Thursday, June 14, 2018

Hark, is that the first parrot heralding spring, or human rights being trampled underfoot?

Please indulge the pond as it follows the latest developments in the matter of the parrot …

First came this …

And then came this …

Indeed, muh learned Honour, and are we now discussing the size of the payout? Is it true that some damages must be awarded after the the 'honest opinion' defence was dropped?

September? Spring will have sprung, and there'll be sweetness and light in the air for the parrot and the Caterist…

And so, just to fill out the specialist late arvo posting, the pond has deliberately avoided the Mocker, who apparently has just discovered Ned Kelly killed cops and robbed banks - who'd have thunk he knew so much about Australian history? - because an even bigger peril has reared its head this day in the lizard Oz …

The pond knew at once what he was referring to ...

… and so was compelled to read on ...

Oh dear, dangerous enablers within. Who could they be?

Oh okay, the pond only gave Jason an outing as a framing device for a few cartoons, so now it's time to finish the read ...

… not to argue, so much as to note that maybe Jason hasn't quite understood the clear and present danger from within …


  1. Hi Dorothy,

    “An insurgent force primarily is organised in small units, dependent on support from within the local population. This is built through infiltrating integrated layers of government, community and civil society.”

    Thomas seems to have a problem with the democratic process.



  2. "Imagine Collingwood supporters quietly joining your membership base" (like cultural carbon monoxide). He must have a pretty low opinion of the readers if he thinks he can frighten shit out them with this image.
    By the way, I have trouble proving I'm not a robot when I'm trying to tick all the boxes with cars in them. Does this show I'm an incipient robot, or just stupid?

    1. Yair, those 'click on the boxes with vehicles' ones are tricky.

  3. Oh wau, that Jason Thomas identity is really something. Maybe the Ramsay folks could seduce it away from Swinburne to be a foundation preacher for 'Western civilisation' ?

  4. This statement caught my attention - "because the action is nonviolent, to criticise it can have you being accused of being paranoid" No - there are so many other reasons for thinking you are paranoid.

    We live in a fairly benign and tolerant society despite all the efforts of Murdochracy and the IPA, but all Jason sees is an ongoing war. Al-Qaeda, Viet Cong (not to mention Collingwood supporters) - vast conspiracies everywhere, whereas what we actually have are some fairly minor philosophical differences. It reminds me somewhat of Jack D Ripper's fluoridation conspiracy.


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