Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Yes, it's ongoing Crisis in Western Civilisation game time ...

Last night Media Watch had a fine old time with the war on the ABC, and amusingly dragged the Major Mitchell in as a major witness in the case for the defence … and having to use the Order of Lenin hunter made the pond realise just how desperate the ABC's plight is …

But dammit, they still keep playing Brahms at lunchtime, and they are really but one strand in the ongoing Crisis in Western Civilisation …

Well there has to be one billy goat still battering away in the lizard Oz, with no sense, skill or subtlety, and dashing Donners is the goat of the day …

Dear sweet long absent lord, has he got a key assigned on the keyboard to spit out the usual "neo-Marxist, postmodern and post-colonial" rag?

Dashing Donners is such a prize gormless futtock and goose.

Usually the pond would just wonder aloud why the Ramsay Centre hasn't done a deal with the ACU - home of enlightened cannibalism - and move on, but this day there were new developments in the Crisis to end all Crises … or perhaps the crusade that really should end all reptile crusades … seeing how the original bunch of enlightened Xian crusading worked out …

The new development could even be found on the front page of the lizard Oz, despite a new developing crusade in the war to save Malware and the rich …

Sure, the Crisis in Western Civilisation was only a single forlorn column trailing snake-like down the right hand side while the government gazette focussed on backing Malware for the rest of the page … but the pond knew it had to pay attention, what with the tweeting…

Dear sweet lord, they'd flushed Gareth from cover …

The pond knew the inimitable urbane Urban would be on the case, with her "just the crusade, ma'am, just the crusade" style of reporting …

Yes, it was serious, Cory had spoken, and the reptiles had managed to flush Evans and Schmidt from their chilly ANU lair, and so the urbane Urban had to report on what they'd written for the lizard Oz, and add a bit more colour, and so the crusade and the crisis in Western Civilisation had once again had attention paid ...

Dear sweet long absent lord, "health checks".

The pond heard a rumour some time ago that the onion muncher had wanted to run the Ramsay Centre, but wiser heads prevailed and the boofhead was passed over, much to Malware's chagrin. The pond discounted the rumour - this scorpion still has a potent lust to kill his frog - but he really does provide an endless buffet of dickhead delights …

Of course this was known some time ago …

The rest of that can be googled, because the pond believes that the piece written by Schmidt and Evans shouldn't lurk behind the reptile paywall and be used as a piece of monopolistic profit-making. If there's a Crisis in Western Civilisation, then that's a concern for all …

The 'protracted media firestorm' - what on earth is that referring to? 

Surely not dashing Donners, doing his best to imitate a rather short media brain fart … but do go on ...

They were unhappy with "Western civilisation studies" as a name? What on earth did they want to call it? The onion muncher's guide to the glory of Rhodes?

And they wanted to introduce thought police? Oh Orwellian references, where does that leave the reptile crusaders now?

Oh the little rat-fink, undermining, wrecking and sniping fucker-up machine really did do a first class job of undermining, wrecking and sniping … and it seems like Simon Haines was just a bit of origami, folding to his masters' bidding …because little Johnny was also a prime mover in the game …

And there's your Crisis in Western Civilisation. Clowns like the onion muncher and little Johnny, without a clue about much of anything ...

And so to the Pope of the day, and what a relief, it's only a game of political football, with more papal pleasures here ….


  1. Gareth Evans: "Does stating over and again a false narrative make it true?"

    Why yes, Gareth it does, and as a politician who has stated over and again a "narrative" that is certainly "false" to many Australians, you would know that better than most.

    But if you can't think of any "naratives" you've been involved in, then just think of religion and how much that "false narrative" has been "stated over and again" for thousands of years.

  2. Mabe off topic but listening to radio national after lunch they had a discussion about how news is gathered by consumers and there was a reporter from The Daily Telegraph trying to tell the listeners that people should pay for news like is required by readers of his online paper. That consumers should be willing to pay for access to reliable and factual news as is provided by his organisation.
    I nearly ran off the road when he said that his organisation produces factual and truthful news.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. What? RN had someone from TDT on? But I thought the ABC was totally lefist and never provided any alternative viewpoints?

