Tuesday, September 27, 2016

In which the pond enjoys a bowl of mixed Moorices ...

At last the reptiles have come good.

It's like the good old days and a trip to the corner store - where are they now? blowing in the wind? - and the agonising over whether to get snakes, milk bottles, bananas, teeth or just go the mixed lollies ...

Well the pond's most favourite treat of all are the mixed Moorices, succulent, sugar-laden doses of discontent, grumpiness, paranoia, and barely concealed hysteria ...

And by golly there was a good one in the reptile bowl today ...

Talk about a feast. The pond's father preferred liquorice all sorts and there's a lot to be said for them too ...

The liquorice adds the sort of cathartic, emetic or bowel moving tang you can find in other Moorice stories ...

Back to today's most poignant part of a most moving general moan ...

Of course it becomes even more poignant if you google up Moorice speaking on such matters in the past ...

"...Milne's prescription for a vibrant Australian economy includes 'keeping the renewable energy target at 41,000 gigawatt-hours', 'stopping new coalmines', 'no coal-seam gas' and 'no new ports'. 'Jobs will come from green energy,' Milne assures us. She could have added, there are fairies at the bottom of her garden."

Well those are the words to use in the search, and they'll bring diligent readers to this treasure ...

And yet now we have Moorice bleating about coal seam gas like some greenie searching for fairies at the bottom of the garden ...

But that's the joy of Moorice and another reason he's part of a good mixed diet ...

And so to the final serve of the day ... careful, too many treats can upset the tummy ...

Frankly, if Moorice didn't exist, the pond would have to invent him ...

Now some might find this focus on an elderly gentleman who's clearly a little unhinged a tad unfair, a bit unsightly. In the old days mad uncles used to be stuffed in the attic and no more said about them.

But over the years, Moorice has generated an exceptional amount of attention and interest. 

That sampling of mixed nuts reminded the pond of one example with a salient header ...

You see? It's just a short hop and a jump from mad father-in-laws to mad uncles, and so the advice offered remains relevant ...

Never mind, as a result of Moorice coming down from the attic, the pond has completely forgotten about all the other issues swirling around on this exciting debate day, where the United States might chose to get a new engine, and the old engine in Australia chugs along faithfully ...

Happily there's always a Rowe to return the pond to the real world, and there's more Rowe here ...

That portrait somehow reminded the pond of another Victorian figure ... (and there's a whole collection of such portraits here) ...


  1. That was a particularly asinine response by Tristan Edis to his mate's dilemma. Fancy thinking that a WattsUp fanatic would actually respond to reason. Hasn't he ever heard of 'motivated reasoning', 'mood affiliation' and the 'backfire effect' ? All of which Moorice exhibits in spades, of course.

    I'd be telling the mate to find out what serious, maybe catastrophic, events have occurred in his father-in-law's life: his business failing, maybe ? His wife going to leave him ? His kids on drugs ? Something has obviously pushed him over the edge.

    But I really enjoy Moorice's take on Hanson. He's so impressed by Hanson's "600,000 votes". Yep, no doubt about it, Hanson is the leading edge of the Hayekian Revolution !

    Except that we didn't hear nearly so much from Moorice about Palmer's PUP when in the 2013 election it got:
    709,035 votes in the lower house, and won a seat - Hanson didn't
    658,976 votes in the Senate and won three seats in a half-Senate election compared with Hanson's four seats in a DD election where the Senate quota is halved.

    So why no Moorice rave then about the PUP offering us a "new engine". Oh, and a smaller, meaner, more useless government, too. Maybe somebody should ask Moorice what the government did in the war(s) - why, in order to win the government had to close down completely: no industry and labour controls, no forced rationing, it stopped paying pensions and such - in short it folded up and went away, in true Hayek mode, to wait until the War was over.

    So Palmer's PUP came, failed and went, and Hanson has been with us before and she came, failed and went. Ok, what's the bet as to what happens this time.

  2. Speaking of the road to tyranny this references describes the very real scenario in the USA of the emergence of right-wing christian fascism - with the election of the chump. Brings to mind the prediction that when fascism (inevitably) comes to Amerika it will be shouting about "freedom" and waving/thrusting a Bible in the air

    Then of course there is also the existence of The Republican Noise Machine: Right Wing Media & How It Corrupts Democracy by David Brock.

    The reptilian press here in the land of Oz is of course a fully paid up franchise (echo chamber) of this noise machine

    1. But of course, Hayek is one of the 'early adopters' of the very effective "change the subject" tactic. If you can change the subject away from effective government reflecting a compassionate citizenry to the amazing "perfection of the free market" - where people would heroically starve, along with their greedy NEET kids, rather than sacrifice their all-important dignity by accepting "handouts" from an oversized, all controlling, government.

      Now just think: Hayek's 'Road to Serfdom' was published in 1944 (see how the Free Market is supreme, even in a war) and Orwell's 'Nineteen Eighty-four' was published in 1949 - what does that tell us: that Hayek's "change the subject" from capitalistic free market to the evils of "socialism" was working a treat - and Orwell was just a 'useful idiot'.

  3. Labor Government re cattle trade. NSW parliament re greyhounds. Thats how its done.

  4. Many of the columnists placed before us on Dorothy's smorgasbord trestle are obsessed with anybody or anything they deem as left wing.

    Accordingly their analyses are as enticing as a platter of North Sea rollmops.

    In my opinion I think the political divide is less about right vs left but the yawning gap between nationalists and internationalists. It no longer matters if one is left or right wing. The battle is elsewhere.

    Miss pp

    1. "Enticing as a platter of Nth.Sea rollmops.".....That's really cruel Misspp.

    2. Wau, Miss pp, I haven't had a rollmop in about 4 decades (my partner used to go for 'em in an Eastern European kinda way). And I don't think I've ever had a North Sea variety. I do love Russian crepes and borscht though.

      Which kinda brings me to my small rider though: not nationalists and internationalists, I reckon, so much as tribalists and human beings. The main difference that I can see is that tribalists claim that human life is sacred but go about taking it by the millions compared with regarding human life as sacrificable, but taking all feasible means to preserve it.

  5. Strange, isn't it, that Maurice and his ilk, want minimum government and regulation but a government big enough to step in and stop a wind farm next to his tax minimising rural property and regulations broad enough to stop dangerous fire fighting chemicals. You just can't argue against logic like that.

  6. Strange, isn't it, that Maurice and his ilk, want minimum government and regulation but a government big enough to step in and stop a wind farm next to his tax minimising rural property and regulations broad enough to stop dangerous fire fighting chemicals. You just can't argue against logic like that.

  7. I sometimes wonder if Moorice even writes these rambling rants,but simply acts as a self interested ID. This fool would be so bound up in his own self seeking wealth creation and networking he probably uses a couple of chimps from somewhere like the IPA to supply his prosaic shock doctrine paragraph churns.
    Everything "Hayekian" is rammed into every piece he writes. Everything left of Ghengis Khan is covered in every article and we always get bonus black jellybeans.....sorry,helicopters and.... Extra Bonus all conquering Onion Muncher.Plus,when would he find the time to read the endless supply of experts he continually informs us of on a regular basis.
    I'm actually nibbling on red snakes and honey bears as I type!:)


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