Friday, June 22, 2018

In which the pond breaks an arm to go there, but only in service of late Friday arvo specialists in the barking mad ...

The pond looked at the latest excursion of the arm-breaker and sighed …

Well no, the pond doesn't care, do U?, but the reptiles are in a state of wild excitement at Malware scoring tax breaks for the rich, and there's no point crashing the party, so why not a little of the arm-breaker for the rarefied band of late Friday arvo specialists?

That illustration of the Donald cuddling and cradling the statue of Liberty - perhaps as a prelude to a grabbing of the pussy - inspired the pond to do a swap of snaps ...

As for the rest, the pond thought a few cartoons might help it get through a task it really doesn't care about …

The boofhead goes full Trumpist …

Each time the pond dips into the arm-breaker, it experiences nausea.

Not so much from the nauseating read as the way the pond is reminded that it's grateful to John Howard for saving the country from Latham.

Think about that yet again. Is there anything more preposterous than feeling obliged to a war criminal?

And yet that's the feeling the pond gets … as the arm-breaker goes into the valley of the fully deranged ...

The pond supposes that in a way it's a relief to taxi-drivers that the arm-breaker now has other things to distract him … but really it's an extraordinary price to pay for the rest of us, having to endure an arm-breaker blather about civilisational leaders, and celebrating the pussy grabber as that sort of civilisational leader …

Barking mad, and if that's Western Civilisation, it seems that the new age of the Sino Empire might be the only alternative …

And now the pond feels obliged to end with this community notice, in the hope that anyone with information might contact the American embassy …


  1. Golly gosh Trump and civilizational leadership.

    It is not the left or marxists that have colonised or socialized every aspect of We whats-in-it-for-me "culture" created by TV is fundamentally hostile to the well-being of every single human being, humankind altogether and all of the non-humans too.

    In fact every aspect of that destructiveness is now being invoked and empowered by the trumpenfuhrer whose only motive in everything that he does is whats-in-it-for-me. Never mind too that he has no positive human attributes and his reality-TV character is completely devoid of any ethical or moral qualities. He has never done an other serving thing/activity in his entire life.

  2. Drumpf Derangement Syndrome or Trump Doctrine: you decide.

  3. " the pond is reminded that it's grateful to John Howard for saving the country from Latham."

    I know it really looks like that, DP, but myself, I remain persuaded that the person most responsible for saving the country from Latham is Latham.

    Latham: "During his presidential campaign, Trump .............................................................rather than race, gender and sexuality."

    All that in just one paragraph - he's trying to outdo Joseph Heller, isn't he.

  4. I too felt mild nausea after reading this: "Trump.. is our last best hope .. he has inspired a generation of activists committed to the fight for western culture etc., etc". But after finding the following- I really started looking for my old seasickness tablets. Alan Jones's pants and coat combination would be enough alone, without the photo of Latham kissing Yiannopoulos.
    What isn't funny is that I voted for him. Should I have been able to see what he really was? Nobody else did. After a similar time, will Abbott be as mad as Latham?

    1. Abbott has been as mad as Mark for quite a while, he's just a tad more circumspect about it.

      But voting "for" Latham ? I certainly put my '1' against the ALP candidate in my electorate (Anna Burke as it happened) but I was deep into "voting against" by then (the only polly I've ever actually voted 'for' was Whitlam's first time).

      But yes, we should all have been able to see what he was and taken the option of voting against him, even if that meant putting our '1' beside the Lib/Nat candidate's name. I think maybe a few did suss him - there's always, no matter how mad or bad the times, some folks who are trying to be civilised. It's just that I haven't always been one of them.

      Though of course one really wonders why he was ever made Labor leader by people who dealt with him on a daily basis and must have had some inkling of what they were doing. But then, it appears that both psychopaths and sociopaths have self-disguise skills that allow them to win the hearts and minds of "ordinary" people.

      John Winston Howard is just a wee bit like that, Latham is more so (or was for a while until he went full rubber bullet) and of course Trump is a lot like that. None of them should ever have been voted "for" ever by any half-way rational person. But then, who's even half-way rational for most of their life ?

  5. Only a boofhead like The Arm-Breaker could attempt to use Galbraith to strengthen his case. Somehow I don't think JK Galbraith would've had the pussy-grabber high on his list of leaders to admire. This quote would lose the Donald

    “The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.”

    1. Clearly these drongos who call themselves conservatives don't care about any superior moral justification for their selfishness, or even any intellectual justification. They just want to win at any cost and they don't even know what winning would look like, if they think trump is winning.


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