Tuesday, June 05, 2018

In which the pond is swept away by the Caterists like a raging flood ...

Naturally the hint of a cult master classic by Lobbecke - who else could evoke the stereotype of Mexicans lurking south of the border  with such subtlety and wit? - lured the pond on …

Which reptile could have been honoured in such a magnificent way?

Here's a clue, the sort of proud tradition that the pond, being deeply conservative, likes to trundle out as a reminder of the joys of taxpayer funding and cash in the Caterist paw ...

Yes, it's Caterist day, and this is what the taxpayers are helping keep in business … though some perverse souls some might see it as a cautionary tale ...

Well we certainly can't have any of that nonsense. Talk of real living wages and pay rises? Why don't they just approach the Department of Finance for some cash in the paw and stop their whining?

And now, while the pond is doing reminders, here's the reptiles reminding the pond of just what a fine investigative reporter the Caterist is ...

What did Malcolm Bradbury say about sociology?

"With sociology one can do anything and call it work…"

And so to another gobbet from the man skilled in sociology ...

Damn you dangerously radical communist Catholics, how dare you carry on about low-skilled workers and young folk.

If they don't have the skill set to impress the Department of Finance, is that the fault of the Caterists?

Speaking of which, how about a little more northern news from the sociological reporter?

Yes, this time the pond raided the Currish-Snail for news of the Caterist court appearance … and crammed it altogether, though a click on the text should make it more readable if there's anyone that remotely gives a toss ...



And so to a final burst of the Caterist rabbiting on about fairness, since what could be fairer than cash in the paw from the Department of Finance?

Phew, it's done and the pond can look forward to passing sociology should it ever be confronted by another flood … and for those who made it to the end, here's a cartoon …


  1. Nicky Cater: "The minimum wage would also have to rise accordingly [to make for a "living wage"]. So too would unemployment, inflation, business bankruptcy, and capital flight. Never mind the American road, we'll be on the Latin American road."

    Gosh, now I've lived in Australia for 75 years and the "minimum wage" has been increased "accordingly" many, many times in that period. In fact close to once a year, nowadays anyway.

    And you know what ? Not even once have I seen "unemployment, inflation, business bankruptcy, and capital flight" as a result of a minimum wage increase. Though I have seen it as a result of a Menzies crediit squeeze (1961) and a Keating 'banana republic' recession. But not otherwise.

    As to the "American road" well who wants to live in a place where Walmart can make tens of $billions in profits by paying its employees starvation wages and having Federal Social Security make up the gap. Yeah, Nicky-wicky, that'd be great, hey ?

    And just a weensy PS mate: whatever happened to 'Beautiful Daisy Cousens' and why has she disappeared from your life ? And will you seek comfort in her arms when the Supreme Court in Brisbane does you over good and proper for your Grantham rubbish ?

    1. Hopefully this weak little grub will face the ridicule and financial penalty that he deserves.

    2. Hopefully this weak little grub will face the ridicule and financial penalty that he deserves.

    3. ...starvation wages and having Federal Social Security make up the gap...

      Eh? That's not not in the Prospectus.

    4. A matter of some dispute, Anony, as everything involving ideological politics is.

      I'm mainly working from this Huffpost article: https://www.huffingtonpost.com.au/entry/walmart-fact-check-new-york-times_n_5525588, but I won't be looking up the NYTimes article you point to because I don't have a subscription.


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