Wednesday, June 13, 2018

So much winning with the dog botherer and little Johnny ...

Oh dear, it seems some naughty people have taken to trolling the reptiles' twitter feed, with the dog botherer a particular source of affection …

And it seems that the dog botherer has decided to troll the bromancer's interpretation of the Donald's recent activities, noted this morning in the pond here ...

Oh dear … calling any bromancer's mouse burger, calling it by name …

But we should now proceed to the dog botherer's piece, and the pond apologises in advance for having arranged some cartoon interruptions because the pond is too tired to argue and thought perhaps a William Burroughs' cut and paste routine might be the temporary solution…

At this point the pond should note that Alan Moir is still in the game and has an eponymous website here … give it a click …without him this cut and paste wouldn't be possible ...

And speaking of war criminals, who else should have turned up this day, flogging his book, but just in time for a good trolling?

Oh dear, but speaking of that cartoon montage ...

Back in the pond's day, it was taught that being polite and civilised involved occasionally admitting you were wrong, that you'd fucked things up, that indeed you should apologise comprehensively and formally, especially if you'd been careless enough to be a war criminal …

The pond admits it's been slack for its specialist late arvo slot, but sometimes there's fun to be had. 

Here's a curious thing - if you head off to Trove, and insert "john howard iraq war", up pops The Chaser at the top of the search.

So this is for the dog botherer - he might think he's remembered as a dog fucker, but the pond remembers him as a minor war criminal who helped Lord Downer fuck Iraq - and for little Johnny, the Sauron who presided over it all, proving that sometimes Western Civilisation and war monger can be synonymous ...


  1. Kenny’s tache in North Korea.....was he undercover?
    And in that last piece from 2000 and whatever....Latham’s plans to bring the troops home for Christmas.......nowadays he’d be at Darwin serenading them off with “The Road to Gundagai”!!!!!

  2. Has Kenny actually read Brave New World? I suspect not

    1. This is accurate; they haven't read lots of the books and think that it is sufficient to read what is said about the book by the various loons that make up the right wing interpreter service.

      There is much about the Western Canon that they have not read.

      The people who shout the loudest about how good things would be if other people knew more about our history, do not understand that they are not supporting Western Civilisation but tearing it down by clearly demonstrating that as Befuddled says that " Instead of looking at the facts and forming an opinion the conservatives start from a belief and, as far as they look at the facts at all, try to fit them around that belief."

  3. "Mr Howard said he had “tried to live” by the belief that Australia’s achievements were overwhelmingly positive". Isn't this the problem? Instead of looking at the facts and forming an opinion the conservatives start from a belief and, as far as they look at the facts at all, try to fit them around that belief.

    I guess it's a serviceable approach for Howard as he tries to rewrite his own history (hands up anyone who expected WMDs to turn up)

    Incidentally, I thought it would be hard to find an issue that generated less interest from the general public than 18C but I think they have it in the defence of western civilisation. I occasionally ask some of the younger (generally well educated) folk I work with about the reptile obsession du jour just to see how much traction the reptiles are getting - this one just gets a blank look.

  4. All this celebration of Western Civilization reminds me of Robert Musil's great book The Man without Qualities.If I can be forgiven for pasting from Wikipedia:
    "In the second book, Pseudoreality Prevails, Ulrich joins the so-called "Collateral Campaign" or "Parallel Campaign", frantic preparations for a celebration in honor of 70 years of the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph's reign. That same year, 1918, the German Emperor Wilhelm II would be ruler of his country for 30 years. This coincidence stirs the Austrian patriots into a fury of action to demonstrate Austria's political, cultural, and philosophical supremacy via a feast which will capture the minds of the Austrian Emperor's subjects and people of the world forever. On that account, many bright ideas and visions are discussed (e.g., The Austrian Year 1918, The World Year 1918, The Austrian Peace Year 1918 or The Austrian World Peace Year 1918).
    While most of the participants …… try to associate the reign of Franz Joseph I with vague ideas of humanity, progress, tradition, and happiness, the followers of Realpolitik see a chance to exploit the situation.
    Musil's great irony and satire is that what was planned as a celebration of peace and imperial cohesion in fact turns out as a path toward war, imperial collapse, and national chauvinism. The novel provides an analysis of all the political and cultural processes that contributed to the outbreak of World War I."

    If you did get the degree of Bachelor of Western Civilization, what on earth would you do with it? You might be able to join the Liberal Party, but not One Nation or Bob Katter's party.

  5. What would you do with a BofWC ? Umm, damn good question, NH, given that in a 3 years Bachelor, you're unlikely to have actually read even 1% of 'western' literature, listened critically to way less than 1% of 'western music', critiques less than 1% of 'western' philosophy, understood about 0.01% of 'western' science, and even heard of less than 0.001% of 'western' mathematics. And even tasted less than 1% of 'western' wine, beer and spirits.

    Oh, oh I know: you fall back on Wingnut Welfare and get an unpaid internship in the IPA which will eventually lead to a basic wage job in the Murdoch Empire, somewhere (North Korea, maybe ?)

  6. Ohboy ohboy:

    Life, death, gravity, sex and string theory in The Mathematics of Longing

    ... one-by-one, they deliver Newton’s three laws of motion, before physically representing or enacting them.

    It is from this basic premise that The Mathematics of Longing, written by playwright Suzie Miller, follows. In a series of vignettes, the performers first read out a physical or mathematical idea before repackaging it into either a situation conveying a human relationship or a more physical piece. Scenes delve into string theory, the theory of everything, gravity, and complex numbers

    Hooboy, I wonder what part that little piece of 'Western civilisation' will play in the Ramsay Bachelorhood ?


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