Tuesday, June 19, 2018

In which the pond indulges in its regular Cater Watch ...

Well, there's a tidy way to start off the day's Caterist watch, thanks to Media Watch here

And so the Caterist piece of the day, though the pond will leave the question of whether the Caterist will seek to prove his truths without expert evidence to more learned judges …

So what's the theme of the day?

The free market? Oh, that reminds the pond that it should pause for a sponsor message. 

This homily on the free market is helpfully aided by a government grant from the Department of Finance …

It's what the pond likes to call the free market, with characteristic Caterist attributes, or if you will, the free market, with finger on scales and government cash in the paw …

A free market is most free, when the government gives money freely to worthy causes … or even disreputable leeches ...

A blogger?

Well the pond couldn't help but check up on the Caterist online reading habits, and it turns out that talk of lank-haired nut jobs was scribbled by one Lucas Rosas, at xyz here. The cut of Rosas's jib might be judged by another piece where he trashes Nelson Mandela and sobs into his beer about the terrified Boers.

Another apartheid lover, just what the free markets need.

But where was the pond? Where was the Caterist?

That's right, doing business with the Donald …

Indeed, indeed, and the pond has a fervour for the Caterist. Just how can the pond get a share of that easy cash in the paw?

Indeed, indeed. There's no doubt that everybody would be better off in China, especially the Caterist, since forelock-tugging and lick-spittle subservience comes easy for some …

And so to the final gobbet, and as usual, there's a mention of climate change - you know, to remind us that the Caterists are expert in flood management - and the Donald as a hard-headed skilled negotiator ...

Well, there's a reason the Caterist is currently awaiting judgement. You can only be so truly, so hugely bigly stupid on a regular basis before someone calls you out on it …

As for the pond, a few cartoons will do …


  1. Just viewing that Phil Hands cartoon reminds me that we don't have to wait for the Antarctic tsunami. A little article in Bloomberg stated this:

    The stars -- or at least the sun and the moon -- have aligned in just the right way to trigger coastal flooding this weekend from New Jersey to Massachusetts, including New York Harbor.

    There are no nor’easters, hurricanes or other severe weather bearing down on the U.S. East Coast, but tides may be pulled a foot (30 centimeters) above normal in many places late Friday and early Saturday, sending the Atlantic onto roads and into vulnerable basements. The highest tides happen when the Earth, moon and sun line up and the gravitational pull on the oceans is at its peak.

    New York, Boston Face Coastal Flooding Without a Storm in Sight June 16, 2018

  2. A bit late for this post but Cater has done it again "The Australian newspaper has been found in contempt of Victoria's judicial system after publishing a series of stories that referred to the criminal history of construction union boss John Setka before he faced court last month."

    "Despite repeated warnings from the OPP and assurances from lawyers for The Australian that "our client regards matters relating to sub judice contempt with the utmost seriousness", Mr Cater again referred to Mr Setka's prior convictions less than a month before the committal hearing was due to begin."


    How much this time I wonder?

    1. "When you're on a good thing ..."


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