Friday, June 22, 2018

In which Moorice makes for a Trumpian Friday ...

Usually on a Friday, the pond would be off with the Speccie mob, but the pond was immediately intrigued by a tweet given the imprimatur of a Lobbecke … and rushed off to the rag to check the author who had been so blessed by cult status ...

Dear sweet long absent lord, it was Moorice on a Friday. 

Say no more.

The pond had to abandon all its plans, and hastily arrange a cartoon in honour of Moorice's world-wide acclaim as one of the greatest climate scientists to have ever scribbled for the lizard Oz …

And then it was on with the ultimate Friday treat …a surfeit of Trumpian excess …no doubt celebrating the amazing achievements and incredible style of a frequently bankrupt alleged New York billionaire at one with the common folk ...

Yes, bring on a trade war, that'll sort those bloody useless Europeans out, and while we're at it, there are fresh frontiers to conquer …

… and other movie references to be made …

But enough of idle distractions, it's on with Moorice celebrating the Donald, and damning those useless Europeans …

Indeed, indeed, a fractured, divided Europe will be a singularly splendid outcome, should it come to pass, thanks be unto the Donald, with Vlad the impaler triumphant, NATO in ruins, and as China flexes its muscles, the United States abandoning Oz, and causing the bromancer nightmares on a nightly basis …

For a moment, the pond wondered if Moorice had become a tad confused in his senility, as at the end, he scribbled that the Donald was merely a useful diversion for the political class, having just spent an entire column explaining how the Donald was cunningly rat-fucking the Europeans, but it's those sorts of ineluctable mysteries that makes Moorice such a compelling read ...

It's a cosmic vision, no doubt about it, and the pond has been usefully diverted by Moorice, and it's a reminder of the Donald's singular policy achievements in the past few weeks, which the Europeans should emulate, if only they knew how …


  1. According to Mooorice, when comparing America to the G6, "The US economy is bigger than all of them combined ...". Yes, it is, but if you consider the G6 as kind of representative of the European Union (plus Canada), then here (below) is some comparisons.

    Comparison of GDPs in US$ Trillions:

    America 20.4 Euro Union 19.6 (IMF)
    America 18.6 Euro Union 16.4 (World Bank)
    America 18.6 Euro Union 16.3 (United Nations)

    Population (millions):
    America 324.5
    European Union 446 (excluding Britain)

    So yes, Moorice is bigly right: in every possible way America is just the biggest and the best (except for China, of course).

    But otherwise, Moorice: "...leading British historian Niall Ferguson"

    Oh yes, Moorice, and just what exactly is he leading ? A long walk off a short pier, perhaps ?

  2. Hi Dorothy,

    After the Cambridge Analytica revelations, Facebook and it’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg came under much overdue scrutiny by governments worldwide.

    In the US, Zuckerberg was forced to face tough questioning in a two day congressional testimony.

    Zuckerberg was also forced to appear before the European Parliament to explain his company’s actions.

    In the UK, which is undergoing the political turmoil of the results of a Brexit poll, a vote which may we’ll have been unduly influenced by Facebook data, Zuckerberg has simply ignored a demand of a formal summons to appear before a Parliamentary Committee.

    Some difference in attitude.

    The Multinationals (or more accurately Transnationals) and their cheerleaders like Moorice are overjoyed that trading blocks and large nations are Balkanising, as it’s much easier to walk all over the little minnows than to have to negotiate with the big fish.


    1. And it might not just be the Transnationals who are happy with the subversion of the democratic process.


    2. I dunno about the Facebook data and Brexit, DW, it mostly seems to have been the hysterical fear-mongering of the organs of the far-right (Murdoch) press plus the constant preaching by far-right political figures (Farage, Johnson etc) combined with the unconscionable fellow travelling of May and her clique.

      I really do feel that the Cambridge Analytica thing is considerably over-rated, but I just don't have a lot of strong evidence to support that.

  3. Other journos ‘spout’ words. Moorice generously gifts them, presumably. Where would all we reptile groupies be if any of the slithery ones had an ounce of self-reflection?


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