Sunday, February 25, 2018

In which the pond meditates on Catholics and assorted conspiracies ...

The pond's heart skipped a beat. Surely not a bonus prattling Polonius for the weekend …

Indeed, indeed. Talk about being trolled and trading off, with the Polonial piece re-badged and refurbished, and featuring Emma Alberici as the selling point.

Well the hapless reptiles could hardly put up a shot of their man, could they? A portrait of Polonius himself would hardly help with the digital clicks, would they?

Of late the reptiles have resorted to some shameless trolling.

There's Dame Slap pretending to be sorry …

She's not sorry, she's not in the slightest bit sorry, and the pond is sorry, it's not in the slightest bit interested in Dame Slap loving Jordan Peterson … except to note that Peterson should be worried if he's attracting the love of a scribbler who once wrote how the UN might be using climate science as an excuse for world government … and slipped out into the night in New York wearing a MAGA cap to celebrate the arrival of the Donald …

The truth is, the pond is bored by him, and he'll soon be doing that old "Lord" Monckton routine and heading off considerably richer into the academic night after his 15 minutes of fame …

It's all part of reptile attention-seeking and a tendency to Breitbart anything that moves or speaks … as when Dame Groan adopted as her headline for the day "Our immigration conspiracy."

Oh sheesh, a conspiracy here, a conspiracy there, is there no end to all the conspiracies that torment us?

Naturally the pond reacted with the perversity required, and as this was a Sunday, slipped into a reverie, a meditation about the good old days when the Pellists reliably turned up on to deliver a homily in the Sunday Terror …

Now the lizards of Oz are already busy planning the funeral!

So just how much has been spent? What are the ghoulish details of the planning? Will there be a big show?

Hmm, the pond is beginning to sniff a beat-up … a precursor to the media frenzy that's sure to surround the opening of the trial next month.

Thus far we haven't got beyond spending "tens of thousands of dollars" on an "elaborate mausoleum" …is there any higher bid?

If there was an egg-beater award, surely Brad would be a very hot contender.

That's a very elaborate feather dance, with lots of ornate gothic Catholic padding, and much background, and bugger all else, and surely worthy of reviving a fish on a plaque award …

Is there any news on the total on the tape? Any way to actually compare and contrast the spend on the crypt with the fish-tight approach to survivors of abuse? How silly of the pond to ask ...

The pond realises that the Catholic Boys' Daily must pay attention at all times to all the doings of the Catholic church, but what a bust … and with those last two sentences offering the ultimate rocket stick in the mud …

What started off promising to reveal all, ends up blathering about the "mother diocese" and the church producing one of the "greatest architectural achievements"?

Sheesh, suddenly reading about immigration conspiracies and Trump-loving Canadians might have been a missed opportunity …

Oh wait, been there, done that too ...

As far as I can tell, Jordie—and not the cool “Geordi” from Star Trek either— rewards the devotion of his Patreon patsies with regular rants against “political correctness,” and relationship advice I can only call “Angry Oprah Says.” For USD $29.99, Petersonites can get access to the Self Authoring Suite (a USD $119.92 value!). Those looking for further opportunities to give him money can pay USD $9.99 for “100 question phrases” which “can be found, along with similar question sets, elsewhere on the web” so that they might learn how your personality compares to 10,000 others. 

Pro tip: just take a personality test from the back of an issue of Glamour; you’ll only be out about five bucks, and you might find a free perfume sample.

Oh wait, don't say …there's another conspiracy in the offing ...

...It’s easy to laugh at him: after all, most of what he says is, after fifteen seconds’ consideration, completely inane. But in between his long rambling pseudo-academic takes on common self-help advice and his weird fixation on Disney movies, is a dreadfully serious message. 

What he’s telling you is that certain people—most of them women and minorities—are trying to destroy not only our freedom to spite nonbinary university students for kicks, but all of Western civilization and the idea of objective truth itself. He’s telling you that when someone tells you racism is still a problem and that something should be done about it, they are, at best, a dupe and, at worst, part of a Marxist conspiracy to destroy your way of life. 
Peterson says he only thinks of it as a “non-violent war.” But when you insist the stakes are that high, the opposition that pernicious, who’s to say where the chips will fall?

Enough of meditating on conspiracies and Catholics … time to plan for the war, with a cartoon or two …


  1. That Dame Snap splash should have come with a trigger warning, Dorothy. Not having heard of this new Voltaire, I had a look at some of his stuff (well, through the proxy of his fanbois). Imagine my surprise when he turned out to be so deep that you could walk through him an not get your ankles wet. Although I must say, the comments on videos from people who should really get out more (preferably with a white polo shirt and a tiki torch) were fun.

    When you strip away the academic gravitas and a decently refined debating technique, he's less David Hume and more Normal Vincent Peale, with an unpleasant whiff of Julien Blanc. I should have just trusted the Macleans piece you linked to, which said everything one needed to know. The RWNJ are welcome to him.

    1. Pretty much covers it all, FD. Just another sad, lonely little hater who is apparently growing rich on the proceeds. Not unlike Billy(goat) Graham, actually.

  2. "... the pond is sorry, it's not in the slightest bit interested in Dame Slap loving Jordan Peterson"

    Right on, DP! There's no particular value in watching that pony do her one and only trick: pick some raving nutcase (Monckton, Trump, Peterson ... does Kroger count too ?), try to ram him (it's always a 'him') down the throats of "The Left" and then claim ideological and moral superiority when that fails.

    I really have no idea who "the left" is, but I'd be surprised if many who might claim that label have ever heard of Peterson. And how many still hear anything about "Lord" Monckton ?

    And talking about ponies and their one single trick, the next time we get a sermon from Broady Boy Donners, I'll have to quote Dr David Zyngier at him: "Overall, the claim that private schools outperform public schools is a myth."

    Dr Dave is "a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education at Monash University and a former school principal and state school teacher." so I think that rates him as much more believable than Donners, yes ?

  3. The no nothing bozo David Brooks was/is also full of praise for Jordan Peterson calling him the "most influential public intellectual".
    Meanwhile the Crooks & Liars website features an essay titled David Brooks Moral Idiocy Incarnate, which is a very apt description of Dame Slap, who also pretends to be a public intellectual

    1. Yeah, Bobo Brooks is a very accomplished exponent of waffle and piffle too. Fortunately, we don't have to have anything to do with him.


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