Sunday, September 24, 2017

In which a mortified, chastened pond turns to the bromancer for well bodings this meditative Sunday ...

Sometimes the pond wakes with a fright, deeply mortified, as if caught standing naked in church like Tara Fitzgerald in Sirens (these days should the real fear arise from standing next to Hugh Grant?), or even worse, having overlooked the bromancer scribbling about the Donald ...

The pond in part blames the reptiles, who, in their usual way, kept putting the onion muncher at the top of the page ...

Sure, that warm lettuce leaf spanking is tempting, but it's no excuse really ... how could the pond have missed "Fighting words bode well", or put it a google way, "Fighting words maybe, but Donald Trump's meaning sound"?

Let's face it, the bromancer is one of the pond's favourite reptiles, and now it's a tad tricky writing about his great domestic love, he's transferred his affection to the Donald, and how compelling and fascinating and tortured and ambivalent are his new love letters.

It might be an unusual way to spend a meditative Sunday, but dammit, attention must be paid ...

Actually it's worth recording a few cartoonists celebrating the Donald in action ... sorry, but 'peroration' is too obvious an attempt to match 'dotard' for exoticism, so the pond feels okay about pausing for a moment ...

And so to the bromancer vision of the Donald as an orthodox American President, a principled realist, a cogent speaker, perhaps just a tad short in the discipline department, but otherwise a visionary with great potential and decent policies...

What's that?

Did the pond begin to detect a few hints of doubt? What is this talk of the wider tragedy of his presidency?

Phew, it's only that slight lack of discipline that's the problem. Nuke North Korea, nuke the health system, nuke the Mexicans, nuke all the second rate loser countries competing with the US are fine and good policies, but what of the discipline needed to implement them?

The pond is always pleased when the bromancer and the cartoonists are as one with their vision of the tremendous potential of the Donald ...

After all, there are plenty of signs that he and his administration are settling down. 

It should be a smooth ride to MAGA ... he's adapting to office. Hallelujah - sing it along with Leonard Cohen if you're a little tired of Elton John ...and don't forget the happy pills ...

Your friendly doctor will oblige, and now to pop another bromancer ...

A hopefully maturing Trump administration will need all its wits about it, though if they look to the half-witted bromancer they might struggle to find any wits at all ...

The pond has heard of the glass half full syndrome, all the better when the half is OP rum, but really the bromancer excelled himself yet again, and fulfilled his rich promise ...

Meanwhile,  speaking of entertainment, the pond has of course been tracking Jimmy Kimmel of late, not that the pond much minds what happens to the American health care system. After all, a vast majority of Americans voted for the Donald, so they deserve all they get ...

Kimmel's latest outing is on YouTube here, and at time of writing had collared just over a million views,  but his previous outing had topped two million here,  and his first go had 1.4 million + views here.

Amazing to think that a comedian could make more sense than the bromancer and other Murdochian pundits, but that's the way it goes these days ...

Oh okay, it's just an excuse for a few more cartoons ...

And just to change the topic for a moment ...


  1. President Merkin Muffley: "I do not want to go down in history as the greatest mass murderer since Adolf Hitler!"
    President Donald Trump: "North Korea will be totally destroyed!"
    North Korea has a population of 25 million.

  2. Hi Dorothy,

    It's coming up to 40 years since the Iranian hostage crisis left the US with a bloody nose but Sheridan and his Neo-con cronies still retain that Iran and the Shia are the baddies and bizarrely Saudi Arabia and the Sunni are the goodies (let's forget all about 9/11).

    How else to explain their total antipathy towards the Iran Nuclear Deal. The agreement between Iran and the P5+1 (US, UK, Russia, China, France +Germany) as well as the EU would almost immediately reduce Iran's Uranium stockpile by 98% (to just 300kg).

    Enrichment would be reduced to just one facility and the total number of centrifuges would be reduced from 20,000 to 5,000 (those left would be the oldest and least efficient centrifuges). Enrichment would be monitored and would not be allowed to exceed 3.67% (way below the 90+% required for a thermonuclear device).

    The International Atomic Energy Authority (IAEA) would be given unfettered access to all Iranian nuclear facilities and any areas of which they may become suspicious.

    To Sheridan's evident disapproval it is to these tough measures that Iran is 'technically complying'.

    What does he want? To go back to the previous situation where the Iranians were openly hostile to being inspected by the IAEA and were probably attempting high levels of enrichment in order to build a bomb in order to avoid being another target for US regime change?

    And what message does that give to North Korea and other countries that are thorns in the United States side? Don't trust the US as they renege on their deals. Brilliant diplomatic strategy.

    All this opprobrium for a nuclear program in Iran and meanwhile Trump's ex-national security adviser Mike Flynn was flying around the Middle East trying sell Nuclear Power plants to Arab nations.


    1. Yep, here we go again, DW: invent the lie, tell the lie, repeat the lie, repeat ..., repeat ..., repeat ...

  3. JERSEYM212@AOL.COMSep 25, 2017, 1:47:00 PM

    "the pond has of course been tracking Jimmy Kimmel of late, not that the pond much minds what happens to the American health care system. After all, a vast majority of Americans voted for the Donald, so they deserve all they get ..."

    Dear Pond,
    So a "vast majority" of Americans put Trump into office?
    It's true that like German tourists the stupid are everywhere.
    In spite of them Hillary Clinton garnered more votes than Trump.
    Heck I voted for her twice.
    Thus the pond is being bloody minded in painting the majority of Americans as Trumpian rubes deserving of poor health care.
    ESPECIALLY as in the last 30 years it was the machinations of your home grown boy-o Rupert Murdoch who has almost single handedly corrupted our political culture through his FOX News empire and related newspapers to the point where a creature like Trump could become president.
    The Forces of Slobdom may have indeed marched into our White House but it's dinki di true blue roots are your lots fault.
    Pond, perhaps you could use a short holiday, Hoboken is nice, so why not let your brother Bill - doubtless short for Billabong - pinch hit for you for a week.
    Maybe then you wouldn't so cavalierly condemn the average Yankee to poor health care.
    If I am disappointed in you it's because you normally set the bar so high.
    Hang in there Diongenes and keep your lantern shining.

    Jersey Mike
    "Klaatu barada nikto"
    (state motto of New Jersey)

    1. Oh come on JM, of course Trump was elected by an overwhelming majority of Americans - he said so, loud and clear and often, so we'd have to believe a President who's going to annihilate North Korea, wouldn't we.

      As to Roopie, well hasn't your own overwhelmingly elected President warned you about taking in unsuitable immigrants ? Remember the Chinese: "If you save somebody, you are responsible for everything they subsequently do."

      After all, even your own (though French made) 'Statue of Liberty' says "Give me ... the wretched refuse of your teeming shore ...". And we did, mate, we did indeed give you that. And you are most welcome to him and his breed.


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