Saturday, June 23, 2018

In which the pond shares the dog botherer's sheer madness …0

The pond knew what it had been missing, with all this talk of the crisis in Western Civilisation….

A bit of rolled gold, tin foil hat climate science denialism … and who better to deliver it than the dog botherer, with his impeccable scientific credentials.

Many have been silenced by the dog botherer's epic field work and his extraordinary list of peer-reviewed publications in respected scientific journals, up there with Moorice …

The pond has always been something of a simpleton, mistakenly trusting the word of actual scientists … you know, like the recent news reported at WaPo

A landmark study published last week in the journal Nature combined the work of 80 scientists from 42 institutions, including NASA, and found that, since 1992, Antarctica has lost nearly 3 trillion tons of ice, enough to raise sea levels by a little less than a centimeter. Forty percent of that ice loss occurred in the past five years. The ice-loss rate is now triple what it was a decade ago. One should guard against assuming that trends will continue as they have in the immediate past. But there is more reason to fear that ice loss will worsen rather than abate. East Antarctica, once gaining mass, now appears to be losing it. And scientists warn of instability in major West Antarctic ice formations that could lead to catastrophic ice loss.

But all this water off a duck's back, much like ice off a continent, to the intrepid dog botherer … and sure enough the loons heard his siren song, and flocked to him with graphs …

Oh yes, that graph's been doing the denialist rounds in recent times, and tweeter's a a real goer, and something of a rocket scientist too ...

And so to the science …

Nothing to see here, of course, just the usual litany, because incessant repetition is what the dog botherer does best … mindless, incessant repetition ...

Actually Finkel immortally advised Malcolm Roberts that you didn't have to be so open-minded in science as to let your brain leak out, but this possibly might not apply to the dog botherer, because there's a question about the capacity of jelly fish and other blobs to think …

And actually Finkel delivered a review, which, because he took climate science seriously, suggested a model which made coal an outsider, as reported in the Graudian way back in 2017 here

But when you're a crazed fanatic of the dog botherer denialist kind, none of this matters, and there's no point arguing the toss ...

It's just more of the same really, fuck the world, because who cares, provided I'm alright Jack …

The pond just wishes in the Doonesbury style, that the dog botherer was a little bit more honest about his motives …


  1. I assume that as dedicated traditionalists, reptile scribblers are still paid via cheque or cash rather than that newfangled direct deposit. If so, Kenny and his colleagues should be rewarded with photocopies rather than the real thing, in recognition of their endless repetition of their standard themes and talking points.

  2. Yes, repetition of standard themes is all there is. Creationism hasn't moved forward much since Bishop Ussher discovered in the 17th century that the earth was 4000 years old. Denialism can't move forward because nothing new is is ever discovered - there is no original research and no observations.
    The only way to keep things a bit fresh is to refer to a new discovery or theory or instrument and deride it (without trying to understand it). Kenny and Newman don't even do that.

    1. Oh I dunno, NH, Phillip Gosse's Omphalos with God as a sneaky deceiver was some sort of progress I reckon.

      But as to the repetition, well, if that brings in the biccies and pays the mortgage, what's the need for any change. After all, over 2000 years of repeating the same Bible nonsense is only now starting to pall in any noticeable way.

      Gotta get used to the idea that most of humanity just wants its simple verities spruiked over and over again. and Doggy-Bov and Moorice are just perfect for the job: zero curiousity and 100% well conditioned consistency.

  3. Following the lead of Prof Andreas Bolt, the Botherer is believed to be collating his columns into book format so one might read them on holidays without distraction.

    Editors said to be a little concerned about the paucity of themes, and an astonishing volume of tiresome repetition. Early suggestion for title, "Winning at Twitter" has sadly had to be retired for obvious reasons, but new suggestion "Being right on Iraq" is said to be gaining popularity. "I would accept a Walkley if they gave me one" also firming.

    1. I have to say, vc, that this idea of the Doggy-Bov as some kind of 'collective author' a la Bolter, has its attractions. I'd put it up in opposition to, for eaxample, the work of a Mark Latham back when, in 1998, he published his magnum opus: 'Civilising Global Capital: New Thinking for Australian Labor'.

      Which I bought way back then, but have never been able to bring myself to open, much less read. Perhaps because, supposedly, it's all about "the third way"*

      But now, the Doggy-Bov and the Bolter "authoring" collections of childish tantrums and fairytale raves; who wouldn't want to read that ? Such works just might become the trademark of the herpetarium !

      * to quote from Wikipedia: " which he argued that Labor needed to abandon many of its traditional policies and embrace the aspirational values (home ownership, higher education) of the upwardly-mobile skilled working class and small business class."

      Sound familiar at all ?


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