Thursday, February 08, 2018

In which the fully Trumpified bromancer dotes on his beloved Donald ...

As the day began, so it ended.

Once the bromancer drops a few speed tablets, he can't stop, and with the Trumpification complete, it's dancing in the street time ...

Didn't the bromancer and the Donald already have their parade?

Once a bromancer falls, he falls hard.

Oh how he loves the Donald, oh he delights in all that he does, oh how he hops and he skips and he jumps and he prances as he dances ...

In truth?

That was the biggest laugh of the day ... but already there are some excellent ideas floating around as people are keen to go the crazy ...


  1. This piece unambiguously reveals that the bromancer has his head completely up his butt, as is the case with the loons that infest the Quadrant online website, where some of them claim that the Insane Clown President is shaping up to be Amerika's "greatest" President.
    Meanwhile a suitable truth-telling antidote to this delusional thinking is provided in the book by David Frum titled Trumpocracy.

  2. Hi Dorothy,

    The Bromancer loves a man in uniform and whilst I repeat myself I can’t resist dragging up Sheridan from 2005;

    “Similarly, the lack of professional soldiers in our cities is a real loss. We never see a uniform. This is a minor tragedy because a military uniform makes you proud; you know it's being worn by someone who thinks life has a purpose beyond themselves. And it promotes recruitment.”


    1. "Siting the army in northern Australia is also a kind of socialist folly,"

      Really ? And I thought the Army was 'up there' because that's where the invasion would come from. It's certainly where the Japanese came from (and the Americans). And where did "socialism" get into this ? That was 2005, at the very height of the reign of John Winston Howard.

      Truly, we have a ripe one here.


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