Tuesday, September 06, 2016

In which the pond goes over rehashed ground thanks to regurgitating reptiles ...

There's more to life than Wilcoxian frivolity - and more Wilcox here - and so the pond would like to place on record its extreme disappointment at the lack of response to the many splendid insights offered by the Order of Lenin hunter yesterday.

There he was, grappling with cutting edge social issues, Mods v Rockers, popular music in the 1960s and 1970s and so on, conjured up in his usual incisive style, only to be greeted by a wall of silence.

It didn't bode well for the reptiles's business plan, nor the pond's, nor the future of the tree killing business.

And things got worse today ... 

The pond has noted it before, this reptile tendency to pass off aged and dated goods, which in retail would be viewed with great disdain, or at least anxiety about the 'use by' date ...

Yes the reptiles are up to their old dodge and wheeze, trying to pass off days old goods as fresh and up to date, a bit like the notion that the Mods v Rockers feud is still going strong ...

Anyone wanting an assembly of banalities and cliches could have headed off to the six day old original at the WSJ ...

Well enough of that.

Then there was a piece by a man who was obviously keen to sell his latest book ...

Such naked trolling, and so the pond moved on to read the headlines, and came across this in the lizard Oz ...

The pond just had to check out the scandal and what do you know, this came up in the body of the text ...

Indeed, indeed. Of course the shocking idea that gender and sexuality are fluid is contested, and rightly so. Let's have no talk of this nonsensical concept of fluidity. 

Only men and only women, if you please, and surely Catherine McGregor is a sterling example of how all this chatter about gender fluidity must be contested! 

We keed, we keed, but there's the danger for a transgender person hanging around with the reptiles.

They don't seem to understand that by saying it's a contested idea, McGregor's own sexuality must by definition be contested. And McGregor doesn't seem to have much of a clue either, with her judgment clouded and confused by her infatuation with Tony Abbott ...

Never mind, by coincidence, it so happened that today was McGregor day at the Terror ...

Now that piece about porn is too weird even for the pond, scribbled with fury by a barking mad Laura McNally - talk about being wound way too tight and having a thing about liberal feminists because illiberal and repressive is so much better - but it does show the sort of company McGregor is forced to keep. 

And once again, and perhaps even worse, the pond was confronted with shameless recycling ...

And so the stopped clock repeats itself at least twice a day ...

There it was in May ...

And so on and so forth.

Well the pond was in so deep it would have been tedious to return o'er, and so here it is this day ...

Miranda the Devine? Oh how we laughed and laughed ... and laughed ... hadn't we the gaiety?

As for the loyalty to the wall punching onion muncher, well, it's touching in its own very repetitive way ... and yet, what does it produce?

More here, but it's now time to return to one of the victims of that social engineering (well we should remember that the notion of gender fluidity is hotly contested and most unlikely, at least in the world of the reptiles) - though sadly the pond felt the need to cut out hagiographic photos of the wall punching onion muncher. There's only so much that needs to be endured on any given day ...

Oh to what avail all this verbiage and worship. To what avail if a limpet shows its capacity to cling to a rock or to a seat ... it's still just a useless crustacean ...

And so to a graph, and the dog botherer in fine tweeting form ...

And yet another sighting in an occasional series on the ongoing tragedy known as Bill Leak ...

There's a tragedy at work there, the cartoonist that's not funny, the entertainer that's not entertaining...

It's also probably the first time in the pond's life that it's felt a twinge of sympathy for a man sporting a pony tail. What next? Sympathy for bearded hipsters?


  1. Re "... the lack of response to the many splendid insights offered by the Order of Lenin hunter yesterday."

    But, DP, what can be said about a vacuum other than "it's nearly perfectly empty" ?

    1. what else can be said about a vacuum? It sucks?

    2. Hmm. Well either it sucks, or ... the rest of the universe disgorges. (After all, even 'perfection' is relative, so they tell me).

  2. Everything is relative surely? Not only 'perfection' and what is perfection when it is at home or even when it is out and about?

  3. Great post DP. Australian MSM really has got to the point where you could be forgiven for thinking that somewhere in a dark back room in New York there is a large clunking and farting Atlas machine hooked up to a digital super thesaurus that is stuck on auto-loop.
    As long as the sun keeps coming up,the reptiles will have no rest.The poor buggers are stuck with their shitty lives........the pay must be exceptional!
    On indulgence DP.

    1. Great post DP. Seconded.

      "To what avail if a limpet shows its capacity to cling to a rock or to a seat ... it's still just a useless crustacean ..."

  4. I had thought of posting yesterday regarding the Major Mitchell's theory that the evils of modern media can be sheeted home to that sinful Devil's Music - or at least to Triplejay. I decided, however, that there are some things that are just too stupid - even for the reptiles - to take seriously.

  5. "it does show the sort of company McGregor is forced to keep..."

    How so "forced"?

    1. Yes, by a babyburner's hard right imperative. Too right as seen below the line there:
      Jun 1, 2016
      Wow woman who gained power because she was once a man doesn't support trans kids because it threatens her love of military killing and capitalism that's great. What a gal.

      May 19, 2016
      Catherine McGregor writes: "When I perused Red Flag, the online voice of Socialist Alternative, I could not find a single major issue upon which I could agree with them."

      So what does that tell us about McGregor? That she is opposed to: Aboriginal Rights, Women's Rights, LGBTI Rights and Worker's Rights and fair wages and the exercising of the democratic right to protest and free speech.

      It tells us she is opposed to treating refugees like human beings and is opposed to education & health care for all regardless of your financial status. It means she is opposed to campaigns against fascism and racism.

      It tells us she supports war, racism, fascism, government corruption and inequality (all things Redflag actively opposes).

      Good to know.


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