      But as usual the silly buggers who work for the repliles and their partners in right wing political correctness are ignorant or liars; few people have ever paid for reliable and factual news. Newspapers like TDT did well in the past because they provided gossip, the page 3 'girls' and classifieds.

    2. I was listening (accidentally, I assure you) to Jon Faine on ABC RN this morning as he chatted to some blithering, blathering slavering nincompoop recount hwo he "really truly just wants a very big mixed race immigration". Here, to Australia, that is.

      He then went on to happily complement Erdogan because "Turkey has 4 million African immigrants" (which I'm sure it hopes will help push the Kurds back into the sea). But, butt, he didn't mention that Germany has 4 million Turks* (immigrants and their descendants) - the illegal stayovers from the great 'guest worker' fiasco from the 1960s. I wonder why he forgot to mention that.

      * if you greghunt, you'll get counts from 2.5 million to 4 million, so I guess, as usual, nobody can accurately count them. So I'll borrow a reptile tactic and opt for the largest number.

      Now here's the key: can you guess who Faine was "interviewing" ?

  4. Frank Bongiorno at Inside Story has a version of the crisis in Western Civilization where the most destructive politician of his generation just did what he does best.

  5. and at risk of repeating opinions on the most destructive politician of his generation too much, here is Richard Cooke's take on twitter:

    "The surest sign that the right wanted the Ramsay Centre to fail was that they put @TonyAbbottMHR in charge of it, a shit-handed Midas of serial failure who ruins everything he touches."

    1. Grundle's musings on Abbott rang a little bell for me. He does seem to covet failure.


      "beyond all concrete and particular beliefs, Tony Abbott is devoted to the beau idéal of failure. Failure has been his political muse for decades, coming to the fore once he gained power. Failure, in politics, is a form of secular martyrdom. Success? That would mean administration and governance, mingling your soul with the muck of the world. Failure preserves the soul’s integrity".

    2. Success ... failure ... it's all the same in the end.

  6. Watching the linked Media Watch it occurred to me what an odd proposition the reptile equal coverage argument is. If four out of five people think the current arrangement are "fair and balanced" and given the amount of right wing commentators that already pop up on ABC current affairs, whats the argument for more diverse commentary ("right wing" if you cannot read the subtext)?

    It's a very asymmetric arrangement if 20% of the population get 50% of the coverage. It's a real leg-up for minority views, but I wonder how the reptiles would feel if the coverage was split evenly between Islamists, radical feminists, anyone on the hard left of politics and any other group they find frightening?

    It's also odd to suggest that there is diversity on the right. I am always struck by the way you seem to get the full suite of RWNJ beliefs in each individual - Pell, for instance, is a climate change denier as well as a social and economic conservative. Pick any other animal from the herpetarium and you will probably get the same result. (OK Ratzinger is a bit of an outlier here).

    1. Well having finally gotten around to viewing the Media Watch too, the only thing I can say, Bef, is that the RWNJs believe that they actually are the majority (remember decades of puff about "the silent majority") and that therefore it is they who should get the majority of ABC air (and online) time.

      So if "four out of five" reckon that the ABC is "fair and balanced" then that's just 'Fake News' created out of massive left-wing bias.

      But then I did like Tones' thing about "if an organisation isn't right wing, then over time it becomes left wing" (or summat like that). I wonder if he'll ever get around to working out why.

  7. Oh GB!

    "But then I did like Tones' thing about "if an organisation isn't right wing, then over time it becomes left wing" (or summat like that). I wonder if he'll ever get around to working out why."

    Whomp, there it is! You've given the Onion-muncher reason to keep up the struggle, it would be sweet benevolence if he worked it out just as he was about to complete his last Pollie Pedal. Turned to Kevin Andrews, who is struggling a bit by this time. "Kevin?" "Yes" "You know, have you ever considered that simply being negative every day might have been an error?"

    1. I'd love to be able to respond to that, vc, but I'm not sure I can come up with a suitable reply.

      So, for a small subject change, how about this:

      Amazingly clever and energetic bike-rider Abbott takes on leadership of the Fed LNPs and, despite the immense respect and mountains of love that the Australian people hold for Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd, he faces them both down and wins a miracle election.

      I reckon the ABC could make a teev drama series out of that and run it instead of the next series of Cleverman and/or Mystery Road. Yes ?


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