Thursday, June 28, 2018

In which the Crisis in Western Civilisation shows no signs of abating, and might even be turning pinko prevert socialist ...

Dear sweet long absent lord, will it never end? There's the savvy Savva to attend to, and important news of the Donald's mighty achievements

But the ongoing crisis in Western Civilisation still consumes the reptiles and so perforce it devours the pond's attention, and how, this day, does the pond know this?

Well it's an old reptile ploy. Get someone to write a column, and then get a worthy reptile - say the urbane Urban - to write it up, and then you get two for one, a very canny recycling, do you ken?

It takes extraordinary skill to read a column in the lizard Oz, and then regurgitate it as a news story, but the base are simple, humble folk, and incessant repetition is the name of the game, and that's why the pond loves the reptiles so ...

Poor old "Simon says" has now reached the point of "I said it, he said it, she said it, they said it" and the more the public airings of these negotiations and all the associated finger-pointing goes on, the more likely no other university will step into the ring.

Only a desperate second tier university perhaps … say the Australian Catholic University. Where is that Craven chappie?

Well to help ensure that all the dirty laundry is properly aired, the pond naturally turned to "Simon says", and right from the get go there seemed to be a problem ...

Forget Evans - let him go bomb Tasmania - but VC Schmidt wasn't in on the discussions? 

Butt, butt, Billy Goat, as the Donald showed, the only way to get a great deal is to have a master negotiator involved from the start …

Never mind, please repeat all the talking points already noted by the urbane Urban … because the pond can never get enough of the ongoing crisis in Western Civilisation …

Oh dear … attending the odd class as part of the process of "health checks"…

Moi, dissembling muchly, or perhaps bigly? 

How much easier it would have been if righteous Simon had been able to say that the last thing the Ramsay centre would have wanted to do is attend the odd class as part of the process of 'health checks', wherever the idea came from, because it hauntingly reminded them of that giant of Western Socialist Civilisation, George Orwell.

But do go on, finish up, because speaking of socialism, somehow it seems a rogue prof managed to wangle his way into the house of reptiles, and the pond must attend to him too ...

Good luck with all that, but here's a thought. Have you approached the Craven at the ACU? Surely that fits the bill of "any Australian university"?

Kind regards, the pond … and now for an eastern religion socialist bonus, though it will only appeal to specialists in the ongoing Crisis in Western Civilisation that continues to roil the reptile universe ...

Yep, some smart alec prof has come along, and is asking tricky questions … and the only thing that could make it worse is if he's come down from the deep north ...

Now listen shearer prof working for the mob that routinely shears the workers, the pond is not going to have any of your clever dick suggestions that Christianity is an eastern religion … the pond knows for a fact that both Santa and Jesus are white … Fox News told the pond so …


Now that the pond has settled that matter, please go on ...

Ah, the pond can see where this is heading, clever dick prof, but first since the barebones reptile version omitted that picture of a statue of Socrates in Athens, here, have a picture of a statue of Socrates in Athens, and with bonus bloody Apollo in the background ...

As if the ancient Greeks have got anything to do with western civilisation!

Yes, the pond is getting an unsettling sense that the awkward-question-asking shearing prof is hinting, with his talk of Greek roots, that maybe the ancient Greeks had something to do with Judeo-Christian civilisation, and long before the white Jesus came on to the scene …

The pond sincerely hopes that he immediately corrects this grievous thought crime … and isn't going to add to his crimes with talk of some sort of Silk Road linking civilisations, and making them interbreed in a way that ruins bodily essences ...

Say what? Marxism is just another branch of the Enlightenment?

Oh wash out your provocative mouth and say a prayer of forgiveness …

What a cheeky, naughty shearer prof you are ...

How on earth did this heretical Tor fella stumble into the reptile den? It's unforgivable really, though his job application to 'Simon says' to conduct a course on Eastern Western Civilisation has been duly noted by the pond, which wishes him all the best with it ...

And the pond forgives him his talk of Norwegian socialism, though it brought back to the pond nightmare visions of socialism rampant, and the way that caused the reptiles of Oz and the Fox folks enormous distress ...


  1. Replies
    1. And that's why Catallaxy is so catallacious.

      But, butt: "Political economy was thus meant to express the laws of production of wealth at the state level, just as economics was the ordering of the home."

      Love it, don't you ?

  2. Rebecca Urbane: "...ANU had agreed to conduct a great books curriculum "

    Now you really are going to have to get this right, DP, it isn't a "Western civilisation" crisis, it's a "great books" crisis ! You know, like Reader's Digest used to run. Maybe the ANU can get the Digest to fund one now.

    Personally, I'd really go for a Great Books thingy myself ... just as soon as a few great books get written, anyway. Most of the so-called "great" books I've seen are just about dumb thoughts and takes on the dumb behaviour of dumb human beings doing dumb things to nobody's benefit.

    1. Hmmm this is a bit rude about men of a certain age but it's not 'feminist' because it's written by a man - I think Garland Grey is male. Anyway in this really old blog from back in 2013 he writes what I thought was a funny blog.

      "I borrowed Phillip Roth’s The Humbling from the library. I spent the next few weeks making retching noises and trying to get through erotic descriptions that were so terrible they were on the short list for the 2009 Bad Sex in Fiction Award, sex scenes that made me want to buy a tube of lipstick, scrawl IT ALL MEANS NOTHING on the bathroom mirror, and wander the streets in silent agony. This is my characteristic response to a certain type of book I’ve run into many times over the years, a book which I refer to as Fond Memories of Vagina. The plot is always the same: “I am a writer in the twilight of my years, bored with life and my sexual powers. Oh, wait: pussy. I shall attain some. I am reinvigorated! Thanks, pussy!”

      Read more here;

    2. Balancing the Great Books is important when 'you' are "contributing to the growth and evolution of Australian philanthropy"; no matter how frustrating an apparent failure to complete a nearly-finalised, long-form, draft MOU, and ensuing (quasi-)legalistic claims-and counter-claims-and conjoint-and-several-(p(re)positionings via missives at twenty-paces in the popular press, might be to 'your' perfectly agreeable preference(s) c(l)ause(s).

    3. Well yeah, Garland Grey is a guy if you meant the one time Democrat senator for Virginia. But then, that old unrepentant anti-desegregationist had shuffled off in 1977. So, you really meant Martin Amis, didn't you, and this noble loonpond moment from back in 2015:

      And you can get it here:

      Shamal Dass: "Private Ancillary Funds (PAF) are structures for strategic long-term giving that can give donors tax deductibility, flexibility, and deeper engagement in their charitable giving."

      Yep, Ramsay must have got a lot of tax deductions to have left Au$3.3 billion that he'd grifted from the unwell.

      Loved the list of Ramsay directors too: the anonymous agents of backroom capitalism - with photo-ids.

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