Tuesday, September 20, 2016

In which the pond worries about the miserable prospects of certain migrants and their unhealthy dependence on grants ..

Thanks to the reptile splash for the Caterists, the pond was immediately alerted to the deeply problematic issue posed this day for lunchtime reflection.

In its gracious and giving, almost infinite,  generosity, the humanitarians of Oz had allowed a British sociology student - is there a lower form of academia? - laundry van driver, trainee studio manager, and wretched  refugee reptile into the country, but as might be expected from these precedents, it turned out that the Caterist had miserable prospects.

As a result, the country has had to turn over almost a cool quarter million a year to a sheltering institution - as a grant, not, as is the current welfare fashion, as an investment - in order to house and feed the Caterist ...

Dismal and miserable indeed, and even worse, to supplement this meagre lifestyle, the Caterists are wont to scribble furiously for the lizards of Oz ...

Indeed, indeed. Why is it that certain people come into the country with the assumption that a silver spoon grant is some kind of right of birth?

The pond is bewildered, perhaps even bemused. 

Is this why the Caterist often travels with a nick name, Nick "PC" Cater, where the pond is given to understand the initials stand not for Paw Cash, but for Pork Chop?

Yes, it's hardly surprising they should hie off to grant-laden lifestyles rich in glasses of port (or perhaps an amontillado sherry) and creaking leather chairs ...

Of course the pond is constantly reminded that it shouldn't recycle its simmering resentment for jumped up Pommie bastards and the unfathomable terror they produce in the pond, but sometimes, it can get very hard ...

Is this a problem? 

Perhaps only if the pond lets it ... thinking too much, brooding endlessly, about the quarter million a year pissed up against a wall so that a certain ponce might prance about pontificating in a way that suggests he thinks he's different from Pauline Hanson, but really underneath it all, is exactly the same, with the same small-minded cloud of prejudice and bigotry trailing him everywhere ... like that Sturt Krygsman sketch that got the whole show under way ...

Nope, there it comes again. 

And stop the spelling errors too!

English usage from the 17th and 18th centuries is entirely resistible or even resistable ...

No doubt the sensible response would be a cup of tea and an exchange of pleasantries, but dammit, a quarter of a million pissed against the wall on the Menzies Research Centre on a model of multiculturalism which saw ten pound Poms turn up in droves hoping to cash in big ... that's more than a cup of tea, that's a bottle of sherry. But where's the the galah or the blue heeler so the pond can stump up for the fino?

Better instead turn to a Pope cartoon, and more splendid papal infallibility here ...


  1. Christ,he didn't use enlightenment even once.......although he did mention the ABC. Talk about the ugly Australian bludger.

    1. Speaking of (im)pertinent questions, PC shortstops, and the mysterious disappearance of "and inclusion" from the Cater calculus, in Australia we give everyone a fair go, don't we?


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