Tuesday, February 13, 2018

In which the pond settles down for a Caterist treat ...

After the Tamworthian Barners excesses - oh poop, oh bliss - it was inevitable the pond would have to settle ... and as it's Caterist day, the tyranny of low expectations was sure kick in ...

The pond's only expectation of the Caterist is undiluted, pure essence of drivel ... and it can be said that routinely the Caterists fulfil that expectation ...

Did someone mention welfare?

Yes it was time for the pond's favourite Caterist ritual to get yet another airing.

The pond makes no excuse. If some devoted Catholics can routinely turn up to devour actual human flesh and blood, then the pond can enjoy its Caterist welfare rituals ...

Indeed, indeed. Why can't they learn to live on their wits? Why must they always turn to the Australian taxpayer?

Can't they learn a trick or two from the Caterists?

Oh dear, please, not a word about the pernicious effects of long term taxpayer grant dependency.

Its effects are only too well known. It breeds a complacent sense of righteousness, and an unerring capacity for hypocrisy, and an infallible ability for tone-deaf harping, while 'physician heal thyself' flies out the window, unheard and unheeded ...

The human being is indeed resourceful - some manage to shake down the Department of Finance for years - but how strange that thumb CV doesn't mention that the Menzies Research Centre has long sucked on the teat provided by Australian taxpayers ...

As for Frank Lowy, never mind his current financial battles. How would he have gone with the Caterist-beloved test?

“I was welcomed in Australia from day one,” he says. “I never suffered any kind of discrimination. Australia has been wonderful to me. It gave me opportunities I couldn’t have dreamed of. The fact I didn’t speak much English and I had little education or money made no difference. I am, and will always be, deeply grateful to Australia, my adopted country. This is a country of fairness and equality.“ (here).

Sorry Frank, not in Caterist la la land. Why didn't you just score a grant or three and become a northern tick or leech at one with the land?

And so to a cartoon offering an American solution, but one which might apply to the MRC just as well ...

And now a couple more, with the first featuring another form of monstrous hypocrisy ...


  1. I wonder what Goosebumps would say about Bonegilla ? What Wikipedia says is:

    [Bonegilla] "was remote from the larger cities and generally attracted little attention from the Australian press. An exception from this general rule was in 1949 when 13 newly arrived children died from malnutrition. An official inquiry was critical of the inadequately staffed and equipped hospital. There were protests about food and conditions in 1952 and Italian and German migrants staged a riot in 1961, smashing the employment office and clashing with police. The protesters posted signs reading "We want work or back to Europe" and "Bonegilla camp without hope". These two events embarrassed Australian authorities and saw a review of settlement policies."

    Nothing has changed much except that now the Australian authorites woulldn't be at all embarrassed.

    Nonetheless: "It is estimated that over 1.5 million Australians are descended from migrants who spent time at Bonegilla."

    And almost all of them didn't speak much English either. So it goes.
    [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bonegilla_Migrant_Reception_and_Training_Centre ]

  2. Hi DP, Considering the Careerist’s love of laying it on thick, his dictatorial posturing and his own migratory history I would paraphrase today’s headline as follows:

    “Spackled with the expectorations of a tyrannical low immigrant.”

    Sort of describes the odious feeling you get after reading his weekly assaults on what he sneeringly calls “the cultural gatekeepers.”


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