Friday, February 10, 2017

In which the pond learns what News Corp means when it blathers about "impairments" ...

The pond realises that it had promised to take time off to crash the NSW electricity grid, but the chance to co-join the obvious, dot the i's and cross the t's was irresistible.

That tale of the skulking mogul can be found at the Graudian here, and look at what the cat dragged in and put on display at the ABC here ...

There's more and active links at the ABC, but please allow the pond to chortle at the notion that News Corp brands don't turn up on the sleaziest sites on the web. That's just the way it goes ...

Their attempt to traduce Fairfax was pathetic, and desperate

Of course you have to visit those sites to discover them and the banks and the insurance companies and all the rest of them, but it's pretty rich for Thomson to berate others for sleaze ...

Remember the glory days of Beck on Fox News?

Integrity? Credibility?

And this was in the Terror this very day ...

And that's just one of any number of click bait stories in the Terror  peddling the fake, the faux and the fallacious ...

The page 3 mentality never really went away did it?

Priceless integrity?

What, like the chairman turning up for a meeting where his prize Conservative lap poodle fawned all over the Donald, panting, and licking, and leg humping in a way that was sickening to behold?

And while we're at it, please allow the pond to select a couple more Jaffa-rolling moments from the second bit of that ABC report ...

"Audiences crave integrity, which is why is why so many of our mastheads have reported strong growth," Mr Thomson said. However, revenues in cable networks fell by 2 per cent or $US2 million compared to the prior year because of lower affiliate advertising after losing rights to the Rugby World Cup. News Corporation also reported a changing in the carrying value of its Australian cable television operation Foxtel, where net income decreased from $US52 million to $US24 million. The media company is blaming a change in the value of Foxtel's investment in Ten Network and losses associated with its streaming service Presto, which was recently closed.

Audiences carve integrity? So you offer them the Catholic Boys' Daily, the Currish Snail, the Terror, the Bolter in the HUN and all the rest of the inner city 'leet bunker dwellers?

It's just another confirmation that News Corp's news activities are doing a Fairfax, and like Fairfax, their main hope is real estate, which is why the reptiles love to pump up the volume on house prices.

They need the bubble, they profit by the bubble, and the story was the same back in August 12016 for anyone reading Mumbrella here ... and in due course, likely enough, we'll all have to wear the pain of the bubble ...

And so it's back to breaking the NSW grid, while the plot to bury the Murdochians bubbles along nicely ... (there's more New Yorker cartoons here)...

Crush the Murdochians and hear their lamentations? Sorry, that's totally out of context ... they're doing it to themselves, all by themselves ...


  1. Hi Dorothy,

    Whilst we all broil in a 'perfectly normal' Australian summer it's nice to find out that éminence grise and owner of the Catholic Boys Journal of Climate Denial Science is quietly working away in the shadows to bring about greater love and understanding between the orange hippoPotus and the LimitedNews empire.

    Check out how Ivanka is the trustee for Rupert's and Wendi's kids.

    If ever there was a better example of the incestuous relationship between corporate moguls and politicians, I can't think of one.

    They aren't even making much if an effort to hide the fact that democracy has been hijacked by the oligarchs.

    Meanwhile the planet gets hotter and a lump of coal is the star turn in the Australian Parliament. Sad.


    1. Hi Dorothy,

      As it appears that Murdoch and Trump have been a lot closer than previously thought, it now makes you wonder about the less than friendly telephone conversation between Trump and Turnbull.

      Who could have given Trump such an unfavourable opinion of our effete PM?

      What a shame that Rupert is in Twitter purdah as we might get an idea of how long Malcolm has.

      I for one welcome the imminent rise of Supreme Leader Dutton.


    2. Now wouldn't that be a wonder, DW - Dutton for PM.

      In the wise saying that: "Some are born to greatness, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them" where does Dutton fit ? Maybe in the category that "If all around you are totally devoid of greatness, does that make you great by comparison ?"

      Or does Dutton miss out even in that circumstance.

    3. After its star performance in Parliament yesterday, GB, I suspect that the lump of coal may now have the numbers over Dutton.

      Let's face it, when it comes to talent and intelligence, the coal wins hands-down.

    4. Perhaps Cory should think of a re-branding, and launch the Coalservative Party?


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