Thursday, June 21, 2018

In which the bromancer induces an anxiety attack in the pond ...

The pond always gets nervous when the reptiles get nervous and uncertain …

The bromancer has been exhibiting withdrawal symptoms and anxiety attacks for some time now, and so the pond scans each missive to measure the impact of the Donald …

What can the pond do to reassure the bromancer?

The Donald clearly has Asian security uppermost on his mind …

It's true that the land of Oz didn't actually make it on to the map, but after all, the reptiles and their American cousins were wildly excited by the arrival of the Donald.

Who can forget Dame Slap donning her MAGA cap and slipping out into New York's night streets to share the triumph of Fox and Friends with other ecstatic citizens?

Now the bromancer's copped a case of the nervous nellies, and is looking over his shoulder?

Actually we have a pretty idea of China's ambitions …Greg Hunters head off to the One Belt One Road Initiative, but others might head off to the aph here to read Geoff Wade's analysis, though the pond will just jump to the conclusion:

China’s wielding of this economic statecraft strategy derives from several collocations. On the political front, since late 2012, President Xi has been promoting the ‘Chinese dream’ (中国梦), involving the ‘great revival of the Chinese nation’. Such revival requires a restored global position and identity for China. Earlier iterations of OBOR involved the catch-phrases ‘common development’ and ‘win-win cooperation’ to characterise the relations between China’s development and that of its neighbours. China also promoted a ‘China-ASEAN community of shared destiny’ (中国-东盟命运共同体). But these smaller initiatives have burgeoned into the Eurasia-wide OBOR, bringing into play the PRC’s massive capital reserves—both state and private—achieved through 40 years of rapid economic growth, and offering an outlet for the vast excess production capacities which exist today in China. 
Regardless of the credence which one assigns to the various interpretations of the OBOR initiative, progress thus far makes it clear that as Australia becomes increasingly tied economically with China, there is a need to maintain a close watch on the progress of the OBOR initiative globally. It also suggests that Australia needs to adopt a more economically and strategically prudent attitude in determining how the Australia-China economic relationship is to further develop.

But while the pond has been diligently eating food from the local Chinese takeaway, it isn't particularly worried.

Thanks to Dame Slap's great friend, that new-fangled Space Force will likely keep us as safe as if Captain Kirk flew into the neighbourhood …

Enough already with the hand-wringing bromancer …an isolationist white nationalist/supremacist locked within a fortress America is just what Australia needs …Dame Slap was all for it ...

By golly, the bromancer is always a hoot …we need a transcendent belief so that the working class cattle can be persuaded to go out and die on the promise of an eternity on golf courses in the sweet bye and bye?

We know how well that worked out with the bone spur man …

Come to think of it, the pond can't remember the transcendent beliefs of the bromancer and the onion muncher causing them to rush off, sign up and join the fight against the dominoes falling in Asia …did they prefer a life of sybaritism?

Well the pond is deeply sybaritic - waiter, another course of Peking Duck, 北京 if you will - and has no desire to die, much like the Donald, and all the other chickenhawk armchair warriors, though Dame Slap permitting, there might be another solution which offers some consolation to the bromancer …


  1. Speaking of being in a state of constant anxiety from the next terrorist attack that would be an apt description of many of the people living in Islamic countries where the peace-and-freedom loving Amerikans drop a bomb or a beautiful weapon every every 12 minutes.
    Such is of course a very long USA tradition.
    The village idiot from Texas dropped 70,000, Obama dropped 1000,000 and the trumpenfuhrer 44,000 in his 1st year.
    80% or more of the victims would of course been collateral damage.

    But we of course dont do terrorism!

    1. Of course we don't Anony, we only do patriotic heroism.

      In WWII if you consider the London Blitz versus the surreptitious bombs of the French Resistance, then the difference between open, legal warfare and secretive terrorism becomes clear.

  2. Thank you Dorothy for all your hard work and analysis of the Murdochracy.
    What a bunch of harlots they are they would sell their sole just be employed by the most untrustworthy sex driven old megalomaniac.

  3. Greg has always fancied himself as a ‘security analyst’, yet anyone foolish enough to employ him as one would be just as likely to sign up Tony Abbott as a troubleshooter. Or Malware as an IT consultant.

    In fact, the Bromancer makes a good case for an amendment to the adage, “Those who can...” Those who can’t, scribble and scratch and scrooge for Murdoch.

    1. Well while it's good that the self-vaunted security analyst the Bromancer can assure us that "there is no immediate danger of nuclear devastation" [ok, but how about next month, then], he then goes on to say "Missile technology means more and more countries could hit Australia directly if they ever decided to."

      But, Butt Bro-boy which countries are they ? Maldives, perhaps ? Myanmar ? Laos ? Thailand ? Vietnam ? Cambodia even maybe ? Taiwan ? Phillipines ? Indonesia ? New Guinea ? New Zealand ? New Caledonia, Fiji, Tonga or Samoa maybe ?

      Who, Bro-boy ? Tell us who might just decide to some day !


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