Saturday, June 16, 2018

Go on, go on, take the money and run, this is a story about Billy Joe, Bobbie Sue and Peter Craven too ...

Every so often someone will attempt to explain to the pond how they don't get the lizard Oz for the politics.

Sure, they say, it's a dreadful reactionary rag, but there's all the stuff about the y'artz and books and suchlike, essential weekend reading …

Butt, billy goat, butt, the pond always responds, everyone drinks the kool-aid, and shows signs of the resulting fuzziness in the brain … just look at the lesser Craven …

For a start, that splash shows a woeful unwillingness to be inclusive …

Shouldn't it have read "Our Greco-Roman-Judeo-Sino-Christian tradition"?

The Roman bit is a doodle and a given, but the pond just had to throw in the "Sino" bit because where would the world, and the west, be without gunpowder, paper and noodles - spaghetti if you will …

Yes, it was time for yet another round of a reptile high on kool-aid doing the good old Western Civilisation rag … and this time with a pay-off that might be summarised by a Woody Allen poster …

Well it'll take a while to get to that deeply Donald-infested level of cynical Western Civilisation, but we'll manage it in the end, thanks to the Craven one …

Well we're not there yet, but please allow the pond to increase the anticipation, and colour in the landscape with a mood-setting poster or two …

Ah, that's shaping up nicely, and with a bit of luck you can add indiscretions within the family as a bonus sign that Western Civilisation is working its magic …

It's a slow build, but please, in anticipation, allow the pond to keep building up the arrival of the Western Mind, well worth the celebration …

Okay, that should do it, come on down final Craven gobbet …

Civilisation is taking the money and running?

Uh huh, of course it is …

Craven nuttiness triumphant!

And of course you get the bonus of the chance to do a little fiddling within the family … which makes the pond wonder why the reptiles are so up in arms and have joined the #MeToo movement about the Hewett matter …

You know there's nothing more civilised than being a libertine and a rouĂ© and a rake … and … oh, and taking the money and running …

Of course not everyone has felt that way. A few had pangs of remorse and regret about their deeds and actions … but it seems that the craven Craven knows nothing of any of that …


  1. Hi Dorothy,

    “gunpowder, paper and noodles”,

    Careful, the pond may be heading towards the ’Needham Question’.


    1. Hmmm, just a wee quote from your 'Needham Question' link DW:
      "The only area where Europeans seemed to have the upper hand was mathematics and derived from that astronomy."

      Did I mention the great mathematics blindness ?

      But the quote is a total nonsense, of course. By the early 1800s Euro-western science was way ahead of Chinese. After all, the British Royal Society was started back in 1660 and by 1800 Alessandro Volta had already created the first electric battery.

      Yes, sure, there was an explosion of Anglo-European science in the 1800s - it was the time of the Industrial Revolution after all - but such things don't just happen one morning suddenly. Anglo-European science had been progressing - at an increasing rate - since the late 1600s. And proud, insular China had learned none of it.

      But yes, since even by the testimony of white-supremacist racists such as Charles Murray, 'Asians' are perennially the highest IQ test scorers (we whities only come third after the Asians and Jews), then it may be possible that the enormous, rich and educated nation that China is becoming will return to a pre-eminent position. But then, if they can ever wake up, the Indians might just give them a run for their noodles.

  2. Craven: "Our Greco-Judeo-Christian tradition..."

    Ooh, now it's gone from Judaeo-Christian Western Civilisation to Judeo-Christian Western civilisation to just Western civilisation. And now, suddenly, it's Greco-Judeo-Christian tradition - my but this 'civ' thing is a real moral and sociological chameleon, isn't it.

    It should just about be time for "Roman" to work its way in there with Persian-Islamic (you know, mathematics and such, algorithms and things) and Chinese (printing presses, paper, paper money, gunpowder, magnetic compasses and yes, noodles ! etc).

    So, I eagerly await the expression as Greco-Roman-Christian-Persian/Islamic-Chinese Western Tradition. Surely that will come soon.

    "Shouldn't it have read "Our Greco-Roman-Judeo-Sino-Christian tradition"?"

    Close, DP, very close, but the Persian/Islamic should be in there. Did I mention the Western blindside about mathematics ? But then if I say that, we might just have to add Indian - as in numeric zero and the enormously useful power-of-ten positional number system - even though it was the Persian/Islamics who brought those things to us.

    Oh all right then:
    Greco-Roman-Judeo-Christian-Persian/Islamic-Indian-Sino Western "tradition".

    But then, shouldn't 'Norse/Viking' go in there as well ? After all it was a Frank (Clovis) that gave rise to the 'France' that spawned Charlemaigne who 'unified' Europe, at least to a common learned scholars' language. And wasn't it a bunch of 'Norsemen' (aka Normans) who conquered England and gave it a legal and parliamentary system that included common law ? Or do the Norse and Vikings just count as already 'western' ?

    Though I'm still undecided about adding the Mongols - you know, those guys who taught us how to perform a truly effective series of bloody imperial conquests and colonisations without which 'Western' civilisation would not have ruled the world.

    PS Craven, the period of religious stake-burnings actually began with "Bloody" Mary - you know, that Catholic Queen who preceded Elizabeth I and forced many English 'protestants' to seek refuge in Switzerland (the Geneva Bible, you might recall).

  3. Speaking of christian true believers, remember how someone predicted that when fascism (inevitably) comes to Amerika the true believers will be loudly promoting "freedom" and simultaneously waving their bibles in their hands, or shoving it in your face.
    Check out references to Project Blitz and the book The Good News Club: The Christian assault on America's Children by Katherine Stewart.

    The plot sickens!


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