Sunday, June 24, 2018

It's never too late to join Dame Groan and the onion muncher in going pinko pervert, coal-loving, nationalising socialist ...

The pond is already as full as a goog with reptiliana this weekend … a dash of ABC bashing, a whiff of dog botherer climate denialism, lashings of Western Civilisation in crisis … but isn't sure it's up to delving in the most contemptible of the reptile offerings, those trading off on the rape and murder of a young woman …

It's hard to be light of tone when a reptile craps in the corner of the lounge room, and doesn't just ruin the carpet, but smears the innocent …

And that's why the pond turned to Dame Groan, living as she does in strange times … because can it be any stranger than to see the Dame join the onion muncher and go deep socialist …

The onion muncher continues in the wars - the Graudian reported that the Farmers' federation is agin him, and what's left at Fairfax after the "sell the ABC" lurch to the right, reported that no one much liked the onion muncher's blather about energy and climate change, and what do you know, Michael Sainsbury's tale of the onion muncher's role in the Ramsay Centre imbroglio for Crikey turned up here.

The pond decided some time ago the onion muncher deserved his position at the top of the pond because of his enthusiastic support for socialism, government ownership and government intervention in the marketplace, and it goes without saying, dinkum clean Oz coal, oi, oi, oi.

These days socialists aren't honoured enough - some reptiles want to give the onion muncher a hard time for his converson - but google the onion muncher's name and Liddell, and the results remain impressive …

Actually 'conversion' isn't quite the right word.

Some think that the onion muncher is doing all this because of his fierce, undying hatred of Malware, and it's true that ever since his de-throning he's been barking mad, feral in a most unseemly way, but there's actually a good argument that he has found his way home to his most basic instincts.

If the onion muncher had been around in the 1950s, his natural home would have been in the DLP, hanging around with B. A. Santamaria and preaching a form of Catholic socialism. There's not much of a gap between Joe de Bruyn and the onion muncher, and don't take it just from the pond - while socially conservative in a rabid Catholic way, the DLP was always economically in the left wing union stream, opposed to privatisation, free trade, and in recent times, they would have been unhappy with WorkChoices (said in a pdf talk by an insider here).

What's pleasing is the way that Dame Slap has joined the tribe of evangelical socialists. Now it takes a considerable time for Dame Slap to get there, but hallelujah, get there she does …

Now all this is standard enough Dame Slap, her being a climate denialist and thinking talk of Paris is so much tosh, and joining in the onion muncher in attacking jocular Josh ….but there's still a long way to go before we get to the pleasing transformation … and naturally dinkum clean Oz coal, oi, oi, oi, is at the bottom of it all ...

That talk of energy rent-seekers is also typical, and hugely ironic, when it turns out that Dame Groan is herself something of an energy rent-seeker, because there it came, there she blows, in the penultimate par …

The government news to give serious consideration to installing a new operator at the Liddell plant and paying AGL its written-down value for the plant and site.

Oh dear sweet long absent lord, how sweet it was to read. Dame Groan a pinko socialist prevert! And it's not just paying for the plant and the site, it's the government picking a winner and putting them in charge ...

If only Malware had this approach to hand when there was a crisis in the now lost car industry. Why if only the government had acquired the rights to the design of the most excellent Trabant, and had begun manufacturing it at Dandenong … or perhaps at Elizabeth or Woodville, if the crow eaters had offered to kick in enough to pay for the written-down value of plant and sites …why a most excellent new government initiative might have been born, instead of just doing it for the navy with ships and submarines ...

There's so much love for dinkum clean Oz coal amongst the reptiles that it can produce mind-shattering, earth-changing, wall-exploding results …

… not that a Trabant crashing through a wall compares to the sight of Dame Groan joining the onion muncher in his socialist crusade to save dinkum clean Oz coal, oi, oi, oi.

Of course there are other parties that have done the same sort of DLP flip, celebrated by these cartoons …


  1. Ah yes, "...he can't fart and chew gum at the same time". So very many have totally deserved Gerry Ford's well earned compliment. Certainly Dame Groan also does, but Josh ? ... hmm, well ...

    Dame Groan: "You are a better person than me ..." Yes, of course we are, but then that's hardly a major revelation, is it.

    Dame G again: "there has been scarcely a dollar spent on new dispatchable generation in the past 1 1/2 decades." Just goes to show, DameG, how slack and unreliable private enterprise and the free market really is, doesn't it.

    1. Oh come on GB, get with the message; it's the fault of regulation and the Left of course. Anytime the market doesn't work you just gotta blame these things. The market is such a delicate petal that it needs conditions to be just right for that invisible hand to work properly.

      There seems to be some sort of disagreement happening between the conservatives and the glibertarians and some of the young fogeys from the IPA are attacking poor old Gerald for his 'support' of the ABC. I wonder why there is no discussion about the ideological differences between these two groups are united in some things but have very big differences in their values.

    2. Yes you are quite right, Anony, that very delicate child the capitalist private enterprise free market doesn't perform at its best then it is union opposition and reguatory sabotage.

      But say again, the IPA is attacking Polonius for his defence of the ABC ? Yeah, I guess given the rampant ideological identity politics of the IPA, they'd see the Prattler as some kind of enemy - condemned for his lack of true believer passion, I'd say.

  2. Hi Dorothy,

    “AGL is simply not to be trusted - after all, it sold off its contracted gas supplies for export - when it declares it will make up for Liddell’s lost capacity.”

    Just there! Right at the end, Dame Groan very nearly revealed the major cause for high electricity prices and the real scandal of energy production in Australia.

    In order to prop up the major gas exporters, who are losing their shirts because of their bad investments, the whole Australian economy is being price gouged.


  3. The old sourpuss roles out a whole lot of sweeping generalisations without providing any sort of proof. "Huge subsidies to renewable energy, has pushed up wholesale and retail prices" - shoot me down if I am wrong, but my understanding is that the big driver of price increases was gold plating of the transmission network. About half (48%) of the average consumer bill is network costs. The network build was driven by a regulated rate of return arrangement which, in turn, was used as a sweetener for asset sales. Looks like another privatisation fuck-up to me.

    We could be here all day going through the misrepresentations, but to pick another, Liddell isn't in a bad state of repair primarily due to inaction of the owner. Liddell was effectively given away because it was an ageing heap of junk to start with. It made no sense to sink more money into a valueless asset.

    I wonder how long this sort of fudging and spinning can go on? The errors seem so self evident you would think they would give up.

  4. The fudging and spinning will never stop.

    1. Oh, I think that the human race is mortal, JC, and its lifespan is finite.

      But then, the average lifespan of a mammal species is about 1 million years (though it may go up to 10 million apparently) and we've only been around for 200,000 (or maybe 300,000) years, so a fair while to go yet. [ ]

      I wonder if the Murdoch clan will command a gang of reptiles for all that time.


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