyOstrich/status/770207802140692480

    1. Just rampant EVIL LEFT Jacobinism by Howard, Anony - yet another unprincipled attack on individual rights and freedoms.

      The only thing, in a freedom loving society, that should stop a marriage, is the freedom of individuals to not want to be married (though how you'd manage to ask a sheep if s/he consents, I know not).


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