Wednesday, June 06, 2018

In which the pond sheds tears for the banks with Dame Slap ...

Some days the pond swears that the onion muncher would only have to burp or fart, and a reptile would diligently write it up, and it would make it to the top of the digital page … and come to think of it, a burp or a fart might reflect a striking advance in onion-muncher policy-making …

Come on down Brad, the pond hears you've heard a fart ...

Thank the long absent lord, the pond has done its duty, and how good it was that Kyle and Jackie O were setting the pace for dashing Donners, the parrot and the onion muncher …and the lizards of Oz ...

And so to the main meal, because you see, Dame Slap is having serious doubts and so attention must be paid …

Lo, a Lobbecke at the head, and cultists know what that means …

Indeed, indeed, it's shocking, and day after day, the pond reels away at the astonishing suffering of bankers … as in this story …

Naturally Dame Slap has sensible words to say about the monstrous farce and the suffering of bankers...

The pond is immensely reassured by the wise words of Dame Slap … of course bankers should be able to keep lending, knowing that a borrower can't repay the loan. How else are they going to be able to do asset seizures?

The pond almost forgot to complete that other story of the suffering of bankers …

So much suffering …

And that just leaves room for a final gobbet from Dame Slap on the unnatural, unholy and unhealthy abuse of bankers ...

Yet another Seinfeld column from Dame Slap, undoubtedly the mistress of columns about nothing … thank the long absent lord that populism isn't a factor in MAGA-loving members of the lizard Oz commentariat ...

And now, as the onion muncher mentioned his climate science denialism - what a reliable lad he is - that's a handy excuse for the pond to run a couple of cartoons ...


  1. It's so sad and funny that the people who are having conniptions and raving about the loss of western civilisation are happy to support and condone or excuse the very uncivilised behaviour of so many white people.

    Surely, a civilised person shows "evidence of moral and intellectual advancement; civilised behaviour is truthful, humane, ethical, and reasonable?" A civilised man is a grown-up and yet, these deluded supporters of a certain version of western civilisation and democracy have no problem supporting Trump who is clearly more of a savage child than a civilised leader.

    1. 'civilised' = living in cities.

      Anyway, Trump would have made a fine European King or Emperor throughout much of its history (see Louis (Clovis) 14th or Henry VIIIth for examples) and even a fine Roman or Chinese Emperor for much of their history (see Emperors Caligula and Nero; Emperor Ch'in - Qin Shi Huang - for examples).

      So I guess he's kinda 'civilised' by classical definition.

    2. There are many definitions of 'civilised' GB. Which is the true one?

      One would think that in the interests of a rational discussion about what it means to be civilised rather than savage, the reptiles publish their definition of this word.

      I thought logical debate with things like premises and conclusions that follow on from these premises was a core value and an essential practise of Western Civilisation but I don't see much of this sort of writing from those who are apparently seriously suggesting that civilisation is breaking down rather than becoming more civilised.

    3. Every single one of them, to somebody, Anony. But I wasn't invoking 'civilisation's' definition, merely the origin of the word in European languages.

      However I don't think the reptiles will ever publish a firm or fixed definition for 'civilised', their trope is to slide the meanings of words so that it seems the world has always believed in their memes (which is what Eric Blair should have been writing about instead of his 'Newspeak' joke - how in time, everything simply becomes Big Brother - cf Organised Christianity). For instance, what started out as 'Judaeo-Christian Western Civilisation' soon became 'Judeo-Christian Western civilisation' (note 'a' dropped and 'C' becomes 'c') and now is just 'Western civilisation'. Do you think that might be because 'Jud(a)eo-Christian' doesn't quite have the drawing power it once did ?

      But the most entertaining recently has been how quickly 'a degree course "in favour of" Western civilisation' has now just turned into "a privately funded liberal arts degree" - at least according to Dennis the Shaman (in Thursday's first post).

  2. Yes it is amazing how innocent that degree course about 'Western Civilisation' was going to be, as Greg Craven informed us on RN breakfast this morning.

    Such a shame he seemed to be saying that people will miss out on reading all the wonderful poetry that Western Civilisation has produced. It seemed to me that what he was lamenting was the loss of the study of what can be thought of as 'the Western Canon' that Harold Bloom writes about.

    But of what use is such a degree to anyone? It would be just as useful as basket weaving.

    When I ask did poetry ever make a profit for anyone and surely the libertarian part of Western Civilisation has been telling us that if something doesn't create wealth it isn't worth doing.

    1. "It takes brains not to make money," Colonel Cargill wrote in one of the homiletic memoranda he regularly prepared for circulation over General Peckem’s signature. "Any fool can make money these days and most of them do. But what about people with talent and brains? Name, for example, one poet who makes money."

      "T. S. Eliot," ex-P.F.C. Wintergreen said in his mail-sorting cubicle at Twenty-seventh Air Force Headquarters, and slammed down the telephone without identifyinghimself.

      Colonel Cargill, in Rome, was perplexed. "Who was it?" asked General Peckem.
      "I don’t know," Colonel Cargill replied.
      "What did he want?"
      "I don’t know."
      "Well, what did he say?"
      "T. S. Eliot," Colonel Cargill informed him.
      "What’s that?"


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