Sunday, February 04, 2018

In which the pond catches up with fallen Xian warrior crusader Cory ...

It being a lazy Sunday, the pond thought it should take the chance, pace the Devine, to catch up with Cory ...

Cory at one point was the pond's great white croweater hope, and he strutted in the banner like a proud cockerel, and he looked a goer as the onion muncher stumbled and fell ...

But then hubris took over, and he went out on his own, and the reaction to that Lucy tweet suggested a little hostility to his current circumstances ...

That's beyond cruel. 4% in Bennelong, some train?

How can people be so unkind, easy to be cruel.

And yet in her own way Lucy has just twisted the knife. It was way back when that Cory refused to wait and rushed ahead with his merger with Family First, and she headed off to independent status, and Albo cruelly joked here ...

"It's a pretty remarkable effort when you have Family First with one senator, Cory Bernardi, pretending he has a party but with one senator, and the two amalgamate and 1 + 1 = 1," Mr Albanese said.

That's Cory maths ...

And now she's gone to the Libs, but even back in October 2017, she was disavowing the Lyles and Devines of this world, with the lizard Oz profile of her quoting her as saying she was no Christian warrior (requires googling):

Actually it can be pretty difficult and tricky to be sad and lonely and gay in nursing homes, but as Lucy raised the issue of financial literacy, that reminded the pond of Cory's outing yesterday for the reptiles.

Yes, the lizard Oz has stayed loyal, and still gives Cory space to pursue his agenda ...

It sounded impossibly quaint, and for a minute the pond almost felt like passing it by. 

It was also impossibly sad, a bit like seeing a fighter reduced to fake wrestling, as in the feature version of Requiem for a Heavyweight ... wherein a young Ali sends poor old Anthony Quinn to the canvas.

You see, these days conservatives have spun on a dime, and tax cuts for companies and the filthy rich are all the go, and never mind the impact on the bottom line ... and if there's cutting to be done, why the poor can undergo another flensing, and who will care?

See how the lizard Oz has been parroting the line ever since the Donald introduced his cuts ...

And so on and so forth, and up against that momentum, Cory sounds like a tired old hack, an ancient Jeremiah who's missed the wave ...

$684 billion?

That's chicken shit ... now if the talk was of $1.5 trillion, that would at least be in the ball park.

The pond despairs. Perhaps Cory would understand more with the help of cartoons. You see the rhetoric has gone from this ...

... to this ...

Nowadays conservatives love enormous tax cuts for the rich and for companies, and never mind the poor or the burgeoning debt ... remember, it's a middle class cut ...

Poor Cory, abandoned by Lucy and wandering in the wilderness, seems to be stuck with the rhetoric of times long past, an ancient rocket turned stick in the mud ...

A private member's bill? That's got about as much chance as a 4% freight train in Bennelong ...

Sadly, it looks as if one challenger to the onion muncher's record stay at the top of the pond's banner has dropped off the twig ...

What to do with a demagogue reactionary bigoted populist who isn't that popular?

Way back when, Cory was in touch with the zeitgeist ...

Now he's sounding like some rectitudinous, uptight, piously self-righteous old school banker. 

Where's the harm with a few bankruptcies? Look what it did for the Donald ...

Tax cuts now, live fast, explode and die young ...

Please, Cory, if you want to get back to the top and kick the onion muncher into oblivion, let the talk be of a trillion dollar tax cut for the filthy rich, and to hell with all this jibber jabber about debt.

Oh wait, Malware's already cornered that game.

Never mind, there's always an alternative career path for ancient mariners, so start booking spots on the pavement outside weddings now, and as all roads lead to Rome, here's an admiring Rowe cartoon of the new hero of the reptiles of Oz, with more Rowe here ...


