Friday, March 02, 2018

In which the pond visits the bromancer's yesterday ...

After the joy of Giles, the pond had to come down from its high, and what better way than to note the story briefly at the top of the lizard Oz digital edition …

The reptiles were suddenly in a lather and two expert lizards were assigned to the task of deciphering the runes, and brewing the tea leaves …

"At risk"? "Under threat"? "Sweeping tariffs"?

The pond began to share the unease … wasn't everything hunky dory? Hadn't Malware sorted it out? Hadn't the bromancer danced in the street with joy? Had he been dancing in the dark?

What was the dastardly Donald up to now?

No exemptions? The Donald cool? 25%? A hot $170 mill?

Was it only a few days ago that the reptiles were singing, and the bromancer was crooning?

It was, it was … the bromancer was ecstatic …there was much to celebrate ...

Ah, but that was yesterday, back on 22nd February, so long ago …

Snap out of it pond, stop channelling Giles, or you'll end up lost on a Spanish road in the dark, yesterday is here today …

Malware made a very strong case? The Donald decided alone? US stocks tumbling?

So it seems in the WaPo and the NY Times


Who knows how it will play out?

Will the Donald blink and flip flop, or will he go the full hog, as outlined as a possibility by Politico here

President Donald Trump on Thursday ignited a possible trade war by announcing a decision to impose tariffs of 25 percent on steel imports and 10 percent on aluminum to protect both industries from unfairly traded imports that the Commerce Department has determined pose a threat to national security. "It'll be 25 percent for steel. It will be 10 percent for aluminum. It'll be for a long period of time," Trump said at a listening session with steel and aluminum industry executives at the White House. "We'll be signing it next week. And you'll have protection." 
The announcement, which is likely to be met with outrage and retaliation from countries around the world, followed a fierce debate within the administration about whether to make an announcement Thursday, according to people briefed on the matter. New tariffs on steel and aluminum imports could lead to a tit-for-tat trade fight with China, the European Union and other major world trade powers.

An old-fashioned protectionist willing to take on the world?

Well just to complete the trip to yesterday, the pond thought it should run the rest of the bromancer's piece, on the strict understanding that it's just fish and chips wrapping, retrieved from the digital bin, and is really only an excuse to run a few cartoons …

Judging by cartooning trends, one strand concerns recent departures …


What's that? The rest of the bromancer?

The padding, and the humbug wadding and stuffing that the pond said it would use to pack the cartoons for shipping?

Sheesh, the pond almost completely forgot, but if you insist, back into the time machine, so long ago, that bromancer yesterday …

Oh come on, must we spend time with the bromancer's yesterday amazement?

A second strand of cartooning seems in love with Jared …


Okay, if you insist, here's the third gobbet of bromancer amazement, and everything continues fair and favourable …

Ah yes, plenty to celebrate as the third cartooning strand keeps on with recent events … and never mind the Donald's recent bizarre flip-flops on the matter, which shocked Republicans and which entranced the cable news crowd …


Okay, it's nowhere near Giles, but please consider ... there's so much to celebrate in Malware's special relationship with the Donald, and the bromancer's ecstatic enthusiasm …


  1. "Okay, it's nowhere near Giles"

    First Flinty, now Auty. You sure can find 'em and pick 'em, DP.

  2. I think you confuse the 'strength of the US-Australia alliance' with the US doing anything about it, DP.

  3. Timely notes DP.

    I was cycling in to the office this morning, admiring the autumn leaves beginning to quiver, and thought of that meeting, the one that has the Bromancer so puffed in chest.

    It was that meeting that marked the final day before the wheels would fall off both the brilliant billionaires' respective wagons. They would probably both give you half their wealth to be back at Feb 22nd.

    Oh those florid, peaceful days of yore! They were brilliant leaders then weren't they Bromancer? And now broken circus ringmasters both, no control over their own incompetent rabble.

    My cup of sadness glints.

  4. Has Miranda Devine scribbled any articles for the Australian Spectator as yet? It appears that the listener numbers for her online "radio" show are almost as impressive as the Speccie's mighty circulation!

    1. ‘Miranda DevineLive’. Hardly rates as a title against DP’s ‘Essence of Devine,’ does it? I presume they pipe MDL into the Tele newsroom to boost figures. Must have a listen. I’m anticipating that it’s so bad it’s good.

  5. Meanwhile Pell continues to delay in the hope that all his accusers will drop before he has to go to trial.


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