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David Bahati, gay bashing in Uganda, and the Jensenist heresy takes a stand for unity ...

This pond tends to take a light hearted look at the looniverse, cheering on the squawking of the loons, but sometimes it's hard not to be appalled.

Comes the news out of Uganda that an MP, David Bahati, last month proposed lawmakers should create a new crime of "aggravated homosexuality", which would be punishable by death. Those convicted of having homosexual sex with disabled people and those under 18 would face the death penalty, as would those infected with HIV who have sex with someone of the same gender. His bill also proposes life imprisonment for those who have homosexual sex - already the case in Uganda, but now with a widened definition of the 'crime'.

Other offences include promoting homosexuality, aiding and abetting homosexuality and keeping a house "for purposes of homosexuality".

“At the moment the bill is before the committee of parliament,” Bahati told VOA, “we are inviting stakeholders to bring in their input so that we can improve the bill.”

Bahati said his bill would protect children, youths and the "traditional family". He said that although Uganda has a law that prohibits homosexuality the law does not go far enough. “The penal code outlaws unnatural sex behavior but it does not clearly outlaw homosexuality which has become a very big problem here in Uganda.”

Of course, as usual, the black helicopters of the UN are involved:

Bahati said there is a lot of recruitment [of gay people] in single [sex] school and a lot of promotion of homosexuality by non-governmental organizations including UNICEF (United Nations Children Fund). This is in reference to the work done by national and international human rights organizations to advocate on behalf of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender citizens.

Recruitment? And no mention of the Catholic church? As always, human rights have got nothing to do with it:

He dismissed human rights concerns by those opposed to this bill. “We don’t recognize homosexuality as a human right here in Uganda,” he said, he added “we know that some countries recognize it as a human right but this is Uganda and we shall pass a law that sums up the spirit and aspirations of Uganda but also respect those countries that think homosexuality is a right.”

Bahati clarified that the bill does not provide for a death penalty for two adults who are homosexuals but for those for who have gay sex with those under the age of 18 years.

Just life in a Ugandan prison. Phew, that's a relief.

Of course the real news is that when you scratch a little deeper, you discover that the fundie Christians have long been at work in Uganda:

One final note on this: Republican Senator Chuck Grassley has also come under fire on this subject because of his alleged ties to the secretive religious organization known as the Family, most famous for operating the C Street house in Washington. The Family has been intensely involved in Ugandan religion and politics for years, and reportedly involved in the origins of the “kill the gays” bill specifically. It was reportedly announced for the first time at a Family sponsored event, the Ugandan prayer breakfast. (here for the Family, here for Grassley).

In the end, the controversy forced notorious pastor Rick Warren to speak out about the Ugandan matter (here for a video and story), after he got caught out telling sundry porkies about his anti-gay stance. You can also read a variant on the story here at the raw story, US conservatives flee Uganda 'kill gays' controversy.

You can also find more details on the bill here, wherein it is also noted that the Jensenist heretics have been doing the dance with Uganda's religious establishment.

The Anglican church's position in Uganda on this and other matters?

Archbishop Peter Jensen of Sydney, Australia, said Monday that Glasspool’s election gives Williams “every reason” to “dissociate the Episcopal Church” from the Anglican Communion and to instead recognize a conservative breakaway church, the Anglican Church of North America, as the legitimate U.S. branch of Anglicanism.

Glasspool is - gasp - a lesbian let loose in the church in LA (Glasspool is in the eye of an Anglican storm).

The threats from Williams and other Anglican leaders have been steadily rising in intensity ever since Episcopalians elected V. Gene Robinson, an openly gay priest, as bishop of New Hampshire. Because his election fell within 90 days of the church’s triennial General Convention, Robinson was confirmed by delegates and bishops at the assembly, instead of the process facing Glasspool.

In many parts of the Anglican Communion, which has 77 million members and includes the Episcopal Church as its U.S. branch, homosexuality is viewed as sinful. In Uganda, for example, Anglican leaders have refused to condemn a proposed law that would severely punish homosexuality and people who counsel gays and lesbians. The church did say, however, that homosexuals should not face the death penalty. (here).

Refused to condemn the proposed law? Except for the death penalty? Oh that's nice and Christian and caring of them. Gays shouldn't face the death penalty. Why let me extend the same courtesy to professing Christians. They shouldn't face the death penalty, but if they keep yabbering in public, how about a life sentence in a Ugandan prison?

Yep, it's solidarity all the way:

The GAFCON movement in the Anglican Communion is legitimate, not a breakaway or “seizing of power”, the Archbishop of Uganda, the Presiding Bishop of the Southern Cone, and the Archbishop of Sydney said on Tuesday.

At a press conference in All Souls’, Langham Place, in London, during an event for church leaders, “Global Anglicanism and English Orthodoxy”, they said that the new network, described as a “fellowship of confessing Anglicans”, was spiritual rather than political, and had a huge sense of unity. They reiterated that this was a movement “for Christ . . . to reassert the authority of the Bible over the Church and the importance of the gospel for the Church”.

Uh huh. A huge sense of unity with a country where gays are facing profound discrimination, and the Anglican church won't speak out against it?

Expect to hear an impassioned denunciation, a fierce repudiation, or even a soft core, soft cock rejection Warren style of recent, long running and profoundly troubling events in Uganda in relation to homosexuality from the Jensenist heresy?

From the gay bashing god botherers of the Sydney diocese?

Dream on.

And Christians wonder why Christianity comes under attack as a force for darkness, just as black and disturbing and problematic as fundamentalist Muslim thinking.

A pox on all their houses.

Oh but so we're not glum for long, why not trot off to Unthinking Anglicans, where Sydney Calvinists are especially welcome, and the Revd Ivan Ackeroff distributes wise thoughts and good cheer. A good time will be had by all, as Sydney Calvinists are had by all.

Update: and if still not satiated, why not head off to David Marr's Anglican Business at The Monthly, a cause for discreet celebration by Sydney's women and gays.

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