Sunday, October 22, 2017

In which the Devine and petulant Peta get involved in a smack down ...

It doesn't seem to have occurred to the lizards of Oz that the Donald has been an unmitigated disaster ... and that Brexit bids fair to be a matching disaster, whatever mitigation they try to put in place ...

To make the Donald a clarion cry in the wilderness for the 'no' votes seems like wishing for a week-long barney about how to behave towards gold star families ... and come up with the answer, 'like a completely unempathetic dingbat ...'

What if they actually managed to catch this particular bus? How would the dogs manage it? What would they do with it?

Not worried by this, the reptiles tried a new angle, hitching their cry for the 'no' to defy polls like Trump with a fresh discovery of the perfidious Oscar ...

It seems like an attempt to boost the circulation of the Betoota Advocate ...

They really are so obsessed, these lizards of Oz, that the pond has to wonder sometimes if they're not like a Republican in an airport toilet playing footsies, or perhaps a right to life Republican suggesting his pregnant girlfriend have an abortion ...

In due course, the reptiles decided to change course by putting nattering "Ned" at the top of the page, as a way of ensuring everyone could get a good weekend nap ...

The pond knew exactly where "Ned" was coming from ...

Applying copper multinodal solution to the NBN had worked spiffingly well ... so why not produce peace in our time?

Immediately the word was out, and the Sunday Terrorists swung into action, and Akker Dakker's kiwi fart joke was downgraded to a support act, and the Devine was in hagiographic bliss, splashing her essence of vitriol on Josh ...

Dear sweet long absent lord, former Chairman Rudd is making a comeback, and it's still all his fault, after all those years away? The onion muncher's flip-flopping and nattering negativity had nothing to do with it?

Now the pond knew exactly what the Devine meant ... there were legacies to deplore, and then there were legacies to treasure ...

More Moir here,  but just as the pond was settling down with the Devine and "Ned", and celebrating the end of the climate wars, along came petulant Peta with a spray ...

There was nothing for it but another infamous pond tribute to William Burroughs, with a cut and paste of Peta v. the Devine, with far too many photos of Malware sweeping aside distant memories of Chairman Rudd ...

Indeed, indeed, how did "Ned" and the Devine and Malware get it so wrong?

Over to the Devine for a response so that the wrestle might begin in earnest ... and still, it seems, it's all the fault of Chairman Rudd, no doubt in the same way the former chairman insisted that copper and multinodal mayhem was the way forward...

Say what?

This was supposed to be a jelly wrestle, the kind of sophisticated policy exchange that the United States has now introduced to the world ...

Instead the Devine seems to be suggesting that it's a total mess... just like petulant Peta ...

But if it's not entirely the fault of Chairman Rudd and the onion muncher, how can Peta come back from that and pin the blame home on the right man? Namely Malware ...

Indeed, indeed, once again the heroic coal-loving tilter at windmills has been treated in the most contemptible and cowardly fashion by the villainous Malware. 

How on earth can the Devine stand for that?

Admirable really. That clever feint, "could eventually lower prices", when the cows come home, will leave Peta gasping for, and grasping at, air ...

By golly, it seemed the right time for another Moir to summarise the state of the battle this far ...

By golly that volcano looks angry ... can the Devine placate it with an offering of Josh?

What an immortal line... much as we climate denialist coal worshippers wish that we had nothing to do with climate science or coal or Paris or the whole damn thing, it seems Josh has come up with the perfect multinodal copper solution ... and it worked such a treat for the NBN, an egg so scrambled no amount of money will fix it in the next decade, as prices soar and delivery turns abysmal, let's watch as Malware tries it on again ...

And so to a last plea from petulant Peta, a reminder that the volcano gods remain angry ...

They're doomed, they're doomed, petulant Peta tells ya, and with that, the pond hauled out the computer to do a little computer marking of the latest Noplan candidate, who couldn't manage to submit an essay for the machine to mark, but did remarkably well with a multiple choice test ...


  1. "Indeed, indeed, how did "Ned" and the Devine and Malware get it so wrong?"

    Oh dear, it seems like some have been consuming the 'doctored' Kool Aid. Just as well they didn't pick up the lot with the 'voluntary assisted dying substance' additive this time.

  2. A climatic boofhead named Tone
    Attempted research of his own
    Said “I’ve done some brainstorming -
    and the planet is warming -
    but the cause is completely unknown

    When I said global warming was crap
    It was only a mental mishap
    Like the time I just stared
    At that reporter who dared
    To get me to open my trap

    Dioxidised Carbon’s good stuff
    The plant-life just can’t get enough
    So there’s no need to ban it
    Cos it’s good for the planet
    And without it our lungs wouldn’t puff

    So let’s sing the praises of coal
    And all of its virtues extol
    When there’s no wind or sun
    It gets business done
    And all that it leaves is a hole

    Now some say I snipe and I wreck
    And undermine - but what the heck!
    An ousted Prime Minister
    Has a right to be sinister
    And still draw his government cheque

    Though backbenching now I may be
    I’ll be PM again - just you see
    Cos that treacherous Malcolm
    Has outstayed his welcome
    And his only replacement is ME”

    1. Truly inspirational Kez, but way too big to fit on a t-shirt :-)


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