Wednesday, June 20, 2018

In which the crisis in Western Civilisation continues, but moves to the land of the crow eaters ...

As the pond noted this morning, it seems the crisis in Western Civilisation has been averted at the ANU, and all is well …

But then the pond was terribly distressed to discover that the crisis in Western Civilisation continues at the completely clueless Flinders University …

The pond can testify personally to the complete uselessness of a Flinders education - in fact it blames the place for the scheduling error on the pond this day, so completely does the befogging and the befuddling continue in the pond's noggin …

Ah Brian Medlin, those were the days … but enough of taking charge of the VC's office in honour of the VC, it's on with the current crisis, and as can be seen, the crisis has been honoured with the cult blessing of a Lobbecke, so that attention might be paid, and in due course, the pond might become the compleat compendium of the ongoing crisis …

How quickly nature falls into revolt
When gold becomes her object
For this the foolish over-careful fathers 
Have broke their sleep with thoughts, their brains with care,
Their bones with industry ...

It was good of the reptiles to slip in that image, to remind us of the dream the reptiles are fighting for, little Johnny's dreaming, little Johnny's vision of Western Civilisation, the kind of Western Civilisation that Australia helped export to Vietnam, thanks to Ming the Merciless's dreaming … ah Brian Medlin, where are you now, with the barbarians at the gate ...

For I can raise no money by vile means. By heaven, I had rather coin my heart, And drop my blood for drachmas ...

Indeed, indeed, he that wants money, means and content is without three good friends.

Take heed, be wary how you place your words
Talk like the vulgar sort of market men
Or meretricious little Johnny politicians
That come to gather money for their corn ...

Oh wait, that's not right, this suits the purpose better ...

Foul cankering rust the hidden treasure frets
But gold that's put to use more gold begets

Well, the pond hopes this plaintive plea will soon see the crisis in Western Civilisation fixed at Flinders University, though nothing much can be done for the brutalist architecture perched on a wind-swept hill …but will the eastern states wretches shower the state with their wealth, or will they carry on in the usual vile eastern stater way?

For bounty, that makes gods, does still mar men,
My dearest prof, bless'd, to be most accursed
Rich, only to be wretched, thy great fortunes,
Are made thy chief afflictions. Alas, kind prof!

And now as a different kind of crisis afflicts Western Civilisation elsewhere, a few cartoons …

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  1. You can chase down the "curriculum" starting here:

    Phiddian: "It tries hard, but is inevitably light on for women..."

    Oh yeah Phiddy old mate you can say that again. Here's the complete list (YnSm means Year n Semester m)

    Sappho Y1S1
    Oh wau, Christine de Pizan actually makes it into Y1S2 !
    Hildegard of Bingen Y1S2
    Elizabeth Eisenstein Y2S1
    Mary Wollstonecraft Y3s1
    Jane Austen Y3S2
    George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans) Y3S2
    Virginia Woolf Y3S2
    Hanna Arendt Y3S2

    Phiddian: "Is the indicative curriculum ... so bad, limited or coercive .."

    Well I'd certainly say it was both bad and limited - there's no STEM in there of any kind (and they've left the Pantheon out of the "Great Works of Western Art and Architecture", and Stranger in a Strange Land is absent. And no mention of Edmund Burke).

    But then, these "humanities" types don't even begin to understand how trivial most of the works cited are in actual effect on "Western civilisation" compared with the enormous importance of the spinning jenny, the Bessemer Converter, the steam engine (and railways and iron steamships) and electricity. These are the things that have really formed "Western civilisation" as it is today, not the maunderings of a bunch of mostly 'ancient' scribblers.

    Grow up, guys and try to take on board something of the real world.


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