Friday, June 29, 2018

Dare the pond mention the reptiles' monomaniacal obsession with ANU without breaking into a crazed cackle?

The pond simply can't wait to get to the Speccie mob - the pond is so fucking awfully tired by the reptiles' obsession with the Crisis in Western Civilisation and ANU - and has reluctantly come to the conclusion that if she's not a cretin, then Rebecca Urban must indeed be a monomaniacal fuckwit of the first reptile water …

But - there's always a but, billy goat - who could resist that juxtaposition, that cluck-clucking and tut-tutting about class, race and gender, framed so nicely below the splash about the lyon at the helm of offensive sexist insults?

Another thing - why is it that the reptiles have selected that glum photo of Schmidt and run it every chance they get? As here …

There are other options out there …

But of course it gets a run at the top of the no longer considered urbane Urban's story …

The pond is so over this sort of nonsense …


There is, of course, a reason that the Ramsay Centre wants to coat-tail its way to academic respectability - by shamelessly trading off on ANU … (here)

It's so shameless, it's so pathetically obvious, it goes beyond the valley of the ideologically desperate …

That's the real reason they won't go off to the ACU or other second tier universities. They want the associated glory, they want the company of the 'leets the reptiles at the Oz routinely deplore.

But - there's always an Urban goat to consider - before we go on, the pond wonders if ANU has a course in cherry-picking? 

Urban certainly should be thinking of doctoral studies in the science, because this is what she produced as the capper to her beat-up…

Well yes, the pond would consider all these as meaningful contributions to the study of civilisation … the pond heeds that recent advice of the prof from the deep north that Christianity is an eastern religion, while Marxism is the product of the enlightenment.

And when the pond calls Urban a fucking idiot, it is merely expressing through language its identity as someone born and reared in Tamworth …though occasionally the pond wonders if "fucking" should be used as a term of abuse, when it might be better applied to the joyful sexual intercourse of people celebrating whatever gender suits them …

Meanwhile, if the pond wanted an undergraduate degree in history, here are some choices …


If that print is too small, its because the pond is so completely over it, it didn't want to waste the space.

It can be easily read at the ANU here, and anyone interested can follow the links and check out majors in other areas of the y'artz at ANU, and wonder just why the dingbat reptiles keep on keeping on with this culture wars crap.

What's remarkable is how unexceptional that list compared to the long-ago time that the pond once studied history, though there are a number of options that these days the pond would find more intriguing than the study of the hundred years war (go the Scots).

Never mind, at least there's one student of history the pond can always turn to, as a way of relieving the pain, and that's the infallible Pope - not the wretched Avignon papacy the pond once studied - with more papal pleasures always to hand here


  1. I have read two articles written by Michelle Grattan and from what I can take out of her comment she is in favour of a conservative led government for Australia as she has no positive comments for Shorten or the labor Party but is in favour of Turnbull policy options.
    And yet she is thrown up as a quality journalist.But I find her just a shallow mouth piece for the Liberal and conservative side of politics.

    1. It wasn't always thus, ww, she was once fairly centrist. Never really very bright though, and now she's only a day short of her 74th and falling into the ways and beliefs of us older Australians, I guess.

    2. I've always found her "analysis" to be just a string of fairly bland and obvious observations, but she's always introduced as if she has the age and wisdom of Yoda. I think she's loved so much by all is because she's so utterly harmless.

    3. There's nothing harmless per se about answering a PR call out for passing off the incipient military-police-state of Joh-for-Canberra's wetdreams as a bit of broadening of terrorism legislation, unless one thinks acting as a cipher for a suggested reading of a bill is any substitute for committing to peruse the particulars of the schedule to an otherwise bare cover act.


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