Thursday, September 15, 2016

In which Savva tells the onion muncher to shut up, roughly equivalent to Don Dunstan holding back the tsumani at Glenelg ..

Poor Niki Savva. The pond looks on her efforts - never mind the domestic conflict of interest - as a wonder and a marvel ... 

Telling the onion muncher to shut it? 

Why old timers will remember when Don Dunstan stood on the balcony at Glenelg back in '76 to hold back the tidal wave ...

Inspirational stuff. Perhaps Niki needs a safari suit ...

Actually telling Abbott to shut up is a bit like telling the Bolter to bolt up. 

Well we know what sort of response that produces ...

Oh yes, there's a reliable bit of outrage. As for the onion muncher himself?

Indeed, indeed, and naturally the Bolter was, in his usual way, agitated and determined to savage the Savva ...

Oh dear, and while we're in Bolter la la land, this also came in today ...

Yes, sweet wholesome Xian Dutch simply don't want anything to do with an institution tarnished by those vile gay people. 

Tainted, that's what it is, and you can find out all about it in a blog report of a 'new' survey - if your idea of 'new' is 2014 - which is such a bodgy, dodgy and pathetic construct, prepared by a Mormon with a stringent lack of bias, it's little wonder that the Bolter swallows meaningless data whole in his bid to stay the world's top climate denialist scientist.

Stupid, stupid Bolter, but that's how it's going to go in this calm, civilised days of rational debate, as we head back to Savva for her closing thoughts ...

Well we can take it as an inside note that Malware has had a gutful of the onion muncher. And so say all of us, except of course for the Bolter and the maddies who just love to stir ...

It's around this point that the pond would usually break out the fable of the scorpion and the frog for Savva, with the bad news that the Bolter isn't the frog, but dammit, the onion muncher is surely the scorpion ...

Perhaps Aesop needed to re-tell the yarn so that a whole bunch of scorpions took a ride on the frog.

Instead perhaps Savva should get down to Glenelg to help tackle that tsunami, while the pond enjoys a Wilcox cartoon, and more Wilcox here ...


  1. "Abbott speaks with forked tongue." So now Savva's joining in the game of Cowboys & Indians?

    She certainly still sees Turnbull as the white hat-wearer, valiantly galloping in to give that nice gay couple a chance to get a deed to their very own ranch. Some of us though, see him more as that fellow who talks big in the saloon, but then somehow fails to join the sheriff's posse.

  2. The mention of my namesake Don (Gorgeous Dunny) Dunstan is enough to get me out of the woodwork. But nobody today in politics or the media can compare with him. Confront the rumored tsunami coming to Glenelg? No problem. Stop a run on the state's leading building society? No problem. I fear Pauline "Chicken Little" Hanson and the radio shock jocks would get no traction.

    Angry building workers storm Parliament House in a mass demonstration: Dunstan addresses them with a loud-hailer telling them they are doing no good and only helping the reactionaries back into power. They walk off with tails between their legs. A few years later the same thing happened with Bob Carr's government. He retreated through the basement carpark without even addressing them.

    Political courage is what you'd call it, which is why SA is still the only state to take on the beverage industry successfully with drink container deposits.

    Julia Gillard is about the closest modern figure to it, but she was forced to take over about a year or so before she was ready and was damaged by both sides and the media before she got going. She still looks like a real leader compared with her successors, but an unfortunate waste.

  3. Oh yes, I remember that one too, GD. It really is reerential nostalgia time, ennit.

    The "tidal wave" that never came, we might like to remember, was supposed to be God's punishment for all those "liber" laws The Gorgeous D was passing, including such evel things as removing the Sodomy Law.

    But according to Wikip, the reaction of some of the locals was priceless:

    "This [the tidal wave prediction"] was publicised by the media, prompting a not insignificant number of residents to sell their property and leave; some businesses had clearance sales while many who decided to stay indulged in doomsday parties."

    Oh, those were the days.

    1. Psst. That's "reverential"


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