  1. A little something for a certain reptile hack to warble as he writes.

    A Bromantic Musical Diversion
    (To the tune of Singing in the Rain)
    Sincere apologies to Arthur Freed and Nacio Herb Brown

    I’m digging in the shit
    Just digging in the shit
    And the tweets I’m rewriting
    Are so full of it
    I’m shouting at clouds
    From down in the sump
    I’m a bromantic guy
    Who is rooting for Trump

    While those Stormy clouds chase
    That fake smile from his face
    I’ll create a diversion
    Like a Chinese arms race
    I’ll work this cesspit
    Till Rupert says quit
    Just digging
    Digging in the shit

    1. Very expressive, mate, but d'you think The Bro could actually stay in tune ? Especially if he's trying to dance at the same time (the farting comes later).

    2. Good point GB, but he would of course have his snorkel on so any lack of tonality would be disguised by the bursting bubbles I would imagine...

  2. It is truly a very disturbing thing reading the mindless bleating of a Woolly Cory.

    I try to keep in mind the catechism of political faith espoused by all right-thinking wingnuts, namely the definition of a parliamentarian's duty to his (or maybe even her) constituents. Cherry picking the key bit gives us this:

    "It is his duty to sacrifice his repose, his pleasures, his satisfactions, to theirs; and above all, ever, and in all cases, to prefer their interest to his own. But his unbiassed opinion, his mature judgment, his enlightened conscience , he ought not to sacrifice to you, to any man, or to any set of men living."

    There's only one problem with that: the parliamentarian has to actually possess at least some of those attributes. And very, very few of them do. And one who possesses them not at all is Cory Bernadi - a walking sack of destructive ignorance and stupidity reinforced by millenia-old idiotic superstitions.

    Oh yeah, I'd vote for him. Wouldn't you ?

  3. Australian Conservatives is a bit of a misnomer, Australian Reactionaries would be the correct badging. Christianity is just the official religion & naturally they rush to support what they see as the traditional version - you know, none of that compassion & forgiveness but plenty of abominations & casting of stones. If Constantine had picked some other mystery cult I dare say we would have some different rituals but the same type of nut jobs would be rushing to the defence of anything they see as an orthodoxy.

    As for the talk about debt, it just the sort of thing that old men moan about. Where's the money coming from? We'll all be rooned! Treasuries advice would have been the same to the Coalition, the difference would be who got the money. Like most thing discussed here the figures are easily googled but the reactionaries find that ignorance helps maintain the sense of outrage.

    1. Did you know that there is no mention of hell in the various Bibles ?

      Therefore there's absolutely no problem at all with having neither compassion nor forgiveness.

  4. Bernardi says "Americans can do well under Trump"

    Well there you go, he's been proven right once again. Sadly, Paul Ryan has deleted tweet where he congratulated himself for having added $1.50 a week to a secretary's wage. Not sadly, the screen shot has been saved by plenty:

    But kudo to Cory for picking up the potential for Americans lives to improve under Trump. You may laugh, but that woman is now around $80 a year better off.

    Back on the Trump Train whiners!

    1. Well at least she can pay her Costco membership now. She be eating as well as Trump in no time at all.

  5. Well, it's nice to see that Cory is concerned about intergenerational theft. Of course, the logical conclusion to that is that we should cut carbon emissions as swiftly as possible, since anthropogenic climate change is the greatest piece of intergenerational theft ever perpetrated. And yet, for some reason, I don't think Cory will manage to square that circle.

    Cory's "iron law of economics", that all debt must be repaid, is a rather strange claim. Sovereign countries have many ways of dealing with debt other than by generating surpluses (which simply withdraw useful cash from circulation), although medium-term global outlooks are beginning to narrow some options there. Even private entities have several alternatives - for example, the praiseworthy Donald Trump has had various parts of his empire file for bankruptcy six times, defaulting or "renegotiating" something close to seven billion dollars in outstanding debt.

    US National debt stands at over 20 trillion (twice Australia's, per capita), and 12 months worth of Trump will see an additional 5.3 trillion added to it.

    1. I take it you'd agree with me about Bernardi's "fitness" to fulfill the role of a Burkean parliamentarian then, FD.

      And of course we all remember Costello's "debt free day" and how the financial industry moaned and complained because then it couldn't exercise its most profitable line of business: lending large sums to government.


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