Thursday, September 14, 2017

In which the bromancer helps nuke the pond's lunch ...

That NY subway spoof has been doing the rounds of late, and as the pond prefers the subtlety of a pickaxe or an ice pick to the neck, against the nuance of a chain saw to the torso, running the jokes seemed a good way to lighten the burden of keeping company with the bromancer as the pond's nuclear lunch time treat...

Truth to tell, the pond is long over the SSM and energy debates.

The pond recalls back in the day in Tamworth power supply was an intermittent thing. The giant 'roos used to nibble on the lines, when the overweight wombats weren't pushing down the poles, and so everyone kept candles and torches handy for the expected blackouts. 

Of course there were other likely reasons - for some reason, the local coal-fired station wasn't a reliable beast, though the pond remembers playing on the slag heap in a bid to produce cancer later in life, and when it closed, the grid was subject to the whims of nature ...

Glory days ... and so tempting to tell Malware and the young ones to just harden the fuck up and keep a candle handy, but as usual the pond has meandered away from the topic at hand...

What's needed this day is the bromancer to sort out that NK nut by hitting the sweet spot...

Say what? Oh that can't be right. Has he flung out the white feather? Surely a tactical nuke in the sweet spot was the right answer?

Yes, it's time for a classic case of the bromancer wringing his hands, and arguing with himself, and pointing out the flaws in his thinking, rather like Tony Perkins explaining the problems with mother ...

Is there anything more relaxing than the sight of the bromancer arguing with himself?

The case for sanctions is powerful.

Sanctions are useless and will not, cannot, achieve their main objective.

So the sweet spot is a bit like an Australian man looking for the clitoris ...

No wonder the pond was reminded of the sputtering Tamworth power supply ...

The pond promised some guerrilla distractions, just in case the sight of the bromancer contradicting himself and struggling to get even deeper up himself wasn't distracting enough ...

Now there's something to be said for the sight of the bromancer excoriating himself. It's true that thus far in his piece the glaring omission is any sign of human intelligence, especially as not for a nanosecond has he considered the way that a prime nutter already has his finger on the button of a huge pile of nukes ...

That story gets weirder and weirder, as noted in the Graudian's Michael Flynn 'promoted US-Russian nuclear project from White House' ...

At the heart of the investigation lies a proposal that was allegedly developed by Flynn and others before the 2016 election campaign to create a US-Russian partnership that would build and operate nuclear power plants in the Middle East. 
The committee said it had confirmed from three sources that, as part of this plan, Flynn travelled to Egypt and Israel in June 2015 to promote the project, where he met with government officials. According to Cochran, an official at ACU Strategic Partners, which worked on the project, Flynn made the trip in part to argue that the plan he was proposing would be in Israel’s best interests. 
The plan called for the creation of an international consortium of US, French, Dutch, Russian, Gulf Arab, British, Ukrainian, and Israeli companies to design and build 40 nuclear power reactors. The plan included a service to maintain control of dangerous spent fuel. One slide provided to the committee said that Rosoboron, a Russian state-owned weapons exporter that is under US sanctions, would provide “total regional security” for the project. 
Two email chains about the project that were provided to the committee were said to show that Flynn and others were in communication with Omar al-Khaldi, a major general and the chief executive of the design and development bureau of Jordan’s King Abdullah.

As for the Iran deal, there's Vox here, and Politico here ... but the pond was feeling like another subway ride ...

Ah that's better, and before the last bromancer gobbet, there's just time to read the Independent's Trump panel said to be pushing for 'mini nukes' to make nuclear strikes easier ...

“Whether we do it with a ballistic missile or re-entry vehicle or other tool in the arsenal, it’s important to have variable-yield nukes,” said Air Force General Paul Selva, the second-most powerful military official in the US. 
Advocates say the plan would give the US more flexibility in pursuing nuclear options. While North Korea has been dominating nuclear news, experts say these weapons could also help deter Russia, which has already threatened to use mini-nukes in the conflict in Ukraine. 
“If the only options we have are to go with high-yield weapons that create a level of indiscriminate killing that the President can’t accept, then we haven’t presented him with an option to respond to a nuclear attack in kind,” General Selva said.

Hmm, what to do with these crazies seeking to make Dr Strangelove quickly move from satire to reality? Should we open an embassy?

Nope, it seems like an there is no good approach.

So we have a crazy with his finger on the button, and mad generals wanting to sound like General Ripper, or perhaps a Turgidson, and even an embassy's not going to solve the problem. There's no good approach, and the United States is a danger to everyone.

Does the train's advertising have a suggestion?

Nope, guess it's back to domestic business with the immortal Rowe, with more Rowe here ...


  1. DP - your faithful reader moi was distracted yesterday by a viewing of that '50's sci-fi classic Devil Girl from Mars on Gem. A crazed Alien woman from Mars crash lands in Scotland and holds a groups of gruff locals prisoners in their local trying to abduct them to breed new little Martians as the local females had rendered all the Martian men sterile after a gender war which the feisty girls won. She whips out a giant robot and reduces the local village to ashes while one brave soul volunteers to return to her spacecraft with her, then successfully sabotages it. A classic of its genre, and eerily prophetic of the current situation of Michaela Cash, except the Martian femme fatale wears a tight leather suit for the discerning gentleman viewers delight.

    Has a great poster to.

  2. Ah, Ms Pond
    I do remember, standing on a stool and leaning over the radio as I listened to "Yes, What", or maybe it was Hop Harrigan, possibly Biggles, Superman but not the argonaughts, and then they would announce the times for blackouts in each of the Sydney Zones. We lived in Zone B and it was my job to keep track of what time we would have no power for an hour that evening. Poor old Bunnerong power station could not keep up with the apres WWii building boom.

    1. "...the Shadow knows ..."

    2. :)³ ... golden glorious days and thanks for confirming that the pond wasn't suffering from false invented memories ...but of course in those days, if they turned off the power, the ice box or the kero fridge kept on keeping the meat cool ... and the milko turned up the next day with fresh milk, and who cares if the milk went off in the sun in the playground and turned the pond off banana-flavoured milk for life ...

  3. Dear Pond,
    I have been pondering(see what I did there, POND ering? Man I kill me) some of your remarks in your Sept. 15 blog, to wit:

    Speaking of lubrication, the pond is irritated at having to remind the reptiles that in a proper tabloid world, any elderly male readers who frequent the pond expect a little bit more by way of a Sharri illustration ...

    There, that's better and after being fortified, any of the pond's stray gentleman readers could move on to the next Sharri homily in a peaceful state of mind ...

    I say God Bless Sharri and all who have sailed on her.
    While without a doubt Sharri is, in your memorable phraseology, a "fuckwit', she's got a body that can make a grown man cry and I for one stock up on plenty of tissues when viewing her photos.
    To dab my tears, thank you, not as a result of any "lubrication". Geeze.
    At any rate, no thinking person would ever prefer Sharri over our Pond.
    Whilst Markson in her column pitches snake oil like a side show Geek to the easily duped marks of Murdock Land, the Pond's wit, intellect and perspicacity would make her the far more desirable companion on a deserted isle.
    Here in the Garden State, the Pond would be considered a sauce pot.
    Jersey Mike

    "If you don't know who the mark is at the poker(or Life's) table, it's you.
    Unofficial Motto of New Jersey


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