Sunday, June 17, 2018

In which an overwhelming sense of ennui and pointlessness overwhelms the pond ...

The pond thought it had done with the reptiles for the day, and then this tweet came up, and it got the pond to thinking about pointless jobs at pointless newspapers and how they seemed to be on the pointless rise …

Note, for example, the abject pointlessness of good old Brownie rushing in to fill the pointless digital void this day …

The pond had already looked at the lesser Craven, but what about the pointlessness of Brownie being given the top pointless slot?

Well yes, the reptiles are urging the universities o,n in the slow march to the mad Donald right, but thank the long absent lord they haven't yet reached the rabid stupidity of the onion muncher …

There was a lot of huffing and puffing in the build-up, but the header immediately gave the game away when it turned out the reptiles were doing a beat-up citing  jihadist Josh ...

And what a damp, wet squib it turned out to be … the only redeeming feature being that it was pointlessly short ...

Talk about abject inanity and complete pointlessness … and lo, there was a splash pointing to the matching inanity of the indefatigable, unfortunately not so urbane, but completely pointless Urban, still pointlessly crusading away, as if the ANU will now back down or change horses in mid-stream, or as if they must keep on being pointlessly punished for their many crimes against the reptile hive mind ...

How long can the reptiles keep this shit up?

For the sake of the pond's sanity, and possibly Jesus' sanity as well, why won't the Australian Catholic University join the crusade and, as the craven Craven so wisely urged, take the money and run …

Will the other Craven heed the wise words of the lesser Craven?

It's way beyond enough already, and even Samuel Beckett couldn't make a comedy out of the utter pointlessness of being a crusading reptile …

And now for a couple of cartoons, because the pond is now far beyond the valley of pointless stupidity …


  1. Never mind that all of the real and growing troubles all over the world are caused by back-to-the-past religious fundamentalists, especially islam-ism, christian-ism, and juda-ism.
    The latest example in the USA being Project Blitz. And of course the Alliance Defending Freedom where the onion-muncher gave at least one speech. It was also defended 2-3 years ago by and essay in quadrant magazine, re the supposedly dreadful intolerance of liberals to "conservative" religion in Amerika.

  2. Ok, so according to Josh it's now the Judaeo-Christian ethic. So the 'a' is back in Judaeo, and it's stopped being either Civilisaltion or civilisation or tradition and now it's become merely an 'ethic'.

    This thing is mutating very rapidly, isn't it - I wonder how it ends up.

    But: "How long can the reptiles keep this shit up?"

    Forever and a day, DP, as we all know. And when, after interminable repetitions, it all begins to fade just a little bit, the reptiles will slightly alter some of their lies and start up all over again.

    1. The next generation of students of the Movement, apparently, We-Believe it's "Judeo Christian heritage and values", if that helps with keeping track of the mutation(s).

    2. Aah, the whippersnapper Libs are "Shamelessly standing by our values". Yes, I can see that every time I look at a Ramsay who accumulates a large fortune by "shamelessly standing by our greed". "Greed" being the prime value as far as I can see.

      But "Judeo Christian heritage and values" ? Yair, that's a good one, mate. That goes to the head of the list.

  3. "an overwhelming sense of ennui" - I feel you, Dorothy; every tired rehashing of the War on Western Culture, even with the improving quality of being parsed through Pond's water, has left me feeling like Keats in full Twitcher mode:
    My heart aches, and a drowsy numbness pains
    My sense, as though of hemlock I had drunk,
    Or emptied some dull opiate to the drains
    One minute past, and Lethe-wards had sunk...

    Rather than fall prey to war-weariness, I have decided my time is better spent savouring Western culture than listening to that conga line of bullet-heads extol the genius of Socrajesuspeare who have little read and less grokked any of it. While the usual reptilian attention span is briefer than a goldfish (which, en passant, has been found to be longer than previously thought), I fear they will yet be chewing on the gristle of this "cul-cher" thing for many days yet.

    But soon, something novel to outrage their failing senses will come and distract them from this nine days wonder, and the rest of us will enjoy the return of His Masters Voice to normal service:
    The weariness, the fever, and the fret
    Here, where men sit and hear each other groan;
    Where palsy shakes a few, sad, last gray hairs,
    Where youth grows pale, and spectre-thin, and dies...

    1. Now that does raise a very important question, FD: is 'Stranger in a Strange Land' part of 'Western civilisation' ? Apart from a few short stories ('They', 'By His Bootstraps' and best of all 'All You Zombies') it was the only more or less readable work he ever wrote. And it did add a word to the great 'Judeo-Christian heritage' that we all carry.

      On the Ramsay 'compulsory reading list' you reckon ?